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The research work was carried out on determining new ways of handling difficult boss for effective working relationship. To achieve the aim of the study, questionnaire and review of related literature were employed as research tools. Data was analysed using the four-likert scale and mean score. A mean score of 3.00 and above was accepted as significant while mean score less than 3.00 was accepted as not significant.

The population was made up of 30 secretaries working in the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri which was also used as the sample to reduce sampling bias. The result of the analyses showed the role to be be played by the secretary and the benefits derived by enhancing an effective working relationship.


TITLE PAGE                                                                                  1

APPROVAL                                                                                   11

CERTIFICATION                                                                          111

DEDICATION                                                                                 IV

ACKNOLWEDGMENT                                                                    V

ABSTRACT                                                                                      VI

TABLE OF CONTENT                                                                     VII-IX



Background of the Study                                                               I

Statement of the Study                                                               5-7

Objective/ purpose of the Study                                                  7

Research questions                                                                         8

Significance of the study                                                                9

Scope of the study                                                                           10



Definition and concept of difficult bosses                                  11

Classes of difficult bosses                                                              12 – 15

Effect of difficult bosses on secretary’s Productivity

and work relationship                                                                    16 – 18

Method of handling difficult bosses                                             18 – 36

Benefits of understanding bosses                                                 36 – 39



Design of the study                                                                               40

Area of the study                                                                                   40

Population of the study                                                                        40

Method of data collection                                                                    41

Instrument for data collection                                                             41 – 42

Method of data analysis                                                                        43

Decision Rule                                                                                          43



Research question 1         Role to be played                                   44-46

Research question 2          Understanding the boss                      46 – 47

Research question 3           Apologies and acceptance                  47 – 49

Research question 4           Time management                               49 – 50

Research question 5            Business and personal

Attribute                                              50 – 52

Discussion of Findings                                                                         53 – 59





Restatement of the problem                                                      60 – 62

Summary of findings                                                                     62

Conclusions                                                                                      63 – 64

Recommendations                                                                          65

Suggestions for further Research                                                  66

REFERENCES                                                                                       67 – 68

APPENDIX  (A,B,)                                                                              69 – 75



Background of the study

Individual who work in offices or who are employed want to be happy with their and those around them. Happiness can only come when they are able to do their work very well as is expected of them. Often times, people complain of their boss and how they would want to have a better one. Objectively, these individual has failed to assess themselves in terms of dealing with the boss. Handling a difficult boss my be a tedious task but whose sole responsibility is it to handle her boo?

Secretary-ship entails administration and business management; precisely on the office aspect of management or management of the office. Secretaries are not managers on their own but are managers of their boss or executives to whom they are attached. This therefore involves a high level of responsibility, application of knowledge and skill to function and relate effectively as an executive assistant.

In this dispensation, the importance of the secretary developing new ways of handling difficult bosses for effective working relationship cannot be over-emphasized. This is because it is worthy of note that a Chief executive cannot function properly and effectively without the aid of the executive assistant. Reasons are that these two personalities functions co-relatively to achieve organizational aim. This can only be actualized of there is existence of a cordial working relationship which will bring about effectiveness. The relationship between the boss and her secretary could be seen as a mutual bond for the actualization of a harmonious working relationship.

As a boss his managerial responsibility or function revolves around his ability to get people perform their task, ensuring policy implementation etc., in accordance to his time schedule and toward enhancing work effectiveness. But he cannot do this without accurate and up to data information kept by his secretary. Therefore for this to be achieved in any organization or firm their must be an enabling environment to bring about this close and cordial relationship between them for work effectiveness.

This will also create a ling-free communication flow amongst them. Communication, According to Ohakwe (2005) refers to the passing of information between a person and another. Hence, it can be developed by the secretary if she or he considers that understanding her boss will go a long way in enhancing a cordial relationship.

For a secretary to have an effective working relationship with her boss not minding how difficult he may tend to be, she must possess certain personal and business Attributes and skills, which the business environment requires for effectiveness and worthwhile-ness. Such as; being pleasantly spoken, Tactful, high degree of responsibility, imagination and initiative, disciplined and self-controlled, photogenic reasonable intelligence and commonsense, dedicated, loyal and conscientious, a good sense of humour, ability to organize the office, trustworthy, honest and truthful, ability to work under pressure etc. to mention but a few.

This is necessary because she acts as a gate keeper, the image-maker and the first person visitors to offices meet. Considering the fact that her personal or psychological disposition can make or mar the image and standing of the organization.

Secondly, a secretary who posses a high level of human relations skill will also stands the chances of developing a working relationship with her boss. Certainly, because every boss wants a secretary who understands his likes and dislikes, a secretary to rely on, who can be taken into confidence as regards to office work and other personal secrets. On the other hand where these qualities are lacking and their relationship formed on a negative aspect, it will obviously affect their working relationship and effectiveness will not be achieved thereby causing lack of motivation, job dissatisfaction etc.

Thirdly, a secretary who is conscious of her personal values such as sharp dressing (dressing modestly and not too expensive etc.) will stand to produce an effective working relationship. Nevertheless a secretary with a courteous behavior will find it easy to deal with her boss.

Consequently, in the cause of this study further reference will be made on how the secretary can effectively work with her boss and develop an effective working relationship.

Conclusively, for a secretary to handle or manage her boss, it is necessary to put into consideration understanding the boss etc. as a base for creating an enabling environment to know more about him and which in turn will increase their relationship a to work and an enjoyable work environment developed.

Statement of the Study

In this political era, it will be more objective to note that some bosses tend to be difficult than the others. Often times questions that arise in the mind of most secretaries has been; are their actually difficult bosses; what makes them difficult; in what aspect or categories do they manifest, what are the possible ways of handling these difficult bosses?

The reasons why most of these questions have not been answered by the secretary up to date is because they have failed to objectively carryout their primary assignment as being the ‘’office wife’’ that is the role of being a helper, confidant, comforter, organizer and above all understanding who the boss is, his likes and dislike. Subsequently, Research has concurred with the fact that most of the problems encountered by the secretary in carrying out her day to day activity are caused by the secretary herself.

This is basically true because the secretary has not considered it appropriate to know with whom she spends her working hours. Naturally, individuals pose to be difficult and most bosses ten to be more difficult when found that the secretary lack work ethics and even makes it more compounding when or if she lacks business and personal attributes, which are the bases for an effective working relationship.

Time management has also been found as one of the problems encountered by secretary in their day to day activities as research also has it that most secretaries engage their working hours with gossips and irrelevant discussions that will not aid productivity and effectiveness. The aforementioned are stipulated bases for an effective working relationship and its lack is the problems.

Strategically, this work is geared towards answering these questions and to offer possible solutions to these questions.

Purpose of the Study

Generally, the study is designed towards determining new ways of handling difficult bosses for effective working relationship in a political era. Specifically; the purpose of the study is as follows:

  1. To ascertain how the secretary can develop an effective working relationship.
  2. To find out how understanding her boss can improve their working relationship.
  3. To find out if appropriate time management can produce an effective working relationship.
  4. To know how possession or acquiring business and personal attributes can enhance their working relationship.

Research questions

The following  research question will guide the study:

  1. How can the secretary develop an effective working relationship with her difficult boss?
  2. How can understanding the boss promote an effective working relationship?
  3. How can time management enhance an effective working relationship?
  4. What business and personal Attributes must the secretary possess to enhance an effective working relationship?

Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is to enable student secretaries to know the possible ways of handling difficult boss and developing an effective working relationship towards achieving their organizational goal.

This study therefore will be beneficial to the curriculum planners and school management to organize a curriculum in such a way that the skills relevant in handling difficult bosses will be included.

This study will also enable institutions of higher learning and the educational system to engage on training for future secretaries and chief executive to enrich their study towards producing effective working relationship between themselves since it is inevitable for the chief executive to function effectively without the executive assistant.

The study will also aid lectures to know what to focus on while lecturing the student secretaries and preparing  her towards the outside world. It will also go a long way in educating employers and employees on the qualities and skills expected of a secretary.

Furthermore, it will enable professional bodies and professional secretaries to know the relevance of possessing those skills to function effectively with their boss and the extent to which a cordial relationship can enhance their working relationship.


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