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The word communication was originated from a latin word “Communes” which means something common. Therefore, when we communicate, we are indeed trying to establish commonness of thoughts or feelings with other individuals. In other words, communication is a process of sharing ideas, words and attitudes, with someone. It is a basic human need. As human being, we need somebody to help us, talk to us, and hear us. One of the renowned Greek Philosopher has said that a man who says that he does not need anybody is either god a beast. The phenomenon of communication is the natural desire of human being to express his/her feelings and ideas to others. The basic purpose of communication is to inform, educate and entertain people. Different scholars have defined communication differently. However, some of the acceptable definitions are:

According to Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, “Communication has been defined as the activity or process of expressing ideas and feeling or of giving people information.

According to G.G. Brown “Communication is transfer of information from one person to another, whether or not it elicits confidence. But the information must be understandable the receiver.

According to Fred G. Meyer “Communication is the intercourse by words, letters or messages”.

Egwuchukwu I. (2005) defined Communication as the act or process of transferring / transmitting information such as ideas, attitudes, emotions or objective behavior between individuals through a common system of signs, symbols or behavior.

According to Egwuchukwu .I. (2005) Communication has played and is still playing an active role in a family productive circle. Every family based their efficiency and their effectiveness on good communication.

In Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Communication has served as a tool for moderating conflict. The only single and most significant way of setting conflict among is solely through communication. Communication has helped a lot in settlement of dispute in any social institution. Yet every human endeavored to be communicated in one way or the other because it has been said that if one is not informed, he is deformed and if he is deformed, he cannot perform. Therefore, in all ramification of human endeavor communication is indispensible and no family can thrive without effective communication.

In relating this to the topic of this study, communication is one of the most essential factors that every family must learn how to manage in order to be productive towards their home management for crisis and problems in any family cannot be resolved without the process of improving good effective communication.

More so, lack of good communication helps in increasing disputes and crises in most families. Whereas good communication channel will go a long way in moderating family disputes.





Communication as management activities is an extremely important skill to be mastered by every administration in order to provide the relevant information for human understanding for the attainment of family goals.

In order to achieve a purpose or set target, there is a need for effective communication so as to facilitate the family in attaining their goals. But surprisingly, some factors have served as a barrier hindering effective communication in and outside the family. The problem encountered by most fathers is complexity of the message, language hasty conclusion and if the problems are not given proper attention, it will lead to total set back to the family in achieving their goals.

The researcher therefore seeks to find out on how communication can be used as a tool for moderating conflict in the family.




The broad purpose of the study was to find out effective communication as a tools for moderating conflict in the family, specifically the study intend to;

  1. To evaluate communication as a tools for settling conflict in the family.
  2. To know the best type of communication to be used.
  3. The importance of communication in conflict moderation.
  4. Problems facing communication in conflict resolution.


The study will be of immense important in moderating conflict and improve the practice of communication. It will also help organization in knowing the various channels through which information could be communicated to the family members.

Also, to identify the problems or causes of communication breakdown and possible solutions. Also it will be good reference source to student of Home and Rural Economics and future researcher on the similar topics or related topics.

Also, it will go a long way in enreaching mothers of different homes to organize and solve their family problems in various ways.


This scope is centered in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State. The researcher tried to cover the whole Idemili North Local Government Area but later succeeded in reaching half problem of Idemili people at random.


  1. How to evaluate communication as a tool for conflict moderation in the family?
  2. What type of communication is best for usage in conflict resolution?
  3. What are the importance of communication in conflict moderation?
  4. What are the problems facing communication in conflict resolution?


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