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The primary aim of this research work is to make investigation in to the impact of the head teachers’ leadership style in primary schools towards teachers’ attitude to work in Atiba local Government Area of Oyo state. The finding show that the bases of democratic styles is the recognition of individuals worth, the school head teachers should make sure that all those that matters in the formulation and decision making policy are carried along. The administrators should posses high level of technical knowhow in the work charged him or her to do for the effectiveness administrations and to move the school forward with modern trend. It was observed that there is no enough fund in other that learner are given adequate attention in terms of infrastructural facilities and use of infrastructural materials by their teachers.







Primary education is the foundation of all education system; therefore, the need for its proper and effective management cannot be over emphasized. For this reason, a good administrator is expected to have possessed vast knowledge of how the system will be managed and coordinated. As a matter of fact the administrator leadership style influences any organizational settings.

For teacher to perform effectively as expected they need to be motivated in various forms. For instance, if the teachers are financially and socially assisted they will in turn discharge their duties promptly and effectively for the achievement of educational goals and objectives.

Abioye (2000) was of the opinion that the leadership style acquired and demonstrated by the primary school administrator determines its success. He went further by saying that, the more the needs of the workers are met or satisfied within the school system the more they will be ready to work and give their best to the organization at large..

Ozigi (2001) quoted Maslow by saying that hierarchy of human ranges from physiological, safety social. Ego to the developmental types. This hierarchy of need has been applied to show hierarchy of satisfaction and motivation.

In demonstrating this, Ozigi(2002) differentiated between factors of job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. Let us have a look at this typical example of an administrator who was moving around the school in the course of casual supervision and observed that the teachers are not doing their job as expected but discovered that the causes of the negligence of duties was a result of the non-payment of their salaries. But good enough, if such administrator was able to give them some money and even ensure them that salaries will soon be ready, these teachers will be very happy to go back to their work because the money given to them has served as a sort of motivation and encouragement.

In the process of school supervision, and administrator got into one of the classroom and observed that the teacher of that class were frowned face and not happy at all but instead for the administrator to use an abusive language on such teacher, he approached him in friendly manner by asking politely that what is “the matter”?

Despite that this teacher was in a furious and unpleasant mood, the tongue used an administrator. Such problem may even be personal to him, but when it is narrated to his boss God may give the administrator the wisdom to provide possible solution to those problems. Prompt payment of staff salaries, hours of work and conducive atmosphere with which duties are carried out are also major determinants of job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. In a nutshell, a good and competent administrator should be vigilant, observant, strict, but not harsh if intended outcomes of an organization are to be achieved.

Employee involvement in the organization decision making should also be put into consideration because the process of decision making in any organization is a strong factor in determining the nature of leadership, the level of authority, the span of control and the degree of participation. Leadership style in the organization will be examined in this study to reveal the impact of leadership style on primary school teachers’ attitude to work.



A pined down conclusion is yet to be reached on what is the best leadership style. Despite its importance in various human activities particularly in education. Despite its influence in human attitude and total organization variable which is very much discussed in management literature.

For some years back, number of theories of leadership have been propounded and accepted. These theories include great man theory, or trait theory and the situational theory, various classification are also given to the leadership style which include:


  • Autocratic
  • Democratic
  • Laizzes faire and transactional goes achievement

This is of great concern for modern organization and its group achievement in relation of the leadership variable within a specific situation and dynamic trend. Therefore, there is need to determine what leadership style and which is good to be in school organization.



  1. Does inclusion of a teacher in decision making process make the teacher to be different to school programme.
  2. Does instruction of headmasters or headmistresses to the teachers without welcoming contributions make the teacher develop negative attitude of the school programme?
  3. Does headmasters or headmistresses authoritarian types of leadership make him/her to less democratic to the pupils?


The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of leadership style on teachers’ attitude to work at primary school level of education with a particular reference to some selected primary schools in Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo state.

In any organization setting, it is very crucial and ideal to motivate workers in order to enhance good attitude to work. At this junction the leadership style and teacher attitude to work can be examined through the following ways to ascertain whether

  1. There is correlation between leadership style of the headmaster and primary schools teachers.
  2. Whether there is any element of change or performance that will enhance the attitudes of primary school teachers.


The study will be of benefit to primary school teachers and their bosses i.e the headmasters and headmistresses. It will help the school administrator in the management of human and material resource in order to achieve educational goals and objectives of the organization in primary schools.

Also, the outcome of the study will guide the headmaster to known various ways of ensuring effective and active participation of the teachers in the policy making the school administrators.

Furthermore, it will help to suggest new areas of emphasis in the training and preparation of pupils as in-service programme for teachers and headmasters.


This research work is aimed at making in-depth investigation about impact of leadership style of headmasters in primary school over teacher attitude to work.

This research work is limited to some selected primary schools in Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo state.

These schools include:

  1. Community High School, Atiba
  2. Alagbon community primary School, Atiba
  3. A primary School, Atiba
  4. Ansarudeen Primary School, Atiba
  5. Baptist Primary School, Atiba


  • ADMINISTRATOR:- It can be simply referred to as a person charged with the responsibility of planning, controlling, directing, coordinating and supervising the affairs of an organization in order to get things done quickly and effectively for the attainment of desired goals and objectives.
  • ADMINISTRATION: – This is an act of getting things done quickly and effectively through effective planning, supervision, control coordinating and directing of peoples activities within an organization.
  • LEADERSHIP: – Precisely, leadership can be simply refer to as an ability of man to get things done with the assistance and cooperation of other people within an organization.
  • LEADERSHIP STYLE: – This refers to various patterns of behaviors shown or exhibited by the leaders during the course or process of directing and influencing workers.
  • PERFORMANCE: – This is the level of achievement success or profitability. In another vein, it is a process of carrying out a definite assignment or task.
  • VARIABLE:- This is ability of man to assume different numerical values
  • SCHOOLS: – This is a place basically set aside for the same people or learners to acquire planned and organized experiences.


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