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Title Page – – – – – – – – – – -i
Approval Page — – – – – – – – – -ii
Dedication – – – – – – – – – – -iii
Acknowledgment – – – – – – – – – -iv
Table of Content – – – – – – – – – -v
Abstract- – – – – – – – – – – vii
1.1 Background of the Study – – – – – – -1
1.2 Statement of the Problem – – – – – – -4
1.3 Objectives of the Study- – – – – – – -5
1.4 Research Questions – – – – – – -5
1.5 Scope of the Study- – – – – – – – -6
1.6 Significance of the Study – – – – – – -6
1.7 Operational Definition of Terms – – – – – -7
2.1 Theoretical Framework – – – – – – – -8
2.2 The Conceptual of Learning- – – – – – 12
2.3 The Influence of Learning Environment on Academic
Performance- – – – – – – – – – 13
2.4 Relationship between Private and Public School and Student
Performance- – – – – — – – – – 15
3.1 Research Design – – – – – – – – 18
3.2 Population and Sample – – – – – – – 18
3.3 Research Instrument – – – – – — – 19
3.4 Method of Data Analysis – – – – – – – 20
4.1 Data analysis and Results- – – – – – 21
4.2 Summary of Findings– – – – – – – 30
5.1 Summary- – – – – – – – – 31
5.2 Conclusion- – – – – – – – – 33
5.3 Recommendations- – – – – – – – 33
References – – – – – – – – – 35
This project is on comparative analysis of the factors affecting student
academics performance in both public and private senior secondary
schools. It was discovered that the student in the private schools out
performance those in the public schools what motivate the researcher,
questionnaire was used for data collection to conduct a research on this
topic known the “contributing factor to the students’ performance”. Out
of a population of the student that offered English language in both
schools. Some selected for administration of questionnaire following our
analysis, of the responses to the questionnaire, it was discovered that
student in private school have performed better in subject English
language than those in public schools.
1.8 Background of the Study
The definition of education mainstream schools today is that
education is the delivery of knowledge, skills and information for
teachers to students.
While the above metaphor-education as a delivery system should
reasonable, it messes what is most important about education this
mistake idea of what true education is and how it can be achieve is
the root problem in mainstream education today. This conception of
education contributes to harming students and teachers by driving
policy makers to insist on accounting for the units’ of information that
the students demonstrate knowledge of non-test.
The perceived med for mass scale standardized outcomes leads
to a king administration to control teachers, behavior, which in turn
is directed to controlling student’s behavior in ways that increase
symptoms of diminished psychological wellbeing.
The student outcomes as measured by tests bear little
relationship to true education, and so the instruction al bookkeeping
school is a failure even before the hair it cause is taken into
consideration. For many people the impotence of education likes in
future job prospects for others its quality of citizenship, and yet other
just want literacy, critical thinking and/or creativity. Therefore, the
federal schools and state government schools could be traced to the
first missionary activities by Portuguese merchants who visited Lagos
and Benin I n1473 their primary intents way trade. However the
education system for missionary activities stated procedure tween
1515 and 1552 with the establishment of school for sons of Obas.
The Nigerian system of education suffered some serious setback
in the 1980 because of structural Adjustment programmed (SAP), a
set of polices recommended by (IMF) aimed at “Poverty reduction” due
to the negative development brought about the SAP. It because
difficult for to government to pay salaries to its employees.
Consequently the teaching affair be count a sort of survival of the
fittest for teachers in order of survive, teacher began teaching private
lesson all cueing class. Unemployed people with degrees saw this as
a creative way of escaping the scourged of unemployment and also
escaping the scourged of employment and also started private
teaching to make money. Beside government, sometimes seem the
funding of public schools as a big burden and because of the fact
public schools were has been an increasing tend towards privatization
of education in Nigeria since the mid 1980 the government is once
more trying to reverse the trends of neglect by offering good salaries
and benefits to teachers and working public education tree again, yet
private schools are still very prevalence.
Today there are many kinds of private schools in Nigeria,
expensive schools for the middle class and private schools so close to
one’s domiciles that someone might run out of one’s house or some
counted rooms to attend closes. In addition, there are lot of private
Islamic schools called “Islamiyya” which basically teach children
Islamic knowledge.
Although private schools have humble back ground wings.
Today, there are considered better and more equipped than public
schools. This is because they employ more qualified teaches, have
batter education facilities such as lab rotaries, computer labs,
supervise their teaches more than public schools given more attention
to the progress of the student etc. and therefore produce better
product that pass their examination, internal or external more than
the products of public schools.
Parent and other stake holders in education have conducted the
high rate of poor academic performance of studies in extend
examination/WAEC and NECO. This school alone, private school were
involve reasons range from poor teaching personal and nonavailability of school facilities.
1.9 Statement of the Problem
The concern for improving the quality of secondary education is
an important issue for the government of Nigeria. The government of
Yobe state is struggling with inadequate material resource for
teaching and learning such as libraries, text books, charts, maps and
posters. Computer, soft board, models and specimen are absent in
many secondary school. Apart from that, physical instructor such as
class rooms, furniture which include lockers twin dusks chairs, and
teachers table insufficient. Toilets water, gives and recreational
facilities are also inadequate in many secondary schools.
There is license in the area of monitoring and supervision. Many
supervisors turn a blind eye on the lesson plan of the teachers, their
diary records and attendance register of the students. This makes
teachers very reluctant and ineffective to their duties as teachers.
The culture of monitoring and supervisor does not meet the
minimum of two times period in a month, this causes failure in the
school activities.
In recent years, the decadent in the academic performance and
tertiary schools in this country especially in public schools. The public
to which attention is directed in this study is to extend do school type.
(Public and Private) and facilities influence academic
performance of students in in senior secondary schools in Potiskum
local government area, in Yobe State.
1.10 Objectives of the Study
The objectives of this study is to determine:
1. Factors affecting students’ academic performance in public
senior secondary schools in Potiskum local government in Yobe
2. Academic performance of student in English Language in public
schools in Potiskum local government at Yobe State.
3. Academic performance of student in English Language in private
school at Potiskum local government Yobe State.
1.11 Research Questions
The following research questions were answered.
1. What are the factors affecting students’ academic performance
in public and private senior secondary schools in Potiskum local
government, Yobe State?
2. What are the academic performance of students in English
Language in public senior secondary school in Potiskum, Yobe
3. What are the academic performance of students in English
Language in private senior secondary schools in Potiskum Yobe
1.12 Scope of the Study
This study is limited to government Day senior Secondary School
(public school) and King Abdul-Aziz African institute secondary school
Potiskum (Private School) the study is Furth limited to the subject
English Language.
1.13 Significance of the Study
The outcome of this study will become facial to policy makers in
that, it will drawn their attention to the state of teaching learning of
subjects teachers and students. It will enable them to see their point
of weakness.
The result of the study will also be important to schools
supervisors of teaching and learning schools.
1.14 Operational Definition of Terms
The following teams were operationally defined in accordance to
the counted of this study.
Comparative Analysis: This refers to the consistency or
inconsistency between the public and private school students in
relation to their English Language performance.
Academic performance: This refers to students and of their team
result in English Language.
Factor: This refers to the components of challenges associated
with students’ performance in English Language.
Affection: This refers to challenges directly associated with
students at English Language in both public and private schools


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