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The lecturing staff usually spends a lot of time in timetable generation and timetable management. The software program to be design for this project work will captures all parameters used in creating a school lecture timetable and automatically creates one with its timetable generation tool. This school lecture timetable generation software also considers the availability of courses and other resources while creating levels in the department (e.g. NDI, NDII, HNDI, and HNDII). Moreover, changes can be easily made in the timetable as and when necessary depending on the availability of courses.

Since the inception of the ogitech, the lecture timetable schedule has been done manually. Relying on manual schedule posses a lot of disadvantages. In order to overcome some setbacks in the method used by the department this project design is brought up titled automated timetable generator.

This project is to develop a program that will allow the department to provide a timely and accurate schedule timetable in a form of program.

Automated timetable generator is to assist the department on deciding the lecture room for each course without conflict at a specific time in a day. Moreover, the program will also assign a unique lecture to each course but it will ensure that the lecture is not in another class at that specific period. Computers are not only storage devices and processing units but also are excellent communication media. They are the means to access the internet and be connected to the world. They are also an effective audio-visual media. Computer can be used to access a vast knowledge base and search for information achieves over the internet. Only computer education can facilitate the use of computers for purpose of communication and entertainment. Computer knowledge coupled with certain other job skills increase one’s chance of getting job; these with knowledge of computer are considered trainable for much kind of jobs. As most of the job involved the use of computers, computer education is an eligibility criterion for almost all of the modern day jobs. Higher education involving network administration, hardware maintenance of software skills open doors for other brighter jobs opportunities.

Computer education helps one to manage one’s own business assets and personal finances, computer serves as efficient means for management information, personal financial assets, medical records and important document can be stored in an electronic format in a computer system.  Today, banking transaction and payment of bills can be done over the internet. Similarly, online shopping becoming widely popular to be in the race, it is very important to take computer education.

The word processing application of a computer services serves as an effectives means of documentation.

The database management software that are part of computer system serves as the means of managing large amount of data. The networking capabilities of a computer facilitate connecting to the network to reach out to the world. Gaining application and media players are some of popular computer software, which are popularly   used a crossed the world.

Computer, which have such a wide variety of applications, are indeed ruling society. To beep up the pace in this fact life of today, computer education is extremely important. Computers are an integral part of life and so is computer education.


In order to get the lasting solution to the problems encountered in the existing procedure, one must clearly enumerate and understand some of the problems facing manual generation of lecture timetable.

These include:

  1. Time Consumption: In order to set timetable by the lecturers of the institution, it is possible for time to be wasted.
  2. Duplication of record: In the process of setting a exams timetable, it is possible for duplication of courses to occur.
  • Error Prone: Since the records are paper based works information, it is possible for some paper works to get lost.


The aim of this study is to generate a lecture timetable for Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa.

The objective at this project is to solve the problem that has been encountered in the manual or existing system of the department. Other aims and objectives are started below:

  1. The objective of the automated timetable generated project was to be developed a tool that enables department to dynamically generate timetable for student to access directly from the schedule table data.
  2. It enables the department to present changes to their schedule immediately tiding public.
  • It enables the department to plan well in advance to design the student schedule.
  1. It will also enable the management and student with updated schedule information when changes occur.
  2. It will enable the management to provide timely accurate schedule data.



The methodologies adopted in solving the problems in this research work are Microsoft Visual C#- Winforms programming language as the front-end design tool and Microsoft office access as the database.



The significance of this project write-up on “Automation Lecture Time Table Generator” is to improve on how lecture table is being generated by school for the usage by the students.

The study is considered of great importance in that it examines the impact of computer introduction in developing an automated timetable generator.

This one may confidently state that the introduction of computer system to computer science for development of the generator timetable would bring about improvement in the management in terms of time and resources involved.



The scope of this project work is on “Automation Lecture Time Table to Generator”.

          The software designed allows courses Offered (Registered) in each semesters to be enter in the system for each levels (e.g. ND1, ND2, HND1, HND2) after which it is the software designed for this project work will generate the Lecture Timetable automatically and displays it on the Screen to be printed out immediately the Database Administrator click on the command button named Generate Timetable

However, this project work will be limited to courses offered by students in School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS).



LECTURE: A spoken lesson or exposition usually delivered to a group.

LECTURER: A person who gives lecture, especially a professor.

TIMESLOT: A conventional defined time interval in a schedule

TIMETABLE: A structured schedule of events with the times at which they occur especially times of arrivals and departures.

SCHEDULE: A timetable or other time-based plan of events; a plan of what is to occur and at what time.

DATABASE: A collection of usually organized information in a regular structure, usually but not necessarily in a machine-readable format accessible by a computer.



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