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The success of any enterprise depends largely on the effectiveness of its human resources in their work. The need for reappraising the manpower training and development in our organization is apparent. Therefore this research work fried to identify the problems affecting human resources development, the statement of the problem, the introduction, imitation, significance and objective of the study were state, a review of related literature was made in the research to know the opinion of different authors concerning human resources. This study was carried out throughout the use survey research method which involved the collection of data mainly by the use of questionnaires, the questionnaire which was developed form the research questions was designed to elicit information regarding the subject matter. The researcher concluded that every organization, regardless of its size must provide the needs, interests, and desires of her employee within the working environment, if is to earn loyalty, dedication, involvement and commitment. And recommended that the researcher recommends that modern means of communication should be adopted for the improvement of human resources development. That employees should be motivated in such a way as to increase productivity provide a climate to the development of each employee’s potential in accordance with his needs, desires, ability and willingness to take an additionally responsibility to realize his personal and professional careers objective.







Title page ————————————————ii

Approval Page- ——————————————iii

Certification ———————————————iv

Dedication ———————————————–v


Abstract ————————————————-vii

Table of Contents—————————————viii



  • Background to the study ————————-1
  • Statement of the problem————————-4
  • Objectives of the Study —————————6
  • Research Questions——————————–7
  • Scope of the Study ——————————–8
  • Significance of the study ————————–9
  • Limitations of the Study ————————-10
  • Definitions of major terms———————–11



Literature Review—————————————-15

2.1  Historical Background of the Enugu North Local Government Area ———————————15

2.2  The Role of Human Resource in an Organization- 19

2.3  Training and Development ———————–21

2.4  Human Resource Requirement of Public Administration ————————————26

2.5  Management Theory —————————–28




Research Methodology ——————————–39

  • Research Design ———————————39
  • Sources of Data———————————-40
  • Population and Sample of the study————41
  • Method of Data Collection ———————-41
  • Instruments ————————————-43
  • Method of Data Collection and Analysis ——– 43
  • Data Presentation and Analysis —————–45



Summary of Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion

  • Summary of findings —————————-56
  • Recommendations ——————————59
  • Conclusion—————————————63








The growth of any organization depends upon the development and utilization of people in it. The efficiency of an organization whether private or be it public depends to a large extent on how effectively human resources are utilized. For any organization to attain its desired objective it must seek and obtain the willing co-operation of the people it has to work with. Management must work, employ and therefore should develop programmes and policies that will enable them to obtain the best results form the employees. Organizations are being forced to operate in an increasingly competitive envenoming and this places emphases on the roles of management in making the most effective use of human resources in order to meet its objectives.

In the search for organizational effectiveness there is an increasing range of specialized skills to help line managers whether in business public administration or other organization in struggling to achieve objective of the organization there are a number of tools which can help the managers in the execution of work and activities which have to be under taken in forecasting and planning, organizing decision making and control many of these tools will help to solve the problems affecting human resources development which arises due to complexities in modern business.

However, there are problem affecting human resources development in Enugu North Local Government which discourages an employee from contributing his maximum human potential which are necessary to make for higher productivity profitability and growth. Personnel Management have been defined in several ways it is the field of study that encircles all the activities that are performed from the identification of human resources for an employment to the full utilization of people and planning for their retirement, the personnel management function involved recruitment, selecting, hiring developing participation communication, motivation and remunerating employees.

The field of management poses many problems and these problems affect human resources development, the problem to be discussed in this research includes inadequate selection, recruitment, placement, training, motivation, industrial relations, communication and other environment all factors that affect human resources development, in the following size departments of Enugu Local Government namely works, personnel health, social welfare, account and finance departments.

For the most efficient possible use of workers skill management must be able to decide how, when and where the service of each individual are to be used.


The problem of this study is to investigate the inhibiting factors affecting the utilization of human resources development in the organization.

Human resources development in any business organization has some problems, which proceed from either internal or external factors. The problems could be that of ignorance that is unaware of the need or important of human resources development in the organization as said by beach. Some of the prevailing socioeconomic problems of the country such as constant labour, unrest using unemployment high rate of crime, poor standard of living and even in inflation can be attributed to poor labour management relations in most organization. Other problems could be changing mix of the work force, changing demand of government, changing demands of employers, skilled manpower, job redesign, career prospect, e.t.c.


The dynamic nature of the environment in which business operates constitutes an important factor in that it affects management decision and actions. The environment here mans both internal and external factors such as economic social political government technological top management employee task forces among others.   For an organization to remain in business it has to help to shape its environment due to the rapid change that the organizations operating environment undergoes.


The type of image which an organization projects determines its areas of procurement recruitment and selection training and development. This is one of the problems which rules human resource management in the Enugu North Local Government, Enugu.  Imo  State   How human resource (manpower) is articulated towards the attainment of the organizational goal and aspiration is one of the outstanding problems of resource. Managers in Nigeria organization which Enugu State.



Due to the aspect of business organization is undergoing accelerating change and no function of management is changed more rapidly that public attitude and reactions problems of human resource managers have to be constantly and adequately proffered solution to.




The objectives of this study are as follows:  

  1. To ascertain the scope of action of human resource management practices in Enugu North Local Government, Enugu Enugu State
  2. To identify the level in which the inefficiency exists.
  • To ascertain the difficulties experienced in the performance of these practices
  1. Finally to identify how and who is responsible for human will enable the government to discern and tackle the attributes of problems of human resources in Enugu State government parastatals

The under listed research questions would be necessary to make this research a huge success.

  1. Do the Enugu North Local Government, Enugu attach due importance to the production of human resources management?
  2. Have human resources managers contributed to the organizational profitability of the Enugu North Local Government, Enugu.?
  • What are the major problems facing human resources managers in Enugu North Local Government, Enugu?
  1. Do the Enugu North Local Government, Enugu have any department responsible for proffering solutions to the human resources managers problems in the organization?


The scope of the study is the factors militating against human resources development and how to enhance better employer and employee relationship.



The result of this research work will help adjust the problems militating against human resources development in an organization and this help to improve the image of the course. The research will provide stable employment, equitable compensation, desirable working condition and opportunity for advancement for employees, their skill care efforts depend on ability and team work, it will ensure containing vitality and growth of the company while realizing profit and providing opportunities for public service. This research work is intended to  provide a sound background in theory principle and practice for all those whose careers will require knowledge and skill in organizing leading co-ordinating and controlling others also it would not be exclusive for those in staff/personnel duties but also for those holding position as staff professional and administrations.

The research will expose the advantages researcher will pay them they were of the opinion that the research will not reach the federal and state government for any corrective measures to be taken.


There are always some difficulties involved in producing a work especially of this nature, Hardly would a research be conducted without a constraint. In a country such as ours where a bureaucracy cut as constraint in the flow of information and where there is in accurate data and statistics, they are some limitations to this research work which includes.

  1. Financial Constraint: In producing this research project, the researcher has some problems initially, the researcher had financial problems which is the most important thing to consider ever before the research take off. The research encountered this problem during the production and distribution of the questionnaires, transportation difficulties, cost typing and making photocopies including money for bindings.
  2. Problem of secrecy: Most information meant for public consumption is sometimes tagged secret thereby retraining our ability to have all the necessary information or data needed to the subject matter. Moreso during the collection of data and interviews some of the employee and their officer failed to realize correct information needed for the analysis some of their workers refused to take the questionnaire and were unwilling to answer the questions that were given to them.


  1. Development: Development in general refers to an increase in the standard of living, According to Rogues (1976), development is a widely participatory process of social change in a society intended to bring about both social and material advancement including greater equality, freedom and other valued quality for the majority of the people through the gaining greater control over the environment.
  2. Human resource development: This refers to be an increase in the productivity, potential of the work force of an organization for goal maximization and cost minimization.
  3. Training: According to Nwandu, et al (2000), training is an organizational effort aimed at helping an employee to acquire basic skills required for efficient execution of the function for which he was hired. Denyer (1975) defined training as the adoption or madding of a person to increase his fitness for a specific activity. Anikeze (2005) sees training as a learning process that involves the acquisition of skills and knowledge for the purpose of enhancing performance of a task or duty.
  4. Motivation: It is a term used to qualify the satisfaction, which an employee derives form the job he does. According to Jones (1955) motivation is any influence that brings out, directs or maintains is any influence that brings out, directs or maintains people’s goal and directs behaviour.
  5. Production: A measurement of the efficiency of production, a ratio of an output to input or the process of making food, goods or materials especially in a large quantity.
  6. Man-power: All employees in an organization from the chief executive officer down to the cleaner.






Rensis, Likert (1967) The Human Organization, its

Management and Value, McGrew-Hill Book Coy New York


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