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The purpose of this research work is to examine and highlight deeply, the effect of recruitment selection placement on organizational effectiveness. (a study NBC, Enugu). After formal information to this study, a review of some related literature was undertaken to bring the topic into focus. Data for this work were collected from two mai9n sources namely the primary and secondary sources. Primary sources includes oral interview and questionnaire while the secondary sources include esternal books, journals and unpublished articles. A statistical formular called Yaro Yamaine formula was employed to determine the sample study and chi-square test was employed to test the hypothesis. Data collected from the respondent were presented and analysed using simple percentage method. Based on the date analyzed, the researcher found out that there is a significant effect of recruitment selection placement on organizational effectiveness from the findings the researcher recommends NBC plc should take employment process seriously to avoid skill gap, skill mismatch and job dissatisfaction which in turn reduces chances of the company achieving its objectives and progressing in a successful operation existence.






TITLE                                                                                  i

APPROVAL                                                                        ii

DEDICATION                                                                     iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                   iv

ABSTRACT                                                                         v

TABLE OF CONTENT                                                       vi-vii


1.0     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY                       1

1.1     STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM                      6

1.2     PURPOSE OF THE STUDY                                 8

1.3     RESEARCH QUESTIONS                                             10

1.5     SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY                       10

1.6     SCOPE OF THE STUDY                                               10

1.8     DEFINITION OF TERMS                                              12





2.0     INTRODUCTION                                                13

2.2     RECRUITMENT                                                           13

2.3     SELECTION                                                                 14

2.4     PLACEMENT                                                               15

2.5     RECRUITMENT METHED                                           17

2.6     THE SELECTION PROCESS                               19





3.1     DESIGN OF THE STUDY                                             75

3.2     AREA OF THE STUDY                                       75

3.3     POPULATION OF THE STUDY                                   75

3.4     SAMPLE SIZE/SAMPLING TECHNIQUES                  75




3.8     METHOD OF DATA ANALYSIS                                  78



4.0     DATA PRESENTATION                                               79

4.1     ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH QUESTIONS                    79

4.2     INTERPRETATION OF RESULT                                 82



5.1     SUMMARY OF FINDINGS                                          84

5.2     CONCLUSION                                                              84

5.3     RECOMMENDATIONS                                      85

REFERENCES                                                                      87

APPENDICES                                                                        89










The effectiveness of an organisation is a function of high intelligent decision, policies and manpower planning. It demands dexterity in selection process of employees in an organization to achieve effectiveness. Selection in this study includes the exclusive activities of recruitment, selection and placement.

The proper application of recruitment, selection and placement policies and organisation has been a major concern of most personnel managers.

Where any of the above mentioned procedures are not properly carried out in an organization. It affects its effectiveness negatively? The effect of recruitment, selection and placement of employees on labour turnover and productivity of employee cannot be over emphasized. This is true because, organization that acquire good quality employee will successfully achieve its objectives, its objective will be accomplished if the right caliber of employee are recruited, selected and successfully placed.

One of the test of an efficient personnel department is its ability of fill job position promptly and adequately. This means that the department must know the sources of different types of applicant for the job position that has to fill.

Recruit and selection alone are vital element commonly used in the process of employment. After recruitment and selection has taken place. The paternal job holder may either be sent on training or not depending on the training needed and of course the feasibility of training before being placed.

It is expected that recruitment, selection and placement are associated with some positive and negative effects on employees productivity. Under recruitment the internal source which is one of the most useful, though often neglected source of manpower recruitment policy is based on utilizing present personnel through transfer, promotion, recalls from lay off or retirement. This as a matter of fact, reduce the cost of spending in developing sources of applicants e.g. advertising in newspapers, radio and television e.t.c. This source is known to be very reliable, since it is dealing with employees whose ability is already known enhance employees productivity and reduce level of turnover.

There are also some disadvantages in over reliance on internal sources. It may act as a shelter to project inefficient employees from active competitive superior employees from outside the organization. In the contrast recruitment from out may help to reduce the inbreeding often associated with internal sources.

The external source deals with people who are current employee of another company. The people that fall under this category and under employed, unemployed person, newly qualified applicant and dissatisfied workers.

These experienced outside employee will act like a new brooms and they sweep clean. They bring in enthusiasm and new ideas to the organisation. When recruited, selected and placed in the right position. Selection is to match applicant with job opening. It is important to have thorough knowledge of the position to be filled coupled with the skills, abilities, aptitude and other abilities of the applicant that will be necessary for success in the position as to avoid problems associated with selection exercise i.e a false positive error, a false negative error, selection exercise reduce cost as it reduces turnover rate and employee dissatisfaction.

As quoted by cc Nwachukwu 1988, that placing an employee in a job he I not qualified to do, robs him of his intrinsic satisfaction and make him doubt his ability and becomes a threat to himself and the entire organization.

Therefore, as personnel managers, greater care should be taken in those employment procedures and policies by adhering to manpower or fulman are source requirement of various department and eliminating bias, favouritism and increase organization effectiveness in terms of output.

About NBC:

NBC operates the Enugu plant since 1975 and is located in the capital city of Enugu plant is responsible for the production of coca-cola, Fanta, sprite and Schweppes  and distribution of all product categories.

The vast majority of beveerages produced in the local bottling plant starts with syrup, concentrate or beverage base to create finished product which are packaged in PET or glass bottles, cans and cartons.

Customers and consumers expect the beverages to be of consistently high quality. The company aims to meet and exceed their expectations. This commitment is underpinned by the international standard 150 9001 and 150 22000 as well as by its own quality and food safety policy and the global standards of the coca-cola company.

The Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd (NBC) monitors production processes closely and has sophisticated control equipment and testing programmes for Key Stage of the process. Electronic bottle inspection equipment in all refillable bottling lines is installed which can identify even the trimmest irregularity in the beverage.


It is very essential to take a closer look at policies that have effects on recruitment, selection an placement in an organization as an issue enhancing or militating against manpower planning process, as it relates to personnel department of an organization as good and intelligent decision of the personnel manager in choosing the right person, into the right position at the right time, brings emergence of high productivity of employees and reduces turnover. The effect of this process on workers’ productivity and level of turnover is of concern to the researcher, hence the study to find out the effect of selection process on employees productivity and level of technology that can totally substitute manpower. Manpower must contribute conceptually and physically in way or the other at the stages, in collaboration with machinery to achieve a good objective or an expected output. A host of personnel managers include in their policies cost of employess.

Actually, this positive match must reflect in the performance of the 8 employee. Then the main question is, can the effect of recruitment, selection and placement affect the level of employees productivity.


The purpose of this study includes the following:

  1. To know the effect of recruitment selection and placement on employees productivity.
  2. To discover how the selection process affects employees turnover.
  3. To discover most policies that pose problem in the operation of the employment process.
  4. To establish the need for proper selection of employees in the right position at the right time.


This study is intended to throw more light on the controversial issue of whether the effects of recruitment, selection and placement can influence the employees job productivity and the rate at which they quit their jobs.  These effects can be deduced from knowing the various policies on recruitment evaluation of recruitment problems associated with  selection exercise, selection process, steps in selection process and proper placement.

This study will also help managers, scholars and the like to add to their existing knowledge, moreover this study will help us to be conversant with personal related policies. This is true because there are no devices to disclose the traits of employee but to achieve or predict success in personal department we can only use our accumulated knowledge based on the study of the effects of recruitment, selection and placement to attain our targeted objectives. Therefore, this study will help in developing the intellectual power of the research and as well add more personal knowledge to the existing one. It will also enlighten any reader of this work and will aid the readers  understand how the effects of recruitment, selection and placement influences the productivity of  employees and their level of turnover.




  1. Does the selection process have any effect on employees’ productivity?
  2. Does these process affect employees’ level of turnover?
  3. What are the challenges faced by personal managers in the operations of the employment process.
  4. Is there any need for proper selection and placing of employees in the right position at the right time?


The issue of attracting enough pool of qualified applicants selecting the best of the best amongst them and fitting them to job consistent with their knowledge, skills and experience has always been a big challenge to organization as the process is carried haphazardly, thereby leading to skills gap and skills mis match, which affects employees morale and job satisfaction, thereby reducing their level of production and ultimately motivate them to leave their jobs.

This study will cover such areas as the importance of a good personnel/ human capital department in an organization who will address the problem stated above.

This study will  cover other areas of importance of good recruitment, selection and placement process.

On the other hand, this study will be limited to the management and subordinate staffs of Nigerian bottling company, Enugu, as the researcher only focuses on the firm as case study which will represent  all other organizations. The research work will reveal how Nigerian bottling company limited Enugu, view employment process as an important part  of an organization’s managerial process.

The study will discover and reveal NBC’s policies in employment related activities and also submit recommendations on how the company better their recruitment  selection and placement process and eventually improve the organization’s effectiveness.


RECRUITMENT: This is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for job in the organization.

SELECTION: This is a process designed to scrutinized those who have applied and choose who best fit the post so advertised.

PLACEMENT: This involves matching accurately the right applicant to the right job (in other word, putting a square peg in a square hole).

ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: This measures the degree to which the goals and objectives of the organization are achieved. That means effectiveness could be measured to a certain degree to which the means achieved the end.


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