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        TABLE OF CONTENTS        
Title Page
List of Tables and Figures —-   —   —  
Table of Contents  
CHAPTER ONE                    
1.0 Introduction  
1.2 Background of the Study  
CHAPTER TWO                  
2.0 Literature Review  
2.1 Desmodium velutinum  
2.1.2 Biological and Medicinal  
2.1.3 Uses of other species Desmodium velutinum  
2.2 Plants for Antilipidemic  
2.2.1 Advantage of Medicinal Plants for Antilipidemic/      
  Cardiovascular Diseases over Synthetic Drugs  
2.3 Lipids and Lipoprotein  
2.3.1 Classification of Lipoprotein  



2.3.2 Function of lipoprotein  
2.4 Lipoprotein Disorder —  
2.5 Antilipidemic Drug (Atorvastatin)  
2.5.1 Other Antilipidemic Drugs  
2.5.2 Other therapies  
2.5.3 Health Side Effects of Atorvastatin  
CHAPTER THREE                  
Materials and Methods  
3.1 Materials —  
3.1.1 Chemicals and Reagents  
3.2 Plant Material -Collection and Identification  
3.3 Extraction  
3.4 Phytochemical Analysis  
3.5 Experimental Animal Model  
3.6 Collection of Blood Samples  
3.7 Lipid Profile Analysis  






4.0 Statically Analysis   —  
4.1 Phytochemical Results  



CHAPTER FIVE                    
5.1 Discussion  
5.2 Conclusion  
References  —  




This study evaluated the antilipidemic activity of water extracts from leaves of Desmodium velutinum on albino wistar rats. The phytochemical analysis of the leaf extract showed the presence of tannins, saponins, alkaloids, soluble carbohydrates, flavonoids, reducing sugar, steroids, cyanide and terpenoids. The animals were treated with known drugs (atorvastatin 2ml). There were significantly reductions in HDL 13.00 1.41 mg/dl LDL 1.20 0.14 mg/dl and triglyceride 39.00 0.14 mg/dl, compared with water extract of Desmodium velutinum (0.5ml). when administered was found to significantly reduce lipid plasma which was LDL 1.90 0.00mg/dl, triglyceride 50.00 0.00mg/dl and increase HDL 25.00 0.00 mg/dl which is the good cholesterol. The water extract of Desmodium velutinum leaf can possibly normalize the plasma lipid when compared with the group given atorvastatin. The phytochemicals analysis showed that the association between these complexes and compounds and other constituent play an important role in the biological activity of the leaf. This study suggested that the water extract of D.velutinum leaf posses hypolipidemic as well as antilipidemic effect.








Lipid  and  lipoprotein  abnormalities  play  a  major  role  in  the


development and progression of coronary artery diseases. Low levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterols have been identified as independent coronary risk factors (Rodrigue et al., 2010). High level of blood cholesterol is responsible for circulatory system disorder. Increase level of low density lipoprotein (LDL) is alarming for cardiovascular diseases and their risk is increased many times (Harman et al., 2011).


In developing countries, the occurrence of heart diseases increases rapidly (Nordestgard et al., 2010). Medical studies show that about 70% of adults over 50 years old suffer atherosclerosis. (Sherien and Azza, 2009). A large number of synthetic hypolipidemic drugs are available in market. Long term use of these drugs cause serious side effects, and are costly.


A medicinal plant is any plant which in one or more of its organ, contains substance that can be used for therapeutic purpose or which is a precursor for synthesis of useful drugs (Sivakumar et al., 2007). Plant contains a large number of bioactive phytochemicals that are responsible for pharmacological action of plants and used for development of drugs. Many



medicinal plants have shown their antilipidemic effect and proved their efficacy in cardiovascular diseases (Nordestgard et al., 2010; Wang, 1999).


One of such plants used very often in the management of the disease by the traditional medicine practitioners of Eastern Nigeria is Desmodium velutium, a perennial plant erect or semi-erect shrub or sub-shrub up to 3m light. It is widely distributed in subtropical Asia and tropical Africa. (Amowi and Azode, 2012).


Extracts of Desmodium velutium are used traditionally in some disease conditions particularly aphrodisiac and headache. Hence,


Desomdium velutium may be a source of a pharmacological active agent useful in the treatment of aches, pains and diarrhoea. In Ghana, native doctors mix the root of Desmodium lasincarpum with some hot peppers and use it as enema to cure blood in urine. In Eastern States of Nigeria, the plant locally known as “Ikeagwuani”. (Onyegbule et al., 2012). In these present studies, I investigated the antilipidemic activity of the water (H2O) extract of


Desmodium velutinum Leaves on albino wistar rats.



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