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The Online Registration Portal is a research work designed and implemented toprovidethe easiest way to replace the existing manual system used for students to register their courses to be offered for each semester as well as entering their personal data. The program has to provide and elucidate a means by which the record of each and every students entity be arranged according to Database system. The system was developed using HTML and PHP in designing the front end, MySQL to create the databases as the back end and phpmyadmin serve as the interface between the front end and the back end to provide the opportunity for storing, editing, adding and deleting data as the case may be. Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic is the case study where all the necessary data were collected in the process of designing the system.




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1.1        Background of the Study. 1

1.2        Statement of the Problems. 1

1.3        Aim and Objectives. 2

1.4        Justification of the Study. 3

1.5        Scope and Limitation. 3



2.1        Introduction. 4

2.2        Online Registration. 5

2.2.1        Benefits gain from Online Registration. 5

2.3        Manual Registration. 6

2.4        Web Programming. 6

2.5        AMP. 7

2.5.1        Apache. 8

2.5.2        PHP. 8

2.5.3        My-SQL.. 9

2.5.4        HTML.. 10



3.1        Introduction. 11

3.2       Methodology. 11

3.2.1        Waterfall Model 11         Analysis. 12         Target Population. 13         Instrument for Data Collection. 14         Observation. 14         Interview.. 14         Validation and Reliability of the Instrument 14

3.2.2        Design. 15

3.2.3        Development 18         Technical Tools used for the Research. 18         Justification of the above tools. 18

3.2.4        Justification for chosen the Model (Waterfall) 19



4.1       Introduction. 20

4.2        Design of the New System.. 20

4.2.1        Input interface of the new system.. 24

4.2.2        Database and output of the new system.. 26

4.3        System Requirements. 27

4.4        The achieved objectives of the system.. 28



5.1        Summary. 29

5.2        Conclusion. 29

5.3        Recommendation. 29








1.1       Background of the Study

Online registration portal is a kind of form requested by the user, where a user can have full interaction with the database, with respect to his/her own record. User can store, retrieve and even modify his record from/in a database in respective of where the user is located, provided he is connected to internet. Online registration portal is among the services that are provided online.

Many organization and other related industries are enjoying this service for some years. While other are now migrated from their manual process in order to go with current information technological system. This research project examine the registration exercise in Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, Katsina and come up with online application system that will help the college to conduct its registration (effectively, efficiently and economically worthwhile) online.

The Online Registration Portal provides for students the option to register courses offered by their colleges during the scheduled registration periods. The students can modify their courses selection by adding and/or dropping courses. However, when the registration period is over, all previously registered courses by the students will be viewable in the system (Welback, 2008).

The project was developed using HTML and PHP in designing the front end, MySQL to create the databases as the back end and phpmyadmin serve as the interface between the front end and the back end.

1.2       Statement of the Problems

Manual registration exercise faces a number of problems, among which are;

  • The need for lot of manpower to manage the registration process (even though the process will not be effective and efficient).
  • The growing nature or the increasing number of student admitted every year implies much more requirement of manpower to manage the system and this has cause a lot of difficulties in locating a file that belongs to a particular person.
  • There is also a tendency of misplacing or missing a student record. This occurs due to the crowd when submitting the registration document.
  • Time and economic are the main factors that shall be taken into consideration when designing any system. Manual registration process does not favour these factors, because each department in the college has to provide their registration document at the beginning of each semester and the unused ones may be wasted after the registration in some cases. In some cases the form would not be ready for the students in time even if the form is ready the students has to join a long queue for them to collect their registration form which takes long time.

Using computer solution online portal as a tool for registration the problems stated above can be addressed. Some problems can be eliminated; some can be reduce to the minimal level.


1.3       Aim and Objectives


The research work is aim to analyze the current system and to develop new online system through the following objectives:


  1. To provide online software that enable student to register with the polytechnic online, irrespective of where the student is located.
  2. To create a central database that interacts with student during the registration.
  3. To provide a readymade online registration form.
  4. Eliminate the tedious work by staff during registration exercise.
  5. Provide quick search for student’s record


1.4       Justification of the Study

There is some evidence to support the contention that students in general, and school administration (registry office) in particular, are not being well served by the existing manual system of registration.

The failure to develop computerized system is part of an overall problem related to difficulties in locating a file that belongs a particular person, crowd when submitting registration documents etc. In looking at growing nature or the increasing number of students admitted every year, the need for computerized system must be realistically addressed.

The important contribution made by computer in registration process justifies the necessity to make the system more equitable. The above background, therefore, provides the necessary basis and justification for this research study.


1.5       Scope and Limitation

The project/research work is strictly focusing attention on finding an easier way of making registration through internet very effective. Thus, the scope of the project cover the registration process in Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic and it limited to student personal information as well as course registration.




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