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This research work was aimed at determining the Effective customer services through management information system as a panacea for growth in the banking industry in Eco Bank Agbara Branch with much emphasis on the impact of computerization of its operations.

A structured questionnaire made up of a little combination of dictatorship and open ended questions was developed and distributed to a total number of 97 employees comprising of both male and female employees of  Eco Bank Agbara Branch.

The data collected were analyzed using percentages.  Based on the above major findings include:-

1)      Time wasted in bank is constituted by various things such as, too many customers, and breakdown in the system etc.

2)      That employing computer services will reduce time wasting.

3)      That the activities of fraudsters as been the major set back of the use of management information system.

4)      That there are benefits associated with the use of management information system.

5)      That the bank would be able to keep and maintain records of various accounts and customers records as well as management and staff efficiency.

Based on these findings, the following recommendations are made:-

1)      To computer favourably, there should be a means by which new methods of operation is adopted.

2)      There should be proper planning before introducing a computerization system.

3)      Staff should be trained properly

4)      Customers satisfaction should be the top most priority of the bank.




The business world has been impacted by a variety of changes population have been growing rapidly; markets have been expanding often to the multinational level; customer expectations have been rising and expanding  government demands have been multiplying social responsibility, ecological concern and public institutions have been growing. As might expected, such changes are creating intensive competitive pressure, posing complex decision situations  and squeezing available resources  organization have responded in various ways diversifying goods and services rearranging organizational structures. Incorporating new technology participating a community action programs and last but not least reexamines information systems.

Development in information related equipment techniques and concepts collectively called information technology have been occurring at a breathtaking pace new version of computers terminals, and other devices are announced almost daily in business new techniques for solving business problems, based upon such disciplines as communications theory and operations research  are described in various technical  journals. Many of these developments promise to improve the effectiveness of information system and the quality of managerial decision making.

These changes and developments have both stimulated the need for more useful information and provided the means of attaining it. Consequently information systems are exhibiting varied and interesting effects. For instance, computers and related equipment are being applied to the collection, processing and dissemination of information. Decision models are being employed to organized data for decision making reports are being tailor made for managers upon demand.

Other effects of an organizational nature are appearing, for instance information system functions are being organized to manage information system  also, functional information system are being installed alongside accounting and other  information systems eg personnel information systems.

Since each member of this combined group focuses upon information for managerial decision makers, he resulting combination is known as the management information system. The MS is an important portion of a firm’s communization eg banks  overall information system.

Management information system is a system stores and retires information and data, processes them and presents them to management as information to be used in decision making. It must serve the basic functions of management which include planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.

Since the development of management information system there have been numerous challenges of business computers were brought in to solve specifically technological or organizational problem and their use was perfectly accepted. It improves organization junctions and affects the basic structure and principle of the organization. As data manipulation and information are critical in the management of organization, computers play a key role in storing, retrieving and manipulating of data they are essential in operation of the organization.



Despite the fact that management information system with its varied and interesting affects (eg computers and related equipment) revolutionalize management, provide answers to its problems and add a large new innovation to the organization yet a lot of banks are still ineffective in their operation.


The purpose of this study is to discover a viable means by which management information system improve customer’s service and growth in banking industry.

Specifically, the study is to:

  • Examine the impact of full application of management information system.
  • Identify the extent to which management information system solve the ineffectiveness in banking operation
  • Determine how the varied effects (eg computer and related equipment by management information system affect banking industry



The researcher focuses on commercial banks especially on Eco Bank.


This study is to be guided by the following research questions:

  1. to what extent will management information system improve customer services in the banking industry?
  2. To what extent will the efficient use of varied and interesting effects of management information system improve customer services in the banking industry?
  • To what extent will management information system help banking and industry see beyond the temporary changes and handle the ineffectiveness of their operation.
  1. Will management information system render human skill obsolete



The following hypotheses were formulated and will be tested

Ho:    Management information system will not improve customer services in the banking industry.

HI:     Management information system will improve customer services in the banking industry


Ho:    Efficient use of varied and interesting effects of management information system will not improve customers’ service in the banking industry.

HI:     Efficient use of varied and interesting effects of management information system will improve customer service in the banking industry


Ho:    Banking industry has not applied and utilized the role of management information system and its varied and interesting effects to a significant extent

HI:     Banking industry has not applied and utilized the role of management information system and its varied and interesting effects to a significant extent.



From the result of the study, the extent to which management information system techniques have been utilized into banking industry and how far this has affected the overall performance of the bank will be determined.

It is expected that the result of the study will enable the banking industry in particular Eco Bank to achieve it’s desired objectives (customer satisfaction).


While carrying out the study of the researcher encountered several difficulties.

  • Transportation: The delays encountered trying to reach the banks in session in several occasion failed as a result of non-availability of transportation
  • Finance: The researcher found it difficult to raise sufficient money needed in the early stage of this research.
  • Time Factor: The research relied much on hired personnel during distribution and collection of questionnaires due to some official engagements.

In addition some questionnaires sent by poor to respondents in the above banks were not responded to and those who responded left vital information unanswered.



  1. BANKING SYSTEM: This is the aggregate of the banking establishment in an economy. In this was the term should apply to commercial and merchant bank only.
  2. FINAANCIAL SYSTEM: This is the aggregate of all the banking system, insurance industry, capital market operators and the relevant regulatory and supervisor institutions.
  3. REGULATORY AND SUPERVISORY AUTHORITIES: They operations of the institution under this jurisdiction, CBN for Banking system, SEC for capital market NAICOM for insurance industry.
  4.  UNIVERSAL BANKING SYSTEM:- This is a new concept in the Nigeria banking system which tends to remove the functional barriers between commercial Merchant and consequently powers of the bank to undertake apart from their conventional banking business, capital market operations and insurance services.
  5. FINANCIAL CONGLOMERATES: – This is a group of financial based serve provides identical in all respects; and controlled by holding company.

GLOLOALIZATION:- This is the state of mutual interaction and coming together of the global economy where emerging practices, concepts, and conventions that have found fooling in other economy are brought to other economics.

  1. LIBERATION: This is yet another economic policy that tend to remove the obnoxious and retrogressive policies that inhibits free movement of goods and services.
  2. FINANCIAL MARKET:- This is the market or any contact arrangement whereby the sellers and buyers of varying degree of financial obligations can meet in order to facilitate exchange.
  3. PINANCIPLE CRISIS:- This is the situation whereby the financial system is characterized by distress failure and unresponsive to its corporate existence.
  4. DEREGULATION : – This is a system that allows the force of demand and supply to determine the supply, prices and quantity of financial services .
  5. FINANCIAL INTERDIATION :- This is the process of mobilizing fund from surplus economic unit and advancing the same to the deficit unit.
  6. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM: It is a system that stores and retrieves information and data, processes them and present them to management as information to be used in decision making.
  7. REVOLUTION: Radical change
  8. INNOVATION: Introduction of a new method
  9. EFFECTIVE: Producing the intended result
  10. EFFICIENT: Satisfactory result


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