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Title page                                                                                                                       i

Certification                                                                                                                  ii

Dedication                                                                                                                     iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                       iv

Abstract                                                                                                                     v

Table of contents                                                                                                       vii



1.0.      Introduction.

1.1       Statement of Research problem.

1.2       Objectives of the study.                                                                                                      1.3             Research Questions.

1.4       Research Hypothesis.

1.5       Significant of the study.

1.6       Scope and limitation of the study.

1.7       Organization of the study.

1.8       Definitions of terms.



2.0       Introduction                                                             

2.1       The definition of corporate social responsibility

2.2       Conceptual frameworks.

2.3       Theoretical framework.                                           v

2.4       Empirical framework


RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                                                    

3.0       Research methodology

3.1       Area of study

3.2       Method of data collection

3.3       Sample size

3.4       Instrument used for data collection

3.5       Method of data analysis



4.0       Introductions.

4.1       Distribution and collection of questionnaire

4.2       Testing of Hypothesis                                                                                                                                                                                   



 5.0      Introduction.                                                                                                

5.1       Summary of the findings.

5.2       Recommendation.

5.3       Conclusion.

Appendix II.


Questionnaire.                                                          vi


This research paper aims at proving the importance of CSR for the enhancement of the performance of the organizations. VIJU industry Nigeria limited has been our focus on this research. The CSR (independent variable) has been analyzed by two indicators and Organizational Performance (dependent variable) has been analyzed by another two. Both primary as well as secondary data has been used and for the analysis descriptive, regression and correlation methods have been adopted. The findings depict a highly positive correlation between ROA and turnover out of all while the standard deviation for turnover is also abnormal. Regression results are not significant and appear to be rejecting the proposed model. Also at the end some recommendations have been made that highlight the importance of CSR for the betterment of the performance of the organizations.

The overall study is a guiding force for the managers and a helpful tool for future researchers


CSR, Organizational Performance, Stakeholder Perspective.






1.0       Background To The Study

Organization exists for a variety of purposes; some produces goods for local and overseas consumption while others provide necessary services for profit or community welfare. In pursuit of its objectives every organization relies on availability and effectiveness of several kinds of resources, divided into finance, technology, machine and human regardless of the particular resources with high emphasis in an industry. Human resources remain the key ingredient for organizational success.

The need to be socially responsible was identified because of the realization of the fact that firms do not exist in vacuum but rather in an environment which has its norms culture and ethics and even provides resourceful material that the firm required for its operation. The goodwill, good-accomplishment and pursue is the way the society goes along with other factor’s to determine the success of an organization. It is for this reason that modern businesses strive and maintain equitable and working balances among the various groups such as consumers, suppliers, employers, competitors, society, share holders, government, creditor and companies.

Although the concept of CSR has been developing since the early 1970s, yet there is no single, common accepted definition of CSR. The corporate social responsibility to put in a plain word or language is the doctrine of the social responsibility in industry is a managerial ideology. It has the duty to the society and as whole part from its shareholder who may also belong to the society and the early 1900, the mission of organization from the beginning was excusing economic that is maximized the shareholder’s wealth but later, organization realized that the pursuance of this objectives alone could lead to the term maximization its operate.

CRS is the continuing commitment by business to have ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the worlds force and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Social responsibility according to Laitans and Hodgets (1976) is said to be the obligation of the business organization to pursue those policies to make decision or to follow those lives of action which are desirable in terms of objectives and value of the society.

Andrew (1977) describes society responsibility when restrain individuals or corporate behaviour from ultimately destructive activities not matter how immediately profitable and leads in the direction of the positive contribution to human betterment.

The definition most frequently used was first developed by Archie B. Carrou in the late 1970s. The definition has four parts; economic ethical, legal and philanthropic. There have been several definitions CSR although there is a consensus that it implies a demonstration of certain responsible behaviour on the part of the government and the business sector towards society and the amount.

“CSR” is defined as operating a business in a manner that meet or exceeds the ethical, legal commercial and public expectation that society has of business.

It can also be viewed as a comprehensive set of policies, practices and programs that are integrated throughout business operation and decision making processes that are supported and rewarded by top management.




A viable economy is the one in which all the components sectors are functionary related. Therefore the overall of the organization must be seen to be socially responsible in the Nigerian economy.

However, since the commencement of corporation Responsibility, the industry has been faced with numerous endogenous and exogenous problems. Based on these problems most of the organization in Nigeria becomes insolvent and not capable in carrying out business and also not capable to be socially responsible and the society. The persisting of these problems has led organization have general billet that the plethora of problems these bodies are expected and sure in the industry and left unresolved, especially the issue of organization been socially responsible to their shareholders and efficiency, more specifically why organization are not yielding the desired result in terms of arching their set goals and objectives necessitating their establishment. Are these organizations justifiable when one views the level of infrastructure available for operation and uncertainty business policy that pervade the Nigeria society? And the following issue will also be addressed in this research.

  • To whom should organization be socially responsible?
  • How far have business organization been socially responsible particularly in the Nigeria society?
  • Why is socially responsibility considered as a waste, a drain on business resources by some organization?
  • The community’s view of organization social responsibility to its host common and the society at large.



The main objective of this study is analyzed corporate social responsibility and its effect on organizational survival. Other objectives are

  • To determine the impact of CSR on the performance of an organization
  • To analyze the relationship between CSR and organizational profitability
  • To examine the relationship between CSR and organizational productivity.


In other to achieve the objective of this research study, the research study attempt to provide answers to the following research questions.

  • Is there any relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational performance?
  • Is there any correlation between corporate social responsibility and organizational performance?
  • is there any relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational productivity
  • Does CSR has effect on organizational profitability?


Hypothesis can be defined as assumption or declaration statement of assertion when the research work wishes to indicate the expectation of cause effect relationship. It will allow the research work to be founded as well as providing on definition direction.

However, the hypothesis will provide a sound justification of the research work considering the need for significant to the study. The hypothesis include –


Hypothesis 1

H0: there is no relationship between social responsibility and organizational performance.

H1 : there is  relationship between social responsibility and organizational performance.

Hypothesis 2

H0: There is no relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational productivity

H1: There is relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational productivity

Hypothesis 3

H0: CSR has no effect on organizational profitability

H1: CSR has effect on organizational profitability



This study on social responsibility is significant to organization in particular and the society in general.

The industries would benefit by knowing the different areas where they can be socially responsible, measure their impact on the society, responsible, be able to contest the opportunity thus improving their corporate image and on the long run make more profit.

The society would benefit from the activity of this organization by eradicating or resolving the social problem in the society thereby free the government from such undertaking and allow for the other vital functions to be performed by the government.




The study of society responsibilities is comparatively wide, as quite a number of authors have written on the subject. This study is designed in such a manner that it shall be descriptively explore necessary literatures and other studies in the area of social responsibility involving manufacturing industries as a case study.

Therefore the scope of this study is limited to social responsibility in organizing using Doyin Groups as a case study.


Stakeholder: This means group of people who have long standing relationship with an institution these include creditors, suppliers, competitors, customers and government.

Organization It can be defined or seen as any structure system of rules and functional relationship designed to carry out a firm’s process. It is a formal and non-formal process whereby resources either to meet organizational goals or objective.

Image: This means the intangible possession that enable business to continue earning profit in excess of the normal or basic rate of profit earned by other business of similar type.

Profit Maximization: This is one of the main objectives of most business organization in the manufacturing industries in Nigeria of today.

Also is a process whereby an organization makes sure that it’s utilized all the available resources in order to give or achieve maximum profit. It has become the custom of the organization to maximize profit at all case without taking stakeholder into consideration they are only after making profit in order to increase the shareholders wealth.

C.S.R (corporate social responsibility): Is defined as operating a business in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectation that society has of business. It is seen by leadership companies as more than a collection of discrete practice or occasional gestures of initiatives motivated by marketing, public relation or other business benefits.



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