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This research work is conducted to determine the effect of decision making process in a business organization’s performance. Questionnaire was used to examine the necessary information needed fro the research and the simple percentage was used to analyzed the data collected. After analyzing the data collected, it was observed that decision making plays a major role in the development and growth organization. From the findings, the following recommendations were made. Business organizations should as a matter of urgency install computers in each department   for processing of information and data necessary for decision making. Department managers should devise a means of getting workers opinion on issues concerning their department before reading a decision. A programme for decision making training should be formulated to abreast of the modern innovations in decision making.



Title Page                                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                                ii

Dedication                                                                                                  iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                      iv

Abstract                                                                                                      v

Table of content                                                                                          vi


  • Background of the study                                                           1
  • Statement of the problem 2
  • Research questions 3
  • Research hypothesis 4
  • Significance of the study 5
  • Limitation of the study 5
  • Definition of terms 5


2.1 Definition of decision making                                                               7

2.2 Types of Decision                                                                                 8

2.3 Decision Situations                                                                               10

2.4 Decision making Techniques                                                                12

2.5 Decision making through Operation Research                                     17

2.6 Decision making Process                                                                      22

2.7 Improving the Effectiveness of Decision                                              30

2.8 General Implication of Decision                                                  32


3.1 Research Design                                                                                   34

3.2 Population of the study                                                                        34

3.3 Sampling Procedure                                                                             35

3.4 Method of Data Analysis                                                                     36


4.1 Presentations of Data                                                                           37

4.2 Data Analysis                                                                                       39


5.1 Summary                                                                                              48

5.2 Conclusion                                                                                           49

5.3 Recommendation                                                                                  50

Reference                                                                                              51

Appendix I                                                                                            52

Appendix II                                                                                           54



Decision making whether in private life, clubs, government, military, educational institutions or in business organization have the same essential functions. It primarily a tool for problem solving.

It is daily phenomenon, which every rational human being cannot avoid. Decision making could involve such simple and uncomplicated issued ad deciding on what to take for breakfast or selecting and outfit to wear to a dinner party. It could also involve complex and strategic issues such as an entrepreneur deciding on when and how to carry out attack.

However, whatever issue is involved there is one central point which cannot be ignored which is the existence of various alternatives relevant to the problem from which the decision maker must choose on i.e. the best among all the alternatives. This choice demands a conscious and deliberate effort on the part of the decision maker.

Traditionally, people rely on judgment and intuition in making decisions. In the modern context as a result of advancement in technology, science and business development, a systematic and consistent way of making optimal decision has been developed. This is a complex process of decision making which makes use of highly qualitative tools such as mathematical model, computer, etc. the use of  judgment and intuition is still relevant in the modern context in the they serve as compliment to the scientific approach.

Decision making is so important in our daily lives that adoption liaise-fare attitude in the formulation could result to a grave consequence. Governments are known to have fallen because of wrong decisions. Also another wise business unit could be crippled into bankruptcy because of wrong decisions. Therefore, for any individual, corporate body or government to function well, sound decision is imperative.


    Making decisions demand recognizing the basic fact that a situation exits which calls for a change. This change when infected in bound to affect others. In other words, decision making affect group objectives. This is why people tend to resist new decisions especially in a business organization. This is so because workers have various objectives, which narrows the workers\organizational objectives.

These is no better way to do this than to follow a logical sequence of making decision, making use of all available modern techniques in gathering and analyzing information. The benefit of doing this is to outstrip the cost in terms of both medium and long-range benefits accruing.

  1. How does decision making affect the operation of Guinness Nigeria PLC, Benin City.
  2. How do workers react to decision by the management?
  3. What role has decisions making played in motivation of the workers?
  4. How are decision made in Guinness Nigeria PLC, Benin City? Are they democratic or autocratic?


The following are the questions gotten from the study of the project work:

  1. Does decision making process in business organization affect workers performance?
  2. How can the workers access the quality of decision making in the organization?
  3. Does decision making affect the operation of the organization?
  4. Does the organization inform the employees before taking routine decisions?

This research is motivated by the desire to move the validity of some basic assumption on the effect of decision making process in business organization such hypothesis formulated includes:

  1. HO: hat there is no significant relationship between organizations’s objective and decision making. The researcher would as from time refer to the mathematical models. Actual mathematical calculation would be indulged into this topic. The researcher would examine the following concept.
  2. The meaning of decision making
  3. Type of decision
  4. Decision
  5. Decision making process
  6. Improvement of decision making process

Though there are many organizations in Nigeria, the researcher choose to limit this study of Guinness PLC, Benin City.


The significance of this study is to serve as a guide to business organization on how to make useful and worthwhile decisions by exposing them to the various methods and processes involved. This work is equally of value to the casual readers who are interested in providing more about the concept of decision making.

It is hope that this study will make concrete recommendations on the decision making process in business organization.


    There were series of problem or obstacle to this study in the course of carrying out his research. Many of the questionnaires administered were not returned. There where  also difficulty in scouting for books that is relevant to the topic.


DECISION: A decision is the selection of alternative course of action from available alternatives

DECISION MAKING: This is the process of identifying and selecting a course of action to solve a specific problem.

ORGANIZATION: An organization is a group of people bound together to provide unity of action for the achievement of a predetermined objective.

BUSINESS: A business is any legal activity with sole aim of providing goods or services for the satisfaction of consumers at a profit.

PROCESS: This is connected series of actions.

MANAGEMENT: Those concerned in managing an industry, enterprises, etc.

STRATEGIC DECISION: These are decisions which are concerned with external rather than internal problems of the firm.





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