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          This study is to critically examine the usage of English language in Jenifa’s Diary and its effects on the academic performance of students of some selected secondary schools in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area of Oyo State. In the light of the above, the investigator made use of three schools and the data were collected and analyzed through simple percentage method. From the investigation, it was discovered that the usage of English in the movie Jenifa’s Diary has affected the performance of students academically both in speaking and writing forms and also in their reading ability. Recommendations were made as to how to curb the negative effects of movies and improve on the positive effects on students achievement academically.




1.0    Introduction

1.1    Background of the Study

Language is the structure made for vocal sound used for interaction. According to Hall (1981), language is the institution where human communicate and interact with each other by means of habitual oral auditory symbols. In other words, language can be said to be a means by which a person conveys his/her thought and feelings in a way other people will understand. Moreso, in every nation and continent, there must be a language in use either a native language (L1) or foreign language (L2).

Bangbose (1971) states:“Of all heritage left behind in Nigeria by the British at the end of colonial era probably none is more important than English language.Ever since it was introduced in Nigeria, it has survived many decades and still survives till date as it assumes a more vital status in Nigeria.”

Bangbose (2005) sees English Language in Nigeria as one of the league of colonial administration which has succeeded in eliminating the problems of multiple language in Nigeria.However, English Language has played a major role in Nigeria which could be seen in our education, government, business, mass media, entertainment and most of internal and external communication. In recent time, English has been rated as the world most popular language which is characterized by active communication from one continent to another especially by the indigenous owner of the language.

The Nigeria multilingual setting confers on the usage of English language as the second official language and it is of course the language of wider communication. It is “the language of nationism (or inter-ethnic relations) in Nigeria. No other single indigenous language qualifies to perform this role” (Adegbite2013). Although, out  of patriotism, argument have come up in favour of the adoption of individual languages in some domains as a means of preserving these indigenous languages as well as their accompanying cultures.

It is generally agreed that language performs some functions in human society like information, education and entertainment. English language is also used as the home video (Nollywood) language and is known for its entertainment role in the society. The English language is still germane to Nigeria sociolinguistic existence as the choice of any indigenous language may cause more problems than it could solve. The need to continue to improve on the official language that binds the different ethnic groups togethertherefore becomes necessary. The Nollywood industry can be a source of education to address the issue of decline in the use of English, which has affected the general standard of education in the country.Moreover, a proper use of English in the home video is capable of widening the market and thus increase the standard.

Through internet mainly and other avenues, Nollywood films are increasingly becoming more popular with viewers from other nations. It is also obvious that the viewing culture is fast outgrowing the reading and writing culture in the modern Nigeria society. A recent study on writing attitudes and tele-viewing habit of secondary school students showed the general attitude of students to reading and writing as negative. English language has been abused due to the poor usage in the home videos which also affect the performance of students.

Home videos affect the students’ academic performance especially in the urban cities. Producers of different movies do not take much time in warning viewers about scenes. There is no mechanism through which those who watch wrong movies are monitored and as such they find their way so easily to the students who should not use them. As a result of different movies watched, students exhibit some negative actions in the society they live. It also affects their writing skill due to the way producers of the movie wrongly use English language. It contributes to their low level of performance.The trend can be checked if parents will play their role in monitoring the viewing habit.

1.2    Statement of the Problem

It is a doubtless fact that English has come to stay with us in Nigeria as an official language in communication, education, entertainment, commerce and government. However, the usage of English language as the language of entertainment in the Nollywood industry is confronted with a great deal of problems with how it has been used wrongly. Movies which students are exposed to daily affect their academic performance. It affects their correct mastery of English thus, hampering effective communication and also how to write correct words in essay writing. It also affects the syntactic level of English. In order for these problems to be solved, the research is aimed at informing the public about the problems home videos are causing to the academic performance of students and also minimize the wrong English usage been learned from the home video.


1.3    Purpose of the Study

This study is aimed at knowing how home video affects students’ performance negatively. It also includes Comparison and contraction between correct and wrong grammar used in the home videos. Also, this study will look at the usage of the English language used in Jenifa’s Diary and its impact on the academic performance of secondary school students both in oral and written forms.Attempts would be made also to identify possible solutions for the effect of the home video.


1.4    Significance of the Study

It is expected that findings from this study will help in the following areas:

  1. It will serve as a way of enhancing the knowledge of the general public especially parents on how to educate theirwards about what they watch, read or listen to from the mass media.
  2. It will help to identify in students some of the problems resulting from the watching of home videos
  • It will also reveal the impacts of the form of English language used in the home video Jenifer’s Diary and its effects on the students among whom home videos remain a can’t-do-without watch especially on their speaking and writing skills.
  1. It will as well reveal the level of compliance of the students to correct use of English rules governing grammar and word formation.


1.5    Scope of Study

The study will cover only 3 (three) secondary school in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area which include: Ogbomoso High School, Baptist Secondary Grammar School,Ahoyaya and Ogbomoso Baptist High School where the researcher tries to know the impact of the home video,Jenifa’s diary on the students performance.


1.6    Research Questions

Some relevant questions to be examined in the cause of the study are:

  1. Is it true that, because some students watch home videos they turn out to be delinquent or violent?
  2. Does the home video which students watch, make any impact on them or make any impression on them after watching?
  • How does the society or government see home video amongst students?
  1. Has parental influence got anything to do with students’ delinquent behavior?
  2. Does the home video, which students watch contribute to their academic level of performance?
  3. What are the possible ways of solving the impact of the movie – Jenifa’s Diary on students academic performance?


1.7    Definition of Terms

There are some terms that will be used in this study which may suggest different meaning to the readers. The researcher therefore, gives some definition of terms used in the study to clarify this.

MURKY:- hard to see through, or mist. Synonym of dark.

SYNOPSIS:- a brief summary of the major points of a written work, either as prose or as a table

BACKLASH:- interference of Target language (L2) on mother tongue (L1)

SITCOM:- a situation comedy, an episodic comedy television program with a plot or storyline based around a particular humorous situation.

NUANCE:- a minor distinction

HILARIOUS:- very funny causing great merriment and laughter.

INFLECTION:- change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function

BIZARRE:- strangely, unconventional in style or appearance.

EPHEMERAL:- something which lasts for a short period of time.

GENRE:- a stylistic category or sort, especially of literature or other artworks.


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