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This research is carried out for an investigation into the impact of enhancing the effectiveness of Cooperative Management Committee through cooperative education and training. (A case study of Awgu Local Government Area.) In the course of study, questionnaires here administered and review of existing literature in that field was carried out. The respondents were randomly selected from the various cooperatives organization in the local government. The finding showed that emphasis on the importance of cooperatives education and training in the development of some cooperatives training in the development of some cooperatives societies in Awgu Local Government Area as most of them were not adequately trained for their jobs, it was observed that the moral of the existing staff is at rock bottom level due to lack of depuratives management of the affairs by the cooperatives management committee other factors include remuneration and lack of job satisfaction on the parts of the committee. It is suggested that a through training need to be conducted. Training is need and appropriate approaches to be used to ensure cooperatives education and training of the management committee members in order to encourage and enhance effectiveness and efficiency in their work. As trustees of the cooperatives, the growth, success, and failure of the society largely depends on their effectiveness adequate education and of the management committee will help in the management of cooperatives society in Awgu Local government area.





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  • Background of the Study 1
  • Statement of Problem 6
  • Objectives of the Study                                    8
  • Research Questions 10
  • Research Hypothesis 10
  • Significance of the study 11
  • Scope of Study 12
  • Limitations of the study 13
  • Definition of Terms 14


2.0   Review of Past Related Literature                        16

2.1   Meaning of Concept of Cooperatives Education and training                                                          16

2.2  Importance of Cooperatives Education & Training 17

2.3  The Need for Cooperatives Education & Training   21

2.4   Method Used to Impact Cooperative Education and Training                                                         23

2.5  Agent of Cooperatives Education and Training      25

2.6   Evaluation of the Impact of Cooperative Education and Training                                                           26

2.7   Factors/Problems Militating Against Effectiveness  27


3.0  Research Methodology                                     28

3.1  Research Design                                             28

3.2  Area of Study                                                 28

3.3  Population of the Study                                    29

3.4  Sample and Sample Techniques                         30

3.5  Source of Data                                                31

3.6  Instrument for Data Collection                           32

3.7  Method of Data Collection                                 32

3.8  Administration of Instrument                              33

3.9  Method of Data Analysis                                    33


4.1 Analysis Interpretation and Presentation of Data     34

4.2  Presentation Descriptive Analysis and Interpretation 34

4.3  Discussion of Results                                          41


503 Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation

5.1  Summary of Finding                                         42

5.2  Recommendation                                             45

5.3  Conclusion                                                     46








Cooperative education and training is one of the cooperatives principles which seek to provide education and training for cooperatives members. Elected representation managers and employees so that they contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives. Its importance cannot be over emphasized in cooperative development.

It’s importance of cooperatives development, in some countries they make use of the study circle the group include a small number of people say 20 who stay at appointed time and place and listen to experts discussion or any important cooperatives issues examples right duties obligation and their limitation cooperatives education and training stand in the centre of the cooperatives movement. It is absolutely essential for the success and survival of cooperatives societies.

From the inception of the early cooperator of reschedule that is the pioneer, one of the unique tasks embarked upon cooperatives education. Starting first with the recent review of cooperatives principles in 1995 international cooperatives absence (ICA) states that cooperative’s education is one of the cardinal principle of cooperatives.

Management committees are elected by the general membership to be their representative’s body in the day to day activities of their society. They should be informed of their aims, function, and power of the society they control.

Management committee requires more technical education to enable them to avoid illiteracy, ignorance, misconduct and poor management. Enhancing education and training of management committee. Members should be tenaciously pursed in attempt to enable or enhance the effectiveness of cooperative education and training some techniques/tools must be employed through the agent that are responsible for cooperatives education and training.

The reason for proper education and training of the management committee or staff of the cooperative department are obvious. It is necessary for those who would lay the foundation and guide a virile and dynamic cooperatives movement of the country to be well prepared and to possess a vast knowledge of cooperation. If they can guide their subordinate properly, education and enlighten them on the movement and be able to meet the challenges of the over chaining complex human problem and organization associated with cooperatives. Training programme for cooperatives management committed should thus be mainly devoted to technical and practical subject of management with a view to increasing their service capacity. Cooperatives sometimes operate in highly specialized field such as banking, insurance, marketing and manufacturing etc.

In those areas, cooperatives are in competition to bridge the gab between the amateurism of cooperators and the professionalism of the limited companies entrenched in these fields. Cooperatives management committee and employee have got to be as efficient, at least as company staff. Therefore, officer and management committee, require a more technical education to be able to control the management. Moreover, in order to activate the problem of illiteracy, ignorance of misconduct and poor management committee members especially, must be tenaciously pursed. In an attempt to give special and proper education and training, some technique and means must be employed through the agent that are responsible for cooperatives education and training both in Nigeria and abroad.

Hitherto, the weight of cooperatives education and training has been heaviest on management committee. In other words, whatever education and training has been taken largely on this class because the management and control of the affairs of the cooperatives as vested in their hand the external of efficiency of the management committee members therefore is highly determined by and depends on the impact of cooperative education and training that has been impacted in them. In view of the great importance attached to cooperatives education and training, their project study tends to know and assess the impact it has made on the effective working or performance of the management committee in some cooperatives societies in Awgu Local Government Area.





Generally, history of cooperatives education in the developing countries of the world reveals that the main cause of rickety foundation of cooperation has been the lack of cooperatives education and training.

Here in Nigerian among the main causes of failure and weakness of early cooperatives marketing, credit, thrift and loan societies and even unions cooperatives and subsequent cooperatives in the country has been and still remains the absence of effective cooperatives education and training. Lack of cooperatives education and training are disloyalty of member higher incidence of meetings ignorance of members of the plans. Proposals and work of their cooperatives, poor member, member relation, bad management, low productivity, resulting in little or no profit (surplus) poor public image, inability to change with the times and other harmful result.

Enhancing of cooperatives education and training limit the effectives of managers, president, secretaries, treasurer and other management committee members.

Quite often some people come together as member’s pool their resources together and form a cooperatives society without the proper cooperatives ideology. They enter into cooperatives business for political or personal interest without adequate cooperatives education and training to equip themselves for an effective look.

Moreover, knowledge which is basis to intelligent is lack and uninformed cooperative at least able to understand or appreciated the economics and sociological significance of cooperation. Some cooperatives societies due to their size-law membership couple with smallness of contribution found it very difficult to rise fund sufficient to organize or sponsor special training programmes for management committee (managers, president, secretaries and employee) such education and training programme include seminars, conference or relevant courses in institution of higher learning. Another sticking problem is that a cooperatives leader has no scope for independent action or for any real preparation for it. Practically the governments of Nigerian runs cooperatives colleges but expected benefit in terms of a dynamic cooperative movement are not reaped partly because these colleges are used for the training of government supervisory officers rather than the employees of cooperatives societies.



The basic things or the basic objective of the study is to empirically investigate the enhancing the effectiveness of the cooperatives management committee through cooperatives education and training.

Specially, the objectives of the study are

  1. To specifically determine the importance/role of cooperatives education and training on cooperatives development.
  2. To assess how the import or cooperatives education and training has affected the effective or infective working of the management committee in the cooperatives sector in Awgu Local Government Area.
  3. To determine the adequately or otherwise of the cooperatives arrangement such as funding government policy support etc. And approaches programme to encourage cooperatives education and training in a cooperatives society in Awgu Local Government Area.
  4. To recommend ways of promoting cooperatives education and training so as to improve the effective performance in a primary cooperatives




  1. Does your cooperatives have management committee?
  2. Who elected them and how were they elected?
  3. What are the function/duties of the management c Committee of your cooperatives societies?
  4. Have your cooperatives (management and members) been training educationally?

Ho: The effectiveness and efficiency of the management committee of cooperatives societies can be enhanced through education.

HI:  The effectiveness and efficiency of the management committee of cooperative societies cannot be enhanced through education.

Ho: The effectiveness and efficiency of the management committee of cooperatives societies can be enhanced through training.

HI: The effectiveness and efficiency of the management committee of cooperatives societies’ earnest be enhanced through training.


It has been known that without cooperatives education and training, the other principles of cooperatives must fall by the way side and to management committee or leader of the cooperatives theory and practice of modern management techniques, production practice and a wide range of techniques matters.

The importance/significance of the study is that it will give a clear insight of the importance of cooperatives education and training generally in cooperatives development. It will also help to critically assess the impact cooperatives education and training how it has selected the performance of societies in Agwu Local Government Are.

The study will help to identify the training needs. Known appropriate need for management committee members. It will guide those that are responsible for education and training in cooperatives or possible factors that affect the effective impact of education and training to enhance efficiency and improve performance.

Finally, the out come of the study will not only serves as reference literature but also provide area for further research on the impact of cooperatives education and training of the management committee in some- cooperatives societies in Awgu Local Government Area.



The study covers limited number of the selected primary cooperatives societies in Awgu Local Government Area. The effectiveness of the cooperatives education and training in the enhancing effectiveness of management committee.

Though, the study covered the above mention area. It also draws some ideas from other government establishment, which has cooperatives units in their organization. Enhancing the effectiveness of the cooperatives management committee through cooperatives education training in some selected cooperatives in Awgu Local Government Area as was examined.


In the course of accomplishing this study, the researcher was faced with the following problems:

  • Difficulties in Collection of Data: The researcher had limited access to official records and statistical data relevant to this work.


  • Finance: There was no fund to facilitate on the issue of traveling around for further research to the agricultural co-operative banks.  Besides, there was high cost of transportation.  This resulted to a barrier in research movement.
  • Time: The researcher found it difficult to combine the research work with academic work such as assignments, exams, etc due to their constraints.



–      Management: Management of a cooperative society rrefers to the member that are involved in the running of the business of the organization committee means a group to deal with a particular matter.

–      Management committee: Are the officer of the society elected into the office by the members of the society. By election they are given a mandate by the member to run the cooperatives society taking into consideration the wishes of the members of the society.

–      Cooperative: According to (ICA) is an autonomous association of persons united voluntary to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspiration through a jointly owned and democratically control enterprise.

–      Education: Can be defined as a process of teaching somebody about something or how to do something. It is also the field of study dealing with how to teach.

–  Training: Is a process of preparing somebody or being prepared for something like sport.

–  Cooperation: Education can be define as the process of impacting knowledge to the prospective members of a given cooperatives society through training radio programme etc.


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