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Every passing generation has its remarkable achievements, which it leaves from the succeeding generation. The succeeding generation them usually themselves up using the foundation laid by the preceding  ones. By this, advertisers in maintained at race and species.

In the light of this, this project deals with the topic “An evaluation study on the impact of colour representation in magazine advertising (A case study of Anambra polyphonic Oko).

The relevance of this study is that there is the need for colour representation to aid quick recognition and readership at adverts and in the process of the advertising. It would be also of immense assistance to the magazine advertisers in designing.

Favourably towards there product to arrive at valid conclusion, the survey research method was adopted the research problem was properly identified and conceptualized. Research  question, objective of the study and research hypothesis. Relevant literature was also reviews. Three hypothesis were raised and tested. They were statistically supported.

The work in divided into five chapters, chapter one health with background of the study, chapter two focused on literature review to set the study in perspective of existing scholarly and empirical knowledge, chapter three covered the research methodology necessary for a scientific study. The fourth chapter dealt with data presentation analysis result and discussion. Lastly chapter five covered the summary of findings recommendation for further study.



Cover page                                                                       I

Title page                                                                         II

Approval page                                                                  III

Dedication                                                                       IV

Acknowledgement                                                   V

Table of content                                                               IX



1.1     Background of the study                                 1

  • Statement of the Research problem 5
  • Objective of the study 6
  • Significance of the study 7
  • Research question 9
  • Research hypothesis 9
  • Conceptual and operation definition 10
  • Assumptions 12
  • Limitation of the study 12



2.1     Source of literature                                        15

  • The review 16
  • The literature review 16
  • Summary of literature review 25



3.1     Research method                                                    26

  • Research design 26
  • Research sample 27
  • Measuring instrument 28
  • Data collection 29


  • Data analysis and results 36

4.1     Research questionnaire

  • Data analysis 36
  • Discussion 55


  • Summary 62

5.3     Bibliography                                                  74

5.5     Questionnaire                                                         68






In a competitive society such as ours, advertising performs t he social services of improving the buy about the market: it makes choice easier and helps the unknown and to the more efficient supplier, to dispose of the goods.

The motives of advertising comely advert sales messages, advertisers are free to choose from any of the advertising media-electronic or print.

The reasons undertaking these media selection are personal to the advertiser. However, the advertiser who choose magazine cannot hid his feeling or learn for its rich colour reproduction.  He feels that beautiful multicolumn illustrations reproduced with high feeling in magazine would enable him to display products historically and to dramatic appeals clearly and convincingly. But how far can we quailing the malefaction of his feeling? Convince confidently rationalize his though in colour advertising analysis or is his advert as good as any other advert?

The search for answers to these question of particular interest to this researcher.

It is a known fact that no amount of advertising can force any appreciable number of people to buy anything. According to experts adverts why on persuasion, stimulating demand

For product which can fill a guinea consumer need. In that sense we are targets of advertising programmes. Understanding adverts therefore will help one allocate resources among the choices available in the market, enabling one to become a better informed buyer whose purchase will be more satisfying.

Colour in magazine advertising has been familiar for many years. Colour is peculiar to   magazine as a print medium although newspaper now provide run of paper colour advert spaced and more publishers are offering this service.

Any advertiser knows that to get his sales message declined, it must be need. Therefore to have his perspective customers need message in the face of considerable competition he must secure their attention. To facilitate this, the advertiser buys the biggest he can afford, patronizes outstanding layout design, illustration, heading and one more colours.

This concept in magazine advertising is as old as history. Traditionally, Nigerian display their goods such as yam tubers in excellent rows allowing sufficient quantity of dust or mud to “beautify” the tubers.

The dust or mud is an excellent potential sales point as it serves to buttress the tuber source area as important why of portraying the lante. In our local retail outlets, sellers unconsciously engage in attractive display of product s or goods arrangement; to serve as attention getters and help eatables identity. Colour has therefore been playing a unique role in advertising-colour is not only a thing of beautify t o individual, it is naturally striking and compelling and indeed have meaning then concern to us generally or individually.

In as much as this topic deals with the impact of colour representation on people, it is important to define advertising. According to the association of advertising practitioners of Nigeria (1981), advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication intended to promote or create awareness for individual product or services by an identifiable sponsor.

Advertising is designed favourably towards someone looking for the product. In the face of the conflicting competition of text, photographs and the interplay between them the time on any magazine reader, there is the need, there is the need for colour representation to aid quick recognition and readership of adverts and in the process of the advertising. Chances are that  there would be greater impact on the reader. I particularize my study on the impact of colour of a product advertised can affect peoples buying decision. It is believed by many that advertising affects our buying decision habits and because of that, advertisers adopt the techniques of refundable in order to penetrate the minds of consumers.


Gene Reeichart (1972, p.268-268) while stressing the attention value of colour, asserts that in print (magazine inclusure) outdoor and transport advertising where distractions are legion, colour is indispensable because of the huge amount advertisers spend in colour reproduction, researchers want to find out if the outcome justifies the effort.

Another question that is necessary is how readers prefer cloured adverts tot hose that are in black and while. It is agreed that adverts do not force factors that influence peoples choice of products. The questions are:

  1. Does the beauty of a product represented in a colour advert influences people’ buying decision?
  2. Does t he colour representation of products aid adverts readability?
  3. How can we perfect colour adverts to make them more effective.

Colour adverts are created essentially to gain high attention and aid prospect identification of products represented in their actual colours.

The problem this work is out to find is how be effectively used as “hallmark of identification and increase attention value to advert copy text.


This research is on the evaluable study of the impact of colour representation in magazine advertising- The research deals on if colours actually have some effects on the buying behaviours of prospects and to find out if such aim is being released through product display in magazine advertising. How that we are dealing with the impact of colour representation, it is important to narrow it down to readers of magazine in terms of positive and negative responses. The purpose colour aids in gaining initial adverts attention, aids advert  readability and promotes product identification to buy the product or not.

The readers’ reactions to the products colour have to be contained as well. This study will equally assess the level of penetration of magazine advertising on people of different age group, income and sex.


viotually all product are given one form of advertising or the other. And virtually all these products are exposed to the same reader through the same magazine. However, of peculiar interest is that though these products may have the same quality, they come in different packages, designs and colours,

so, while the competition is keen among the manufacturers on product quality, the prospects still have to decide on personal colour, packages and design. Advertisers employ different copy techniques in advertising for clients. They still have to design using one or more colours for copy headline and text and often only display the advertised products using only prototype illustrations. This is why it is necessary to find out which colours or combinations have the most impact on magazine readers. There is no doubt that is necessary to carry out a study to find out the effect of colour on the sales potential of a product as well as advert readability- this is important as it will help advertisers as well as agencies to appreciate colour impact on the entire public. This will make them to correct their faults, if any and thereby improve on their commercials.

In this work suggestions will be made on how to use colours effectively as well as suggest ways or strategies advertisers and agencies should use colour to reach their target audience. The recommendation I intended to be meaningful to students and other researcher who many wish to undertake further study on this topic.




  1. Is it true that colour representation of products in magazine adverts have effects on prospects to the extent of influencing their buying decisions?
  2. Is the beauty of a product colour or colour advert enough to make people read the advert>
  3. Must all product advert be in colour to be effective?


H1 Advertising products in colour is magazines can effect peoples’ buying decision

H0 Advertising products in colour in magazines cannot affect peoples’ buying decisions.

H2 The colour of advert product motivates readability of the advert.

H0 The colour of advert product does not motivate                         readability of the advert.

H3 Product colours in magazines adverts create awareness and identification of product

H0 Product colours in magazine adverts do not create awareness and identification of products

H4 Because of colour, the claims made in the adverts are reality acceptable

H0 Colour does not aid acceptance of advert claims.


  1. Colour reorientation: photographic reproduce of a product colour in a magazines advertisement.
  2. Achievement: Rosser Reves defined this as the art of getting a unique setting proposition into the heads of the most people at the lowest possible cost.
  3. People/prospects: It is the entire people that read magazines as the consumers of the products
  4. Impact effect: Impression produces on the mind of people who read magazines coloured adverts.
  5. Exposure: The process of making known the existence of the product to the consumers
  6. Buying decision: The ability of a consumer on the purchase of a particular product.
  7. Band loyalty: The ability of a consumers to stuck to a particular type of a product in the face of alternative, noreso, when these alternative are of the same quality or even superior.
  8. Readability: The measurement of the number of people who read a particular publication within a stipulated period.
  9. Advert claims: The attributes of qualities which a product has and which the advertiser uses as his selling points.



It is assumed that the researcher to a great extent, one working towards the direction of tracing the problem associated with the research, it will also be noted that before the end of the research work, solution will be                                                                                                                 the aspect where deemed that the colour representation in magazines advertising has performed fine.


Research works of this nature usually encounters certain constraints. While every effort will be made to limit errors, the result can never be taken as conclusive. It has to be pointed out that other marketing efforts while as well promote sales delimits conclusions of advertising effects. Certainly, such variables as price, sales promotion, specialties, point of sales adverts and others are invertible factors that act on product prospects. What this means is that colour magazine advertising is only a part of marketing effort.

Again where these variables act to complement each other, sales results can hardly be attributed to a single variable. Measurement of the impact of colour representation in magazine advertising is therefore restructed to whether the inteneded prospects have been exposed. As to whether the advert has induced more sales, this would be less converted with this research as demand for any product is based on the economic powers of the prospect or other prevailing marketing conditions. Equally,  the imitations of this research is regrettable.

The researcher is included to restrict himself to the sample population to which he found himself-the  institute of management and technology. This is as a result of time and financial constraints.

As   would be expected, such a school is an intellect base and genera history can hardly be made form the conclusions of the research. The researcher would have loved to do more in-depth study using a randomization of the representative reading public. However, I am happy that in the final anaysis, I have been able to carry out the study.


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