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The study was carried out on the causes, effects and control of communicable diseases in secondary schools in Oredo local government area of edo state.    A survey design was adopted for the study. A self structured valid and reliable questionnaire was the main instrument used for the collection of data. The research questions formulated were tested using the instrument. Results primarily showed that various communicable diseases exist among the students. Results also showed that teachers of this various schools encouraged hygienic practices in the school. It also showed that communicable diseases spread rapidly in dirty environment. The students demonstrated high knowledge of both the causes, effects and control of communicable diseases. Consequently it was recommended that there was need for both the school and the home to work in a coordinated manner to teach the students about the dangers of sharing cloths, towels, brushes and also that health education should be incorporated in the school curriculum.


Chapter One

  • Introduction

1.1    Background to the study

1.2    Statement of the problem

1.3    Research questions

1.4    Significance of the study

1.5    Purpose of the study

1.6    scope of the study

1.7    Limitations of the study

1.8    Definition of terms

Chapter Two

2.0    Literature Review

Chapter There

3.0    Research Methodology

3.1    Research Design

3.2    Population of the study

3.3    Sample and sampling procedures

3.4    Research instrument

3.5    Validity of the instrument

3.6    Method of data collection

3.7    Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

4.0    Analysis and Interpretation of data

Chapter Five

5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1    Summary of the research

5.2    Conclusion

5.3    Recommendations

5.4    Suggestions for further study






          It is undoubtedly true that man as almost complete dominion over all things on earth, yet he has remained subjected to physical, biological and social environmental problems which he created. Man has largely conquered or is on the way to conquering communicable diseases but in the process of liquidating vectors of diseases. He runs risk of upsetting the circle of nature to the extent that he endangers food supply, pollutes the water he drinks and the air he breaths.

Dokun Oyosola (1995) stressed that a quality environment is important for the promotion of man’s well being but in the process of man striving to control his environment. He has made his environment a greater threat to his health and life as a result of his technologies and industrial advancement. Thus, in the process of finding a better means of living man has succeeded in destroying the environment in which he lives, this observed in air and water.

The school system in Nigeria is not exempted from the environmental health problems, in many schools; the environment is not child friendly. Most of these schools have no adequate water supply, refuse disposal and toilet facilities. This does not agree with a well healthy school environment.

Environmental health problems can be described as man-made hazards to human health. Notable among which are water pollution. This means that despite considerable advances in providing better living condition for human, the environment continue to suffer the outcome of the numerous technological advancement. The school environment can become interesting, pleasant and conducive to teaching learning situation if the serenity of the environment is captivating and sanitarily maintained for the purpose of the control of communicable diseases are charged with the responsibility of undertaking routine inspection. This inspection is done to control communicable diseases in schools.


The problems associated with communicable diseases in secondary schools vary significantly. Health problems are associated with poverty and lack of essential resources. Among these is inadequate clean water, food, shelter and clean air. In addition, many developing countries, populations are facing health problems. These issues include poor sanitation.  This is true of Nigerian with an over increasing population, a degraded environment increases the likelihood of disease especially communicable diseases and death.

The supply and distribution of drinking water to students can be a major cause of health problems in schools. The inability of school authorities to provide good drinking water and proper storage system in the school to both parents and government. Where water is provided, students share cups and water cans in such a manner that those having communicable disease can easily transfer such to other.


The researcher wishes to examine causes, effects and control of communicable diseases in secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

  1. Does the knowledge of health education help to prevent communicable disease in schools?
  2. Does educational qualification of parents enhance the reduction of the spread of communicable diseases among students in schools?
  3. What efforts have the teachers of various secondary schools put towards the manner of communicable diseases?
  4. Do communicable diseases spread rapidly in dirty environment?
  5. Does poverty of [parents and lack of essential resources in the community enhance the spread of communicable diseases in the environment?

The finding of this research will be beneficial to students, school administrators, parents, health institutions, other concerned individuals and institutions.

It will help to educate students against the problems of communicable diseases and will equally render possible solutions.

It will help the Ministry of Education plan for seminars and in-service training on communicable diseases to enhance the effectiveness of various academic institutions.


This study is restricted to causes, effects and control of communicable diseases in secondary schools. The investigation is restricted to the following schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

  1. Jubilee Academy Schools
  2. God Grace Academy
  3. Hope and Life Group of Schools
  4. King Solomon Group of Schools
  5. Imafidon Group of Schools

In the cause of this research, there were problems of finance and high transport rate, time factor restricted this research and besides other academic commitment hinder the research.

  1. Air Borne Diseases: These are diseases one can get through breathing in, contaminated air of which virus or bacteria cause the particular disease.
  2. Communicable diseases: Communicable diseases are diseases that can be transferred from one person to the other.
  3. Diseases: A disease is a departure from normal health.
  4. Endemic: This is a disease which is always present in a particular community e.g. malaria.
  5. water borne diseases: These are diseases that can be gotten through water that is contaminated


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