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Plants remain the most common source of anti-microbial agents. Their usage, as traditional health remedies, is the most popular for 80 % of world population in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Herbs are reported to have minimal side effects. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have spent a lot of time and money in developing natural products extracted from plants, to produce more cost effective remedies that are affordable to the population.

1.2 Background to the study

The rising incidence in multidrug resistance amongst pathogenic microbes has further necessitated the need to search for newer antibiotic sources 1. Several members of the genus Bridialare being used traditionally for wide variety of ethno-pharmacological properties. The plant of BridialmacranthaNees (Lauraceae), commonly known as Gulmau, is a large tree grows up to 27 m in height, found in Bihar and Deccan peninsula (Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India). The bark is used in pleurisy, asthma and rheumatism2. The leaves are also used externally in the treatment of ulcers3,4. The bark of BridialmacranthaNees has a pleasant odour, is cheap substitute for cinnamomuminers. The bark is a rich source of mucilage5. Anti-inflammatory activity of bark has also been reported6. As a result of indiscriminate use of antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of infectious diseases, microorganisms have developed resistance to many antibiotics. There is need to develop alternative antibioticdrugs from natural origin. One approach is to screen localmedicinal plants which represent rich source of novelantimicrobial agents.

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the study

The present study was carried out toinvestigate the antimicrobial properties of Bridialmacranthaextracted by various solvents.

Specific objective are

  1. To investigate the Inhibitoryeffect of methanol extract of Bridialmacrantha  on disease causing
  2. To investigateInhibitoryeffect of ethyl acetate extract of Bridialmacranthaon disease causing organisms.
  3. To investigate Inhibitory effect n-hexane extract of Bridialmacranthadisease causing organism.

1.4 Scope of the study 

The scope of the study covers inhibitory effect ofBridialmacrantha of three different extracts on microorganism.

1.5Significance of the study

The study is of benefit to all Nigeria citizens and to fellow researchers.  All citizens of Nigeria will benefit from the study as the study will elucidate that benefit of bridialmacranthaas a medical plant. The study will serve as source of reference material for


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