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The investigation focus on the attitude of secondary school students towards science and science teaching; a case study of some secondary school in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Five secondary schools were randomly selected in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. the instrument for data collection is the questionnaire. Response from these sampled populations were analyzed and the results showed that;

  1. The absence of adequate equipped science laboratory affects students performance in the subject.
  2. There is significant relationship between the use of improvisation in the teaching of science subject and students ability to recall.
  3. The government should assist the school authority by employing qualified teachers.
  4. Parents should encourage their children to offer science.
  5. The government should endeavour to pay teachers salaries regularly to boost their moral.


CHAPTER ONE         

1.1     Background of the problem

1.2     Statement of the problem

1.3     Purpose of the study

1.4     Research Questions

1.5     Significance of the study

1.6     Scope and delimitation of the study


Literature Review


3.0     Research Methodology

3.2     Population of study

3.3     Sample and sampling techniques

3.4     Research instrument

3.5     Administration of instrument

3.6     Method of data analysis


Data analysis and discussion


Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1     Summary

5.2     Summary of findings

5.3     Conclusion

5.4     Recommendation






The major challenge facing science educators and researchers in the state is the underachievement in science subjects among the secondary school students. Science is an umbrella covering many subject areas including physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. For stance Sweeny (2003) declared that of particular science education, as suggested by the number of students who successfully pass secondary level science examination. He further stated that a cursory review of state examination council (SEC) results in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics for the past ten years indicates that pass rates have for the most part fallen below 50% in these science subjects.

The underachievement was even more pronounced in high school students attitude to use of technology in science teaching, internet in science and study habits as determinates of science achievements. Therefore there is need for researchers that seek to search for variables with a view to understanding their interactions and suggesting how they can be applied to arrest the underachievement’s in science subjects. Interestingly, it has been suggested that technology be utilized in science classrooms as a means of increasing the levels of achievements of students in science classes, King and Bennet (1991). Now the integration of technology in teaching is no longer a new particularly the use of computer technology has move beyond computer assisted instruction in the form of tutorial or drill or practice. According to Rdgers (2010) today’s technology can provide teachers and students with the opportunity for teaching and learning in high school students attitude to use of technology in science teaching. Rodgers further stated that three advantages that have been found regarding technology in the classroom includes;

  1. Educators use technology in the classroom because its wide range of uses and form has potential to reach students of all learning styles as well as make the teaching to be more efficient.
  2. The interest and motivation that technology induces in students makes its use in schools.
  3. Extensive studies and models schools, according to Rodgers have shown that educational technology enhances students learning in many cases. In the report on effectiveness of technology in schools 1990-1994 the researchers found that technology can lead to improvement in performance, most notably in chemistry and mathematics.

An investigation of students conceptions have been a major feature of educational research  to inform curriculum change and developments in science technology and technology education. (Oshorne, Simmon & Collins, 2003). However Jones (1996) noted that the interaction between the use of technology and learning may be complex and depends on a number of factors. One of the factors is students interest in science. According to Bulunuz and Jarret (2009) there is a connection between interest and effort. In otherworld’s, the more a person is interested in a subject, the more effort he will put into it. He further described an interested person as being engaged engrossed or entirely taken up by an activity because of its recognized worth. Therefore, interest can be regarded as a tool through which the distance between the person and materials is annihilated facilitating an organism union between the two.

Okpala and Onocha (1988) Olatoye and Ogunkola (2008) indicated that study habits make a significant contribution to the prediction of science achievement. This implies that ifa chemistry students exhibits negative study habits e.g. lacks concentration, feel bored, tired and sleepy while studying chemistry, spends little time in chemistry and does not map out immediate goals to attain, it is likely that the students may lack the impetus to engage adequately in productive chemistry learning. During allocated school time and during his personal study time. Science teaching should be encourage in Nigeria secondary schools since the study of science among other things infuse desirable qualifies into Nigeria students, such achievement will be very beneficial not only the individual students but to the nation as a whole.

Josemon (2006) defined attitude as a way of thinking and general behaviour. This is also applied to secure either positively or negatively towards the study of science. Science subjects were introduced into secondary schools all over the country so as to make more students get a sound background from the secondary and to encourage them offer science base on the course in educational institution.


This study was designed to determine if the level of science achievement of the students in Oredo Local Government Area was satisfactory or not. To achieve this,the following statement of problems have be formulated for the study.

  1. Is there any significant differences in the students science achievement based on attitude to use of technology ni science teaching, interest in science and study habit.
  2. Is there a significant difference between the attitude of male and female students towards the study of science.
  3. Does teaching method contribute to the significant differences between the female and male attitude.
  4. Does lack of well equipped laboratories contribute to the attitude of male and female towards science?

The study is geared towards determining t he attitude of students in secondary schools towards the teaching of science subjects in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Sciencesubjects are the vehicles to technological development and scientific innovation. There are other areas where good knowledge of science is a must; such areas include manufacturing nuclear power, production Medicare. The story is also expected to find out if the technology method used in imparting knowledge also affects the performance of students in Chemistry. It is also intended to find out how such problem can be overcome by making some necessary correction and by giving recommendations.


It is then hoped that the finding will enable the government, federal and state, make concrete decisions towards making science more interesting to the students. The study will not be small to measure, also encourage students as well as educate them about fear of the unknown that frightened them away from science. This is because most students tends to be frightened by the subject at the end of the study findings would enable parents to play some active role in terms of guidance and counselling for their children along certain areas of study. It will be great benefits of the government and educational administrator.


This research work is to investigate the attitude of secondary school students to science and subsequently science teaching recorded by science students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

  1. There are no significant difference between the attitude of male and female students towards the study of science because of poor equipped science laboratory.
  2. There are no significant difference between the attitude of male and female students towards the study of science because of presence of inadequacy of qualified science teacher.
  3. Students attitude towards the subject affect the teaching of science.
  4. Lack of teaching aids in the school and non-utilization of the available teaching aids affects teaching of science subject in school.
  5. There is no significant difference between the attitude of male and female students towards the study of science because of age differences.

This study is limited to some selected secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area. These include;

  1. Idia College, Benin City
  2. Baptist High School, Benin City
  3. Oredo Girls Grammar School, Benin City
  4. Emotan College, Benin City
  5. Garrick Memorial Secondary School, Benin City.

This study would have produce more significant finding out hardly could the researcher sample all the secondary school in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. another limitation of the study is that it is not easy to get student to respond truthfully about the level of their performance and qualification.


Attitude: Attitude is a way of thinking and general behaviour.

Science: This is the knowledge obtained by observation and testing of facts, it has a combination of subject like physics, chemistry and biology.

Interest: This can be regarded as a tool through which the distance between the person and the material is annihilated.

Performance: This is the aggregate input of students measured in terms of success or failure in any given test or examination.

Qualified Teacher: A qualified teacher is a person/specialist who studies on a particular aspect of education.

Physical Science: Physical science is the study of physics and chemistry of nature and life.


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