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Insurance is a legal contract that protects people from the financial costs that result from loss of life, loss of health, lawsuits, or property damage. Insurance provides a means for individuals to cope with some of the risks faced in everyday life. People purchase contracts of insurance, called policies, from a variety of insurance organizations.

The world of insurance rely on computers to the same extent as banks. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the insurance industry uses sophisticated computer software to analyze risk. Automated underwriting systems adjust premiums and recommend acceptance or denial of risk for a potential client. With the use of the Internet, insurance companies are able to access information which will determine whether they accept clients or not.

Computers are instrumental to the way the insurance industry performs its business. This technology allows them to be able to make transactions and update accounts in a real time. An advantage to the insurance company clients is an increase in convenience. Online application is another effect of computer technology on the insurance industry. With online systems, clients are able to pay bills electronically and manage accounts and transfer insurance claims from their own homes. Additionally, computers allow people to set up automatic payments from their bank accounts to such places as utility companies and insurance groups.

The use of computer has become inevitable to every organization since the end of the twentieth century. Today the adoption of computer system in various organizations for diverse operation has been a help to the society at large. The need for automating decision making of every organization setting has brought about ever growing information technology since a decade and a half ago. Like the automation of some governmental, non-government and financial institution (insurance).

The use of computer has become versatile in use by many organizations for record keeping decision making, fast delivery and prompt attainment to the customer, so client. This project is on the computerization of motor vehicle insurance department of industrial and general insurance company limited, Ilorin. (Adebayo, K. A., 2005 Project).


The methods of operation at industrial and general insurance company are manual with a number of recurring problems. As a result of this, the proposed system (Automated-motor vehicle insurance policy) was introduced to handle the problems for easier and efficient performance of attending to customers in an insurance company.


The operation of industrial and general insurance company has seen manually carried out and the approach has a number of recurring problems. As a result of these problems, the aims and objectives of the proposed system are as follow:-

  • To achieve faster and efficient means of attending to customer with minimal delay
  • To give the insured the full value of expected service required from the insurance company.
  • To addresses the short comings of the existing system.


The dramatic acceleration in the development and use of information and communication technology during the last few years has set in motion a worldwide process of transmission from the industrial to the information society.

Indeed, all aspects of life are increasingly affected by electronic network and computer which are opening up new opportunity(ies) and challenges for all.

Automated Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy as an aspect of information and communication technology deals with the allocation of policy to the insured (clients) working out premium and calculation of claim settlement to varying vehicle owner and providing many information in form of report.


In order to carry out the proposed system,  a number of information were gathered through many sources (e.g. internet, browsing, questionnaire method and documentation). The information gathered were thoroughly analysed. The analysis led to a design of an automated system which was implemented in c++ programming language.


The scope of the project is drawn to focus on application of Automated Based Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy being one of the sub-class of General Insurance and most common of the insurance policy.

There are three basic forms of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy namely:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Third Party insurance Policy
  • Act only cover.

However, Industrial and General Insurance Company Limited offers three policies stated above via: Comprehensive and Third Party insurance policy and Act only cover.


  • The proposed system is limited to the Motor Insurance Policy only.
  • It is not an expert system that can be used for all general insurance policy
  • It can not carry out physical inspection on conditions stated for calculating claims due amount.


This project report expectedly, has been organized into five chapters; Chapter One contains general introduction, giving the aims and objectives and significance of study. The second chapter contains a review of relevant literature on motor insurance policy both manual and automated. The methodologies adopted on different stages of carrying out this project are the subject of chapter three. Chapter four is on the design and implementation of the system. The last chapter provide summary of the work done as well as recommendation for future work on the project.


            Risk:- The chances of less.   

            Peril:- A conspiracy which may cause losses.

Subject Matter of Insurance:- Insurance does not protect for insurance, the material properties which is not the subject matter of insurance but the primary interest of insured.

Utmost good faith:- Require both parties to contract of insurance to make full disclosure of all material fact in honesty. Material fact is one which would affect the judgment of an under writer  in considering whether he would enter in to a contract at all or enter in to one rate or another keeping book of such fraud, there by making the policy void.

Indemnity:-Refers for as insurance against legal responsibility for ones actions as well as compensation for damage or loss.

Total losses:- An insured motor vehicle may become lost after an accident. It may be a complete wreck and damage beyond repair or alternate burnt to ashes, this is called “write – off”. The insured is entitled to have the vehicle replaced by the insurers with a car of the same age, make, and type construction and in same condition as the insured one before the accident. Cash pay can also be made payable to insurer boss on the market value.

Discount:-Is given to the insured one when the cars that have been insured is in good condition over a year after been insured automatically, that person will be given a discount from the insurance company.

Policy:-This is the document which gives environment of the contract of insurance between the insurer and the insured person. It is not the contract it self but only document containing term of contract.

Renewal:- Most annual policies are subject to renewal for a further period. Usually indicated in the policy holder remaining him that the policy would soon expire and that renewal premium would soon be due.

Notification letter:- This is a kind of official letter from insurance company to their customer or insured person notifying them for new contract or renewal.

Premium:- this is the consideration which the insured pays to the insurer in return for the insurer promises to pay the sum insured in the event of a loss or damage specified in the term of insurance contract.          


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