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It is necessary to stress the point that to succeed in business, it requires some measures of discipline. most industrialist expect to make a reasonable profit from the investment of time and resources, that they have to make in other to bring a project to function.

While this may sound enough the bottom line is the fact that in an economy, wide context that rate or level reward. That can accrue to various level of efforts, discipline and productivity should never be allowed to get out of proportion in relation to effort put in.

Experience has shown that industrial pursuits have been found to yield the patient and disciplined industrialists rather than stand for business concern with all kinds of effort to reap profit in multiple fields.

After considering the above mentioned statement of facts about being industrialists, all things being equal, taking into cognizance, the facts that a step forward is the beginning of mile, Nigeria business industrial evolution adequate financing of small scale business.

This exercise in newly industrialized countries has been an eye opener, finance is the greatest problem we are likely to face wherever we talk of establishing a small scale industry.

This is the most crucial aspect of business enterprise and a lot of controversy surrounding the problem of inadequate finance. In business all over the country would help to throw further light on the effects of lack of funds on growing a business, the drastic effect is mostly felt when one tries to study the rate at which our young industries are gradually collapsing. Even surviving ones are terribly looking for assistance that they are not sure of funds. Hence the growing industries are regarded in this part of the world as never do well especially in Nigeria.

When an economy tends to suffer most and usually stand the taste of time, hence and increase in them the number of casualties in this regard. The researcher aimed at exploiting the possibilities, problems of financing small scale business industries. The project center on management and financial problems.


There are various problems facing the establishment of small scale business like financial limitations, lack of raw materials, poor management and quality of the management staff, poor accounting method, high interest charged on loans and lack of adequate planning and feasibility studies.

The most common and problematic issues in small scale business is difficult in obtaining loan from financial institutions like commercial banks, the issue involved is the question of capital adequacy. When companies, under capitalized cannot realize its full potentials, many small scale enterprise in Nigeria experience this problem. They cannot expand their scale of production to optimium level.

To ameliorate these problems therefore, government should implement policies that will make it possible for small scale business to obtain loan especially. The infant ones such as central bank policy that will direct all commercial banks to give out some percentage of loans to small scale business, medium and large industries/business.




The aim of this research is to ascertain various issues, problems and prospect that has mediate the financing of small scale business in Nigeria. Small scale business according to a feasibility study, helps under developing nation like Nigeria to be well industrialized as well as technological innovative and economic development.

The major objectives of this study are categorized as follows:

  1. To ascertain the present economic state of the life of small scale business with the view to identify the major problems that affect the financing of small scale business bearing in mind the adequate financing as an energizer to its operation.
  2. To obtain what strategies employed by the surviving and successful ones among them towards alleviating these problems
  3. To ascertain the extent to which the financial institution has helped to develop small scale business.
  4. To provide a useful guide for the prospective entrepreneur who chose self employment as a career, especially in lines of business.
  5. To provide a spring board or progenitor of further researchers in the area of small scale business management, and foster more effective business decision making by small scale business / management


This issue will not be traded in isolation taking into cognizance the level of development in Nigeria. Based on this question were asked by the researcher which include;

  1. What number of small scale business have benefited from the commercial bank and advance.
  2. To what extent does small scale business cope with the inadequacy of funds
  3. What are the strategies employed by the surviving and successful ones
  4. How does small scale business apply for loans from financial institution
  5. What are the role of government and organizations in finding lasting solution to the problem enumerated above


Ho:           Small scale business in Nigeria do not have

access to  loan from financial institution

Hi:            Small scale business in Nigeria has free access

to loans from financial institution


Ho:           Government does not show any concern to small

scale business in Nigeria

Hi:            Government always find solution to small

scale business in Nigeria

Ho:           There is no encouragement from

any organizations government and in small scale industry.

Hi:            There are several encouragement from

various organizations, government and  in small scale industry.






According to Abramam maslow  theory, motivation theories throughout have been introduced to supply answers to these  question. Motivation theories as they relate to people as work can be motivated. These theories as they relate to people at work can be grouped into two: con tent and process theories. The content theories deal with the factors that energize, direct, sustain person’s behavior and finally top behavior. They help in  providing and specific needs that motivate each individual. Example of such theories are maslow’s  hierarchy of need, Herzberg’s two-factor theory and mcclelland’s achievement theory. In reaction to my study the problem of finding small scale business it had been assumed that when someone or a group facing the problem of finance in business the person has to be motivated in other to achieve it goal without fear or favour.


The significance of this research is that the result will help identify how business loans obtained both locally and intentionally from financial institution are being used on this note, awareness is being created on how finance could be raised to finance small scale business.



The scope of the study would have been the study of all the small scale business in Nigeria but however, this would provide impossible for the researcher.

Therefore narrows down to the problems. Consequently, the study is special designed to examine garri processing industry at Abakpa Mike, Enugu towards getting assistance from financial houses.


Time and finance constitute the major constraintss to this study. Also the attitudes of respondents in the course of this work is not very encouraging.

Nonetheless, due to the doggedness of the researcher the outcome of this research work remains reliable.


Production: Any business oriented action which is aimed at converting input into output of goods for services.

Investment: The outlay of money for income or profit the sum invested in the business or the property purchased.

Capital: Accumulated wealth especially when used to produce more wealth

Strategy: This is the firm action plan aimed at achieving its objectives, satisfying the need of the customers and surviving the competitions in its environment.

Feasibility study: This is the finding aimed at determing the business potential and returns on investment.




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