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Title page                                                                                i

Certification                                                                             ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgment                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                   v

Table of content                                                                       viii



Introduction                                                                             1

  • Background  of the study                                               2
  • Statement of the problem 3
  • Purpose of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Research Questions
  • Scope/Delimitation of the study
  • Definition of Terms



LITERATURE REVIEW                                                      8

  • Conceptual framework 8
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Characteristics of solid waste 12
  • Urbanization and solid waste generation                     14
  • Solid waste management strategies 16
  • Importance of solid waste management 20
  • Problems of solid waste management 21



Methodology                                                                           23

  • Design of the study                                       23
  • Area of the study                              23
  • Population of the study
  • Sample/sampling techniques                                        24
  • Instrument for data collection                    26
  • Validity/reliability test of instrument           28
  • Distribution and Retrieval                               28
  • Method of data analysis 30



Data Presentation and Analysis                                                 33-51


Summary of Findings, Recommendation and conclusion

5.1     Findings                                                                         53

  • Recommendation 55
  • Conclusion
  • Limitation of the study
  • Suggestions for further research







Nations are faced with different problems, from time to time.   Those problems require solutions comfortable to existence of nations economy.

Disposal of Waste Material in a major environmental problem especially in urban areas and it needs effective control.   As human populations increases, the Waste Materials accumulate in every city nationwide, coursing serious health and environmental problems with such problems in Enugu State and Nigeria in general, there is the tendency that there will be little or no positive change to the economy.   For instance, it will reduce the number of investors who should have come to established business or company within the country.   But effective control of disposal of solid Waste Material will increase nations economy.   A healthy environment will attract both local and foreign investors and by the time which industries have been established though these investors, many people will be employed and the numbers of unemployment will be reduce nations wide.     Though these investor, many people will be employed and the numbers of unemployment will be reduce nations wide.

Environmental pollution in urban centers due to solid waste is a matter of centers focus to the whole international community for developing countries like Nigeria, it is hardly recognized that sound environment management are form being a luxury is an important need for sustainable, development, good health, continued existence making and enjoying life, which will definitely be a boost to the economy.   The massive heaps of waste piled around market places on streets and residential areas attract the focus of many environmentalists because of the environmental hazard they cause.   The waste block access roads and obstruct traffic flow with attendant economic result.

In-effective waste control and management problem is reaching alarming proportions everywhere in Nigeria.   Nigeria produce large quantities of solid waste every year especially in the urban areas, where mounting of refuse are dumpsites at everywhere.     These wastes occupying open spaces in town should have been recycling and decompose for agricultural purposes which will yield a greater result to the economy.   Another bad or dangerous effect is that the child born in any Nigeria urban city is unknowingly condition to accepting as a way of it chin odor, mosquitoes bites Enugu State a love donates total garbage of 4, 800 cubic tones per day.

Investigation carried out by researchers within Enugu Metropolis revealed that major drainages are being used as refuse dumps.   The arbitrary disposing of solid Waste Materials on undeveloped plots of land and other open space is the order of the day.   The constant disposing of waste in the drainage would soon lead to drains to sit up with mud and rubbish which would unavoidably causes serious flood during raining season.

Inadequate solid waste management is a clear cause for the degradation of the environment in most cities in Nigeria.   And it is one of the major factors in the cause of parasitic diseases primarily caused by proliferation of insects and rodent vectors.   In view health hazards facing the public, the government and it’s agencies and also the economic implication of waste management that the focus of the researchers on the need for effective solid management in Enugu and Nigeria as a nation.   This is to complement the efforts of the Enugu State Environmental Protection Agencies (ENSEPA).


The major problems which have necessities this research are as follows:

  1. The social economic implications managing from the lack of proper solid waste management by the existing agencies in our urban centers, and also the serious health and environmental hazards causes by uncontrolled dumping of refuse.
  2. The problems of wasting energy for the production of secondary raw materials which can be gotten from municipal solid waste and subsequent conservation of foreign exchange which will promote economic growth. This project is therefore geared towards solving the above-mentioned problems by effective solid waste management.


A critical look at the nature of the problem highlighted above, we obviously suggest the problem concerned with the study.   They are among others.

  1. To identify the various ways of refuse disposal thereby developing the most economical profit field method.
  2. To identify quantity of refuse generation by the study.
  • To articulate an effective solid waste management as a helping factor for the growth of our sharking economy.
  1. To identify the socio-economic attributes of people in relation to the problem of refuse disposal.
  2. Solid wastes and ways of conquering the eliminating or reduce them.
  3. To identify the re-usable waste materials and recycle them with the most economical methods for resale as secondary raw materials.


          This project is motivated by the ever ineffective solid waste management in our urban areas which is reading to an alarming proportion with its resultant on economy.   Health and environmental hazards.   The project is basically to complement the efforts of the already existing Enugu State Environmental Protection Agencies (ENSEPA) in the execution of various function as it related to solid waste management.

The project, it executed will help in on small measure to reduce if not completely eradicate the mountains of refuse or rubbish dotting all over the area in the Enugu Metropolis.   This will go a long way to boost the nations economy, improve the health conditions, environmental hazards as well as other economic and social problems caused by unattractive sights.

Employment opportunities will be made available either retrenched workers or fresh job seekers in various capacities.   In the process, the unemployment which is one of outstanding obstacles in the country presently will reduced.

Even in the Continental Europe, more organic maters is recycled in composing plants.   Recycling of this kind is particularly important for developing countries like Nigeria and Ghana, because of recovery of reusable substance are even more pertinent to use for economic reason.   It is based on companies: recycle product which will create improved means for secondary raw materials.   This will contribute a great deals towards the national economy as foreign exchange will be save when importing raw materials and there will be reduction in the amount of energy used to manufacture products e.g as much as 15% energy saving the case of glass production.


  1. Are there any way to determine the factors militating against effective solid waste management?
  2. What will be the method of solving the problems of Nigeria economy?

iii. Will effective solid waste management as a booster  to Nigeria economy promote human and material resources development of the country?



In this research process, effort were made to focus on the area that is necessary like the effective solid waste management as a booster to Nigeria economy as a tool used to eradicate bankrupt, in this Country, but one of the Limitation is the issue of time constraint, there was inadequate time for the researcher to reality carry out the study.

This was due to high schedule at the school academic programme.

Finally, it was not easy for the researcher to get vital information from the state as they were term confidential and some of the employees may consider the whole exercise as wasting of energy.


WASTE:   Refuse, useless or unwanted material

MANAGEMENT:       The employment and applicant of both human and material resources to achieve an objectives or goals.

ECONOMY:      The standard of living of people in a particular place in relation the available resources.   It is also refer as the productive outcome of the collective role of the key unit in a county.

DISPOSAL:        Act of removing materials.


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