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This project examines the effect of sales promotion on the consumption of soft drinks. The study revealed the importance of sales promotional activities. The work also examines the importance and use of sales promotion. Information were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The former involved the use of questionnaire and personal interview while the letter involved consulting printed materials such as test-books, journal etc. from the analysis of the collected data, it was revealed that sales promotion increased the sales of the company’s product. It was therefore recommended that it would be cost effective if the company improve on its products and sales promotion.

Table of Content

Title Page





Table of Content

Chapter One

  • Introduction
    • Background of the Study
    • Statement of problem
    • Objectives of Study
    • Research Question/Hypothesis
    • Significance of Study
    • Scope/Delimitation of Study
    • Operational Definitions of Terms

Chapter Two

  • Review of Related Literature
    • Meaning of Sales Promotion
    • Objectives of Sales Promotion
    • Importance of Sales Promotion
    • Problems of Sales Promotion
    • Planning Sales Promotion
    • Measuring and Distribution Activities in Coca-Cola Bottling Company
    • Promotional Activities in Nigeria Bottling Company


Chapter Three

  • Research Methodology
    • Research Design
    • Population of study
    • Sample/Sampling Procedure
    • Sources of Data Collection
    • Validation of Instrument Used
    • Method of Data Analysis
    • Cut-off Point/Decision Rule

Chapter Four

  • Data Presentation and Interpretation
    • Presentation of Data
    • Analysis of Data
    • Test of Hypothesis
    • Discussion of Findings

Chapter Five

  • Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation
    • Limitations of Study
    • Summary of Findings
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendations
    • Area for Further Study



Chapter One

  • Introduction
    • Background of the Study

Advertising has a long fascinating history and has a major impact on our culture. Advertising has entertained move and motivated consumers for more than a century, and many of the images created by advertisers have become cultural icon – Ronald McDonald, the  Maviboro man, Bunny, to name just a few. Much  has been written about the history of advertising and how it reflects society and its whole range of activities.

However, sales promotion  also have a very rich and interesting history; marketers have developed and used a variety of techniques over the past century to give consumers on extra  incentive to use their products and services. Many of the sales promotion offers that motivate consumers today and have become part of their everyday lives have been around for nearly a century or more.

The success of sales promotion has had a major impact on consumers throughout the years and also has resulted in similar programs being developed by competitors. Such promotions show that advertising is not the only integrated marketing communication tool with a rich and interesting history, but sales promotion and other promo tools are still very vital means to boost the revenue of any given establishment.


  • Statement of Problem

Apart from the problem of recognition, sales promotion is the most recent promotion in strategy use by many establishment to boost and increase the market share of many enterprises. There is the dearth of sufficient information, technical knowledge as well as literature.

Sales promotion campaign need to be just and fair in extension to enable the right audience to benefit from the programme.

However, communication, finance and transportation facilitates are hardily adequate to support the programme especially at sell of time.

In Nigeria, the necessary conditions for effective sales promotion hardily exist.

This give rise to the following questions.

  1. Does sales promotion adequately result in high sales volumes?
  2. Does sales promotion motivate consumer to consume more bottles of Coca-Cola?
  • Is use of sales promotion signatures?


  • Objectives of Study

This research work is carried out in order to achieve the following:

  • To know the cost effectiveness of sales promotion consumption of soft drinks.
  • To know how consumers view sales promotion in line with other promo tools in the area of trial and adoption of Coca-Cola as a soft drink.
  • To know the necessary factors to be considered before and after the application of sales promotion on the consumption of soft drink.
  • To know how sales promotion strategies can help a company to retain and gain more prospects to the company.
  • To know the consequence of not applying sales promotion strategies in Coca-Cola company.
  • To know the right level by which sales promotion strategies can be used in product life cycle.


  • Research Question/Hypothesis Statement

The following hypotheses should direct the thrust of the study.

Hypothesis I

HO:   Sales promotion does not result in high sales volume.

HI:    Sales promotion result in high sales volume

Hypothesis II

HO:   Sales promotion does to motivate consumers to consume more bottling of mineral drinks.

HI:    Sales promotion motivate consumers to consume  more bottles of minerals drinks.


  • Significance of Study

This study will help also to highlight the extent to which the objectives of the organization are achieved through the use of sales promotion activities.

Secondly the study will help to identify  whether sales promotion programmes are beneficial or not and to what extent.

Thirdly, the student will serve as a source of information to any person who may consult it. The study will furnish him or her with information on the effective application of the promotional activities in achieving organizational goals.

The  study will help to ascertain the relevance of economic condition on sales promotional activities.

  • Scope/Delimitation of Study

The scope of the work is limited to effect of sales promotion on the consumption of soft drinks. In the light of this techniques and principles of strategic management would be looked into to enhance the achievement of this aims and objectives.


  • Operational Definition of Terms

Advertising: It  is any paid form of  non-presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Sales Promotion: These are marketing activities other than advertising, personal selling and publicity that are designed to stimulate consumers purchasing and dealer effectiveness  such as demonstration, context premium, discount and other various non-current selling effort.

Marketing: Is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others.

Brand: This is a name, terms symbols or designed or a combination of them to identifying goods or services and to differentiate them from those of the competitors.

Sample: Is a part of the population of a subset from the set of unit which is provided by some process.

Psychology: This is the study of individual which enable us understand consumption needs, action, reaction and response of individual to different product.

Preference: It means a great interest in or desire.

Perfect Competition: It is a situation in which there are many buyers  and many sellers in which no single seller can influence the ruling price in the market.

Consumption: This is the act of buying and using products.

Demography: This is a study of human population and its distribution.


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