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Title Page





Table of Contents


  • Background of Study
  • Statement of the problem
  • Objective of the study
  • Significant of the study
  • Scope and limitation
  • Definition of terms


CHAPTER THREE: Description and Analysis of the Existing System.

  • System identification
  • Fact finding method
  • System chart
  • Objective of the diagnostic system
  • Input, process and output
  • Output analysis
  • Problem of the diagnostic system

CHAPTER FOUR: design of the computerized diagnostic system.

  • Design consideration
  • Output specification and design
  • File design and storage consideration.
  • Procedure chart
  • System flow chart
  • System requirement


  • Program design
  • Program flowchart
  • Pseudocodes


  • System documentation
  • Program documentation
  • User documentation


  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation



Design and implementation of computerized medical diagnostic system for bacteria illness has been a burden to many computer personnels this computer age. Many health centres and hospital and their diagnostic system being computerized but find it very hard to find a good designer to meet their demand. The problem has rose the interest of many researches in finding a lasting solution by taking part on design and implementation of computerized medical diagnostic system for bacteria illness using material as the case study. At the parklane General Hospital Enugu during the conduct of the said research work both primary and secondary data were collected which have already been documented from the analysis and test carried out the following finding were observed.

  • The causes of bacteria disease.
  • The mode of transmission of the bacteria.
  • The symptoms of bacteria disease
  • The implication/effect of bacteria disease
  • The life cycle of bacteria disease.
  • The drug for preventing bacteria disease.

The research commended the park lane General Hospital based the Findings for establishing a good management that enable such work to be carried out without much hitch.



        For many years before the advent of adding machines, man has devised technique of arranging their works for easy references. The technique gave rise to computer machine for fast and affective processing of information. Computer being a machine that receives input process, store and brings out the output. The arrangement of our works have become as old as man existing on the earth.

Both individuals companies, government, hospital and other cooperate organization adhere to systematic manner of record of their works for references. The paper works which were arranged in file and stored in the shelves has been refrained from dose to due the voluminous and loses encountered with such manner. Regrettable most of the works got lost or misplaced during the retrieve of process in the file. More so some unscrupulous workers intentionally deteriorate their work for selfish desire. The growing of computer usage and transferring into IT Information Technology necessitated the need to design and implementation of a computerized medical Diagnostic system for bacteria illness.

The idea is more, pronounced in Hospitals and Health centres in many part of the country.



The problems associated with the Park-lane General Hospital, Enugu by this research study are as follows:

  • Poor treatment of bacteria disease.
  • Poor administration of bacteria related information in the management.
  • Lack of testing material for the bacteria disease.
  • Inefficiency and ineffective dealers for handling the job.
  • Poor management information
  • Poor storage record for reference.

Therefore, computerization of medical diagnostic system guarantee speed efficiency and accuracy of diagnosing bacteria in effected illness.



        The principal objective of the study was to highlight and improve the effectiveness of the Park-Lane General Hospital productivity in diagnosing the bacteria disease. It is equally aimed at improving health management for all in the country and check the spread of the bacteria disease. The study is expected to position the country to attain her largest which is health for all. The study will standardize and minimize our resources which would have been used for curing the bacteria disease.

The report will reposition and regain the remedies on the past loses during manual database system by helping.

  • To determine the raw material for treating bacteria.
  • To determine the output of treating bacteria.
  • To identify the causes of bacteria
  • To determine the symptom of bacteria
  • To determine the life cycle of bacteria.
  • To identify the primary lost of bacteria disease.
  • To determine the economic importance of bacteria to the host.
  • To identify the recommended during for curing the bacteria diseases.



        In conducting the project, it is expected to help the staff, patience and management of the Park-Lane General Hospital. It will help point out the problems facing the Hospital and it, management. The report shall among other things.

  • Widen the knowledge of patience on the danger of bacteria.
  • It offers employment opportunities for Hospital personnels.
  • The project report serves as point of preference for student and after researchers in such field.



        The study is directed toward health management system. It is expected to explore the possibilities of the development of the computerized system of medical diagnosis from the manual operated system. The report is aimed that the research should be done to upgrade the degree of designing and implementation in all works should be reported upon. Despite certain constraints, the part work was centered at the Park-Lane General Hospital Enugu for the study.

Some constraints affected the research work. The researcher has to move around in search of the required data. To make available all the required data needs money which constitute one of the constraint.

Moreso, the attitude of some people toward the researcher and the degree of awareness among Nigeria on the importance of research is not encouraging. Some respondent hardly avail data for easy conducting of the project report.



ADDING MACHINES: This is a machines that is used in adding arithmetic or counting of money in the banking work.

COMPUTER: It is an electronic device that accept data as an input and process information as an output.

PROCESSING: This is a process where operations on data (numbers or words) made up of  combination of digit to produce information.



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