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The motive of this project is to construct  equipment for deodorizing kerosene, hence the smell of kerosene is totally eradicated.

The equipment was constructed with flat sheet plates of a desired standard, the dimension and the truncated parts were coupled and welded in order to fasten the parts together.  The material was selected to avoid the effect of rust due to the contact of the separating items or material with the walls of metal sheet.

The effect of this equipment will be of help to refineries as well make one self employed. Economic importance of this equipment can be referred to the manufacturing industries, were certain additives are derived.



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1.0  Introduction                                             1

1.1  Background of the Study                                  1

1.2 Objective of the Study                               4

1.3  Scope of the study                                    5

1.4  Significance of the study                            5


2.1  Literature Review                                      8

2.2  Method of Deodourizing Kerosene               16

2.3  Analysis of Deodourizing Kerosene              19

2.4  Analysis of Undeodorized Kerosene                     20



3.1  Construction                                            21

3.2  Method of Construction                             21



Result / Analysis                                              25



Conclusion                                                      27

Recommendation                                             28




Kerosene is known as one of the fractions obtained from fractional distillation of crude oil it is noticeable by its smell.  When kerosene smell is removed other toxins follows, the product become of great significant in home and industries.

Consequently, in the distillation column there is no measure to eradicate the smell of the kerosene.

Kerosene odour has pose threat to the comfort of life.  It has constituted several environmental hazards when inhaled due to high vapour concentration, there is every tendency to cause dizziness and sometime vomiting and nauseating loss of balance and co-ordination are the other effect. Its fumes causes pulmonary damage it can also be allergic to some people.

Furthermore, when odour of kerosene is removed it serves numerous need and of great benefit at homes and industries with ulterior motive to facilitate production that will meet both national and international demand due to the like in diesel to save cost.  Since the texture of kerosene has been improve via deodorization, it then becomes suitable solvent for grease production.

It is use in driving tractor and some modern jet engines.  Deodorized kerosene is an important ingredient in the production of paint. It is an active ingredient used in laundry service because of its bleaching ability.

Moreover the merit of deodorized kerosene are numerous to mention, it also play a vital role in sanitizing the environment, home and industry at large.  Deodorized kerosene are mixed with pesticide to improve its efficacy and potency.

In review of the above mentioned points, the deodorization of kerosene should be encouraged in all perspectives to reduce cost, maximize profit and generally enhance perpetual productivity which aid to improve the nation’s economy, making it an important commodity in the labour market and in the world diaspora.



The project objective is to construct ‘equipment for deodorizing kerosene” that can be used in industry to improve the texture to kerosene, the constructed equipment can also be used industrially for product quality improvement as in eliminating odours of kerosene, that constitute environmental hazard and makes the environment conductive for settlement, and also create enabling working condition for staff in the industry.



In construction of this project, several components are involved, which include entrainment separator, condenser, distillation column which is the pivot of the construction, where separation takes place.



The significance attached to the construction of equipment for deodorizing kerosene are numerous, this equipment will contribute immensely to alleviate poverty and improve the economic sector.

It will create job opportunities among the youths one can become self employed on the completion of this project; which people will come to him/her to conduct the deodorization process where it is stationed and also for consultations.

Economic importance of deodorized kerosene can be referred to the manufacturing industry where certain chemical addictive are derived. The value of this study is relevant as a median to earn capital which could be used to finance others project or cater for other need and miscellaneous tasks.

Furthermore, in cold whether, oil solution of insecticides are better than water based sprays because they will not freeze Oil solutions can be prepared by mixing insecticide in deodorized kerosene following label instructors thus it serves as major commercial importance to the chemical and biochemical industries.

Kerosene is engulfed with unpleasant smell, when deodorized it creates a serene environment devoid of nuisance it reduces drastically the effect of body response such as headache, vomiting and dizziness when inhaled regards to deodorized kerosene.


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