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This study was made to ascertain the implementation of Database Management Software for a confectionery Business i.e. the problems of database management is a life long problem in companies for accurate and effective communication between the buyer and the staffs of the business or establishment.

The findings of the study will help to make recommendation and suggestion for future improvement and solution of the present situation.

Data relevant to the objectives of the study were from secondary source and an empirical study done by me. Ora I interview was conducted on selected persons and observations was made and references to relevant materials was also conducted.

Those randomly selected are based at Mr. Bigg’s Enugu and composed of both literate and illiterate staffs. All those interviewed that provide me with relevant materials and gave directive measure are literate and specialist in their job.



Title Page

Approval Page




Organization of Work

Table of Contents



1.0     Introduction

1.1     Statement of Problem

1.2     Purpose of study

1.3     Aims and Objectives

1.4     Scope of study

1.5     Limitation of the study

1.6     Assumptions

1.7     Definitions of terms


Literature Review



3.1     Description and Analysis of the existing system

3.2     Fact findings method use

3.3     Organizational Structures

3.4     Objectives of the existing system

3.5     Input and output process

3.5.1  Input analyses

3.5.2  Process analyses

3.5.3  Output analyses

3.6     Information flow diagram

3.7     Problems of the existing system

  • Justification of the new system



4.1     Design of the new system

4.2     Input specification and design

4.3     Output specification and design

4.4     Procedure chart

4.5     System chart

4.6     System requirement

4.6.1  Hardware requirement

4.6.2  Software requirement

  • System environment



5.1     Implementation

5.2     Procedures for using the new system

5.3     Program design

5.4     Program flowchart

  • Pseudocode


          TEST RUN






7.1     Recommendation

7.2     Conclusions




Database management software can be described as software used by an organization or firm to store data’s or particulars of workers for reference purpose. This database management software for a confectionery business simply means design a software that will store data’s of all the things produced or sold by the company.

These things are something like sweet, cake, meat pie and so on. This software is a kind of software that is going to hold data’s of all the things that are sold and store in the company or business firm.

This database should be able to allow staff’s to access what they have in the database so as to know which one is available for the customer and also know what is needed at point in time. Only registered staff must have access to the database. Foe the software to work, the business or company has to engage in a small network system known as Internet.

This connection of two or more computers in an office or business firm require what is called a Server but this time the server will not be the one used for wide area network but the server to be used now is known as the personal web server (PWS)

This personal web server will allow you to be able to transfer file from one computer to the other but the information that will be transfer cannot be seen by anybody outside that networks of computer so it is well secure. This software will be working as that use banks when they have not yet connected to the internet which is a wide area network so that they can make report of what happen on that days activities.



After I have study the manual system of running this business in Mr. Bigg’s Enugu, a lot of problems were discovered

These problems are:

–        Delay in attending to customer request

–        Delay in processing of payment mostly when the customers are many.

  • Communication gaps between the buyer and the sever. In order for this problem to be solved, a management database of goods will assist to be able to engage in effective management of the business.



After much study of the way this business is being run in Mr. Biggs’s Enugu, there is great need for a computerize database management software that  will make the business to run smoothly and so there will be accurate and effective communication between the buyer and the staff of the business.



          The aims and objectives of carrying out this study are as follows:

–        Minimize order time and response time between buyers and sellers.

–        Bridge the communication gaps that exist between the staffs and the customers.

–        Provide a more secured, faster and more accurate means of buying the product.

  • Provide a faster, more reliable, less cumbersome and more efficient means of payment.



          The design is focused on Mr. Biggs’s Enugu but the software can be used in similar business anywhere in the world.



          During my research on this project, I had some constrain like the inability to get the manager on sit to release some vital information for me to actualize my dream of developing this software and also, during this period transportation to and fro was difficult and money and time was also added to the stress I faced.



          I assumed that the information given to me by case study Mr. Biggs’s was true. There is also assumption that they have operated on manual system. It was also assumed that Mr. Biggs’s will accept the new software that will design for them.



          COMPUTER:-    Computer can be defined as an electronic device that accept data as input, process, store and retrieve data and produce final result as output.

DATABASE MANAGEMENT:-    This is a computer program (or more typically a suite of them) designed to manage a database.

INTERNET: –     This can be described as a small area network where few computers have to be connected together in a building or office to be able to communicate with one another and be able to transfer files to update the databases.

SYSTEM: –   System is defined as an organized set of procedures and sub-units, which are functionally interrelated in the achievement of a centrally defined goal.

PROGRAM:-      This is a set of logical instruction given to a computer in other for it to solve the user’s need.

SYSTEM ANALYSIS:-         This is the use of systematic procedures to study an existing system for one purpose or the other as may satisfy the requirements of those initiating the study.

3.5 INCH FLOPPY DISK OR DISKETTES: – This is a secondary storage device; it stores data or information magnetically. Floppy disk are enclosed in plastic cover to protect the sensitive surface from being scratched or contaminates by dust.

DATABASE: –    This is an orderly, usually very large body of data, which allows you to process, access and retrieve information.

SOFTWARE: –   Software is a set of logical instructions, which dictates the operations of the hardware.

HARDWARE: –  Hardware is the physical component of the computer system and its peripherals.

HARD DISK: –    This is the temporary storage part of the computer system. It stores information’s temporarily.

MONITOR: –      This is a visual electronic machine it is responsible for displaying the output of processed data in a softcopy form.

VIRUS: –    Computer virus is a set of program responsible for deletes or record and information in the computer system.

FLOWCHART: –         This is a diagrammatic representation of the step-by-step approach in finding a solution to a problem.



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