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This work is an attempt evolve a quicker and easier method of achieving Transportation. This will no doubt save considering human labour and time wasted involved in traditional manual method of transportation.

To achieve this, preliminary experiment was first carried out to determine the optimum speed of the motor vehicle. Various design alternative s for achieving the design solution were sythesized and a choice of an economic method which would satisfy the objective was made. Base on the principles guiding the performance of the motor vehicle, the dimensions and sizes of the various components were established.

Appropriate materials were subsequently selected and fabricated to require sizes. The motor vehicle was then assembled and tested.

After testing, it was found to perform efficiently this satisfying the objective for which it was designed.

Title Page

Release Page

Letter of Transmittal

Approval Page





Objective of the Project

Literature Review


The Chassis

The Components of Chassis


Engine Details

The Petrol Engine

Component Parts of Engines

Engines Terms

Cycle of Operation

The Fuel System

Engine Cooling System


Vehicle Body Work

Properties and Uses of Steel in Vehicle Construction

Welding of Steel



Cost Analysis







Automobile motor vehicle construction contributed a lot towards the economy of life in such a way that transportation is easier and quicker, with this we determined the distance man could travel, even without load.

This motor vehicle is basically designed for domestic, and industrial use. This motor vehicle designed to operate using internal construction engine, which is the most convenient source of power so far developed for driving road vehicles, which drives its power from the burning of fuel and air inside the engine cylinder.

The internal combustion engine (I.C.E) converts the chemical energy in fuel into heat energy and heat energy into mechanical energy. The heat energy is produced by a chemical reaction between the different elements of fuel and air in other ward burning. This burning of fuel and air takes place inside sealed to expand in all directions. This expansion of gases caused the only movable object (the piston) in the sealed chamber to move down, hence transferring the power produced in the cylinder to the crankshaft  of the  engine and then creating mechanical energy.



They are general objective of motor vehicle construction.

First, understand the historical and technical development of motor vehicle

Second objective is to understand the fundamental cycles of operation of he period and internal combustion engines.

Third objective is to know the constructional processes of motor vehicle.

Fourth objective is to understand the general principles of the transmission system of vehicle bodies. In order to achieve this we have to know the braking system and their operation principle and understanding the principles of steering mechanisms.



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