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The most all known and new method of producing or making any wooden material has been known and the name of the material is referred to Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF). Though from the creation man as exploited wood into various creation and such creation where used such as art (Sculpture), Furniture etc. but because of the usefulness of wood from the unset, this bring about the production of a plywood. To make it very important and economical in natures.

In the fabrication of this Medium-Density Fibreboard bed, Medium-Density Fibreboard plywood was the most important material that is requested among all the material needed. It is often used in project because of its flexibility, enclosure normal plywood, durability, workability etc. which makes it more suitable for this particular project.

    • AIM

The aim of this project is to know how to fabricate a bed using a board Medium density fiberboard



This work was done so as to derive some certain objectives; some of these include

  1. What to know about Medium-Density Fibreboard.
  2. Relationship between Medium-Density Fibreboard and timber
  3. Other used of Medium-Density Fibreboard in human activities
  4. The process involve in the fabrication of bed using to Medium-Density             Fibreboard plywood
  5. The human material and equipment required for the fabrication


This project is based on the use of wood in the fabrication of 6ft to 6ft bed. It also focuses on fundamental of the core material used (Medium-Density Fibreboard), the tools and equipment for the fabrication process and the process involved during the fabrication.


The completion of this project was of importance and necessary in order to demonstrate how Medium-Density Fibreboard can be worked upon to produce a bed with Medium-Density Fibreboard observing strict adherence to standard procedure so as to ensure that the product is of a high quality and durability.



In performing this project, some problems were encountered which reduce the progress intended for the project. Some of these include:-

  1. High cost of material
  2. Scarcity of the material
  • The huge cost of transportation
  1. In adequate power supply
  2. Require expertise to dismantle and assemble the bed.


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