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This project report is on the construction of a metal rack which can be put to use in laboratories, industries, shops, kitchens, and also for displaying various articles.  The construction work was done in a mechanical work shop.


Racks are of various types which concides with the numerous uses to which they are applied.  Some types of racks includes wooden racks and metal. The metal rack was constructed using a 1.5mm square pipe and a 1-2mm thickness of mud steel plate.  The construction procedure or stips includes marking out, cutting weeding, filling and painting.  A guage 12 electrode was used for the weeding process.  The rack, after construction has dimensions as follows 3ft height, 2ft width and 8ft x 2 length.


Certain safety precautions were observed during the construction process so as to avoid accidents and as well, produce an error free rack.


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A rack is a set of shelves with partitions, either built into a room laboratory, industries, shops, homes, business centre as a fixed or a separate piece of furniture used for storing like chemical reagent, Newspaper, kitchen utensil provision and many order items.  These rack used in the laboratory and industries are used for storage.  The materials selection for the construction of any rack strongly depends on the properties and purposes the rack will serve.  Generally considering all the  materials and now material all have their individual merits.  But point to comparison between their will definitely show that in general metal have a lot of advantages over non-metals.


For example while many types of metal are suitable for high temperature operation non-materials such as wood and glass are suitable for lower and limited range of temperature metal posses a wider rang of chemical stability than non-metals.  So, it can be said that the obvious advantage of first cost cheapness of non-metallic materials is counseled by other disadvantages of non-metals the most glaring of which is the that of narrow applicability.  When considering the cost also, the first cost of materials is even not taken as sufficient indictor on which to base the selection of construction materials.  The following cost factors among other, must be considered.


Fabrication cost, installation cost, maintenance costs and cost of replacement.  These costs must be considered in the materials selection for construction.  Racks drive it name and purpose sometimes from the material of construction and also the shape it takes.  In the laboratory, chemicals are arranged in a chronological order, and equipment or apparatus are also arranged in are in the rack for protections of the necessary chemical or equipment.  This is usually made of metals.  Most racks used for laboratory purposes such as storing of chemicals and equipments are usually made of metals, and in this case, there is much observation of all the operation level involved in the construction of metal rack.  This is because of the hard nature in the curing off the excess of the metal during construction.  Instead the use of welding is used in the arrangement of different part of the rack.  Another major difference better than those rack made of wood and those made of metal is that, wood, wooden rack are always easy to spoil or get damage while metal rack last longer.  There are several types of metals that can be used for construction.  Metals for construction include Gold Silver, Bronze an Aluminum Iron and steel.  There are usually about three type of steel as it constitutes the widest use for metal.  These types include low Carbon steel that has about 0.3% carbon, medium carbon steel, that contain about 0.3% 0.7% carbon and high carbon steel that contain 0.7% -17% carbon.

Steel are used in the construction of metal rack, because it is soft to cut, bending and serial operation applied to the metal during construction.  The galvanized type of steel has a nature of stainless steel and so doe not support nits.  Because of this, it is not painted after using it for construction.  In the fabrication of sheets of metals several types of gauge are produced.  They include gauge 22, gauge 20,18,16,20, gauge 18, gauge 16, gauge 14, 12, 10, gauge 22 has the highest thickness.  Gauge is and gauge 16 are the best types for construction metal rack.


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