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1.0 Background of the Study. 1

1.1Problem Statement 2

1.2 Objectives of the Project 2

1.2.1Main Objective. 2

1.2.2 Specific Objectives 3

1.3 Scope of the Project 3

1.4Significance of the Study. 3

1.5 Justification for the New System.. 4

1.6Limitations 4

1.7 Definition of Terms 4



2.0 Introduction. 5

2.1Role of Information Technology in the Academic System.. 6

2.2 Data and Information. 7

2.3Technology Enhance Computer Software Based Online Clearance System.. 8

2.4 Computer-Based Online Information System.. 9

2.5 Data Base. 10

2.6 Communication Technology Used In Online Clearance System.. 13




3.0 Introduction. 14

3.1 Research Design. 14

3.2 Population study. 14

3.3 Source of data. 14

3.4 Method of Data Collection. 15

3.4.1 Oral interview. 15

3.4.2 Study of Manual. 15

3.4.3 Evaluation of Forms. 15

3.5 General Analysis of Existing System.. 15

3.6 Choice of Development Tools 16

3.6.1 Operating System.. 16

3.6.2 Visual Studio. 16

3.6.3 MySQL. 17

3.7 System Requirements 17

3.7.1 Hardware Requirement 17

3.7.2 Software Requirements 17

3.8 Requirements specification. 18



4.0 Introduction. 20

4.1System Analysis 20

4.1.1Existing System.. 20

4.1.2Proposed new system.. 21

4.3 System design. 22

4.3.1 Process modeling. 22

4.3.2 Data modeling. 23



5.1 System Development 30

5.2 Results from testing and validation. 30

5.2.1 System testing. 30

5.2.2 Unit testing. 30

5.2.3 Acceptance testing. 31

5.2.4 System validation. 31

5.2.4 Screen shots of testing and validation. 32

5.3 Discussions 33

5.4Limitations 34



6.1 Summary. 34

6.2 Conclusion. 35

6.3 Recommendation. 36



Appendix I: Department C#. 39

Appendix II: Time Frame. 43

Appendix III: Budget 44










Table 1: Minimum Hardware requirements 21

Table 2: Minimum Software requirements 21

Figure 3. Entity Relationship Diagram.. 24

Table 4. Department Table. 28

Table 3: Department Table. 27

Table 5. Comment table. 28

Table 6: System Validation results 32





Figure 1: Level 0 DFD diagram of the new system.. 23

Figure 2: Relationship between the students and clearance. 25

Figure 3: Relationship between the department and the student 25

Figure 4: Screen shot 32

Figure 5: Clearance Interface. 33

Figure 6: Students Clearance Details 33





I.S                               :                       Information System

IUIU                           :                       Islamic University in Uganda

ANSI                          :                         American National Standard Institute

HTML                        :                       Hypertext Mark-up Language

TPS                             :                       Transaction Processing System

MIS                             :                       Management Information System

DSS                             :                       Decision Support System

ESS                             :                       Executive Support System

TPS                             :                       Transaction Processing System

CIMA                         :                       Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

OCMS                        :                       Online and Communication Management Systems

Kbps                           :                       Kilo Byte per Sec

GHz                            :                       Giga Hertz

SQL                            :                       Structured Query Language

XML                           :                       Extended Markup Language

CSS                             :                       Cascading Style Sheet




The main objective of the project is to create an online book store that allows users to search and purchase a book online based on title, author and subject. The selected books are displayed in a tabular format and the user can order their books online through credit card payment. Using this Website the user can purchase a book online instead of going out to a book store and wasting time.

There are many online book stores like Powell’s, Amazon which were designed using Html. I want to develop a similar website using .NET, SQL Server.

Online Book store is an online web application where the customer can purchase books online. Through a web browser the customers can search for a book by its title or author, later can add to the shopping cart and finally purchase using credit card transaction. The user can login using his account details or new customers can set up an account very quickly. They should give the details of their name, contact number and shipping address. The user can also give feedback to a book by giving ratings on a score of five. The books are divided into many categories based on subject like Software, Database, English, and Architecture etc.

The Online Book Store Website provides customers with online shopping through a web browser. A customer can, create, sign in to his account, place items into a shopping cart and purchase using his credit card details.

The Administrator will have additional functionalities when compared to the common user. He can add, delete and update the book details, book categories, member information and also confirm a placed order.

This application is developed using JSP, HTML 5, AND PHP Programming languages. The Master page, data sets, data grids, user controls are used to develop the Online Book store.




















1.0 Background of the Study

In the world of software development there lots of improvement in the area of Architectural design and principles. The philosophies and implementation details are changing as the people guiding the development of the application. In this fantastic and yet sometimes complex world of software development there are some tried and true architecture patterns  and software development guidelines employed by most architects. Also your design must have an ability to turn towards innovation instead of lending itself to common practices. Web services are one such area where architects must lean on their creative side and hope that their solutions are still successful. In this report we will explain an exciting voyage down the road of Web services application. From requirements to use cases, to database design, to component frameworks, to user interfaces, we will cover each and every aspect of system design required to build an application with collaborative Web services. The reason why we selected online Bookstore web service is everybody walking down the street has some idea about bookstores. The objective of this project is to develop an e- book store where books can be bought from the comfort of home through the Internet.

An online book store is a virtual store on the Internet where customers can browse the catalog and select books of interest. The selected books may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as credit card number. An e- mail notification is sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed.

1.1Problem Statement

The process of buying books from the small scale business requires that the customers must move with cash in which may be dangerous to their life.

Furthermore, for a graduating student to carry out his/her clearance from all these departments it normally takes a lot of time and a lot of processes and delay in clearing the students, Unavailability of some key staffs while processing clearance form, which leads student repeatedly visiting a particular office in other to sign his/her clearance form, Loss of vital document as the filing system is manual, Damage of document due to fire or rain incident, Illegal removal of forms by fraudulent staff leading to insecurity, Take a lot of time to retrieve a particular clearance form. Hence, it became important for computer software based automated clearance system to eliminate the shortcoming of the manual system in place.

1.2 Objectives of the Project

1.2.1Main Objective

The main objective of the project is to create an online book store that allows users to search and purchase a book online based on title, author and subject.

1.2.2        Specific Objectives

To design an online bookstore management system

To analyze the problems in the existing system

To analyze the possible requirements for the new system

1.3 Scope of the Project

As a part of the preliminary study, the scope of the system has to be clearly outlined. This is useful for estimating the amount of effort required, the cost involved etc.

In any Bata store Purchase and Billing department play an important role to produce great image in market. We cannot think about an existence of an individual department only. Here the Purchase department deals with all the procedure regarding the purchase of the shoes from the party. Here the billing department deals with all the procedure regarding the sale of the shoed to the client.

During the purchase or billing procedure the Bata store will interact with the party or with the client as external entity and with other departments inside the environment of Bata store.

The boundaries of the system is the system is the boundary of the Bata store which encloses the different departments including the purchase and sale department which interact with the external entities as Party and Client.

1.4Significance of the Study

This project helps in several ways, increasing importance of e-commerce is apparent in the study conducted by researchers at the GVU (Graphics, Visualization, and Usability) Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In their summary of the findings from the eighth survey, the researchers report that “online shopping is taking off both in terms of the number of users shopping as well as the total amount people are spending via Internet based transactions”.

1.5 Justification for the New System

The new system was designed to solve problem affecting the manual system in use. It was designed use online thereby relieving both student and staff from much stress as experienced from the manual system.

This was the analyzing and storing of information either automatically or interactively, it made use of online access to internet. The proposed system also had some other features like.

  • Accuracy in handling of data
  • Fast rate of operation and excellent response time.
  • Flexibility, that is to say, it can be accessed at any time
  • Easy way of back up or duplicating data in diskette in case of data loss.
  • Better storage and faster retrieval system.
  • Accessibility from any part of the world.


This project covered some of the aspect of a computer software based online clearance system using Islamic University in Uganda as case study.

However the following are the constraints:

Time Constraints: Due to time constraints the web-page covers only clearance for various departments by the graduating student.

Financial Constraints: Due financial constraints people cannot afford this kind of process online especially towards the cost of accessing the internet. Therefore, it costed a lot to develop a full web-based clearance system.

Some documents were considered confidential and were not made available.

1.7Definition of Terms

Computer Network: Computer network is a system that connects two or more computers together using a communication link.

World Wide Web: World Wide Web simply called “www” is the most important tool of the internet, it was created in the late 1980’s in Europe and was limitedly use in academics cycle.

Clearances: Official certification of blamelessness trustworthiness or suitability for graduation and issue of certificate in degree course.

File Transfer: Any kind of computer file can be sent via the internet from one internet user to another. Table of account in a spreadsheet, design by a graphic artist, music and sound files etc can all be exchanged in this way.

Web Browser: this is special kind of software that processes hypertext mark-up language (HTML) document. In other words, a web browser is a computer program that interprets HTML command to collect, arranged and display the parts of a web page.

Web Site: A web site is a collection of many interconnected web page organized by a specific college, organization company etc, containing web page (goods and commodities) on the internet. Web site is stored on web servers. There are many web sites and thousands of HTML pages on each web site. A web is a treasure of information and entertainment.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are highlighted words and phrase you find on a web document that you can click on as to jump to some other document or internet services.

Online: connected via a computer attached to or available via a central computer network

Offline: Disconnected from computer network, describe a computer terminal or peripheral devices disconnected from a computer network.

System: Set of computer components that is, an assembling of hardware, software and peripheral functioning together.


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