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This study aims at finding out the factors responsible for exodus of business teaches from teaching profession in some selected secondary schools of Bauchi state. Out of the total number of 240 teachers, 60 were selected for the purpose of the study. The statistical test applied was percentage method. The major findings of the study shows that the following, are the factors responsible for the departure of business teachers in some selected secondary schools of Bauchi State. Poor rapport between the principal and the teachers, poor payment of allowances, lack of payment of medical bills, lack of loan of sponsorship for the seminars and word shops for the teachers. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the conditions of the service be considered and improved by the government so as to alleviate the exodus of business teachers from teaching career in Bauchi state.

      TABLE OF CONTENT        
Title Page – i
Approval Page – – ii
Dedication- iii
Acknowledgement – iv
Table of Content – vii
Abstract – – x






1.1 Background of the Study- – 1
1.2 Statement of the Problem- – 3
1.3 Objectives of the Study – 4
1.4 Research Questions- – 5
1.5 Hypothesis –   – 5
1.6 Significance of the Study – 5
1.7 Scope of the Study – – 6
1.8 Operational Definition of Terms – 7













2.1 Theoretical Frame Work- 9
2.2  Impact of Poor Rapport Between the Principals and the
Teachers- – 11



2.3      Consequence of Poor Payment of Salaries to the Teachers -12



2.4 Effect  of  Lack  of  Provision  of  Housing  Allowance  on  the
Business Teachers- 16
2.5 Impact of Lack of Payment of Nigeria Allowance on Teachers
2.6 Summary of Literature Review and Uniqueness of the Study






3.1 Research Design– 23
3.2 Population and Sample- 23
3.3 Research Instruments- 25
3.4 Procedure for Data Collection – – 25
3.5 Method of Data Analysis – – 26












4.1 The responses Items are Categorized – 27
4.2 Summary of Findings- 30
4.3 Discussion –    – 32






5.1 Summary- 40
5.2 Conclusion- 43
5.3 Recommendations—       44
5.4 Suggestion for Further Research-   45
  References-         47
  Appendix I                  








1.1     Background of the Study



Business teachers are not only very important in natural development but are just indispensable because they provide the skilled labour necessary for the development.


It is the task of these business teachers to train students to acquire the necessary skills in accounting, type-writing, and office practice. There is a great need for commercial teachers in Nigerian secondary schools.


With this in mind we can conveniently conclude that it is better to secure the right kind of people in teaching profession, sponsoring them in seminars and workshops, ensuring them necessary allowances and promotion.


It seems that there is growing shortage of competent teachers in Nigerian secondary schools with business programs, especially in Bauchi state. The teachers may teach for a short time and resign their appointment as soon as they get other better paid jobs. Those who stay to teach may be given subject outside their area of specialization.




In addition, it has been observed that some teachers spend considerable amount of time on outside economic pursuit in other to make ends meet.


In Bauchi state, poor rapport between the principals and the teachers coupled with the poor payment of salaries to the teachers limit the retention of trained business teachers.


Lack of payment of housing allowance, night allowance, leave grant medical bills and lack of loan from government discourage serving teachers to stay in teaching profession.


This result to training shortage of business teachers in Bauchi state, in Bauchi state, lack of sponsorship, seminars and workshop, lack of promotion and yearly increment of salaries when it is due, influence the economic and social status of the teachers. This impression manifests in Nigeria.


The government seems to be nonchalant to the needs of the teachers in general. The researcher therefore wants to investigate whether the various problems spotlighted above are responsible for the exodus of business teachers in Bauchi state.











1.2   Statement of the Problem



The problem of this study is the factors responsible for exodus of business teachers from teaching profession in Bauchi state. The problem of the neglect of the business teachers in secondary schools of Bauchi state has become an issue of public discussion in most of the Nigerian newspapers.


While some people lament over the shortage of business teachers, others complain that many teachers in secondary schools lack the requisite qualifications. This is because many of the teachers are placed on scanty salary (poor payment of salaries) and have no hope of advancement to higher education.


Writing on the weekly trumpet, November 16, 1980, Nweke was one of the opinions the complete neglect of commercial/business teachers by both federal and state governments and the complete lack of job incentive and allowances such as payment of housing allowance, night allowance, leave grant, medical bills are the causes of the scarcity of professional qualified secretaries and typists.


Consequently, business teachers abandon their job in pursuance of better paid and respected job. Other factors that




influence the exodus of business teachers. The various problems highlighted above have prompted the need of this study.


1.3   Objectives of the Study



This research is aimed at finding out the following:



  1. Find out the impact to poor rapport between the principals and the teachers;


  1. To ascertain the consequence of poor payment of salaries to the teachers;


  • To assess the effect of lack of provision of housing allowance on the business teachers;


  1. To find out the impact of lack of payment of night allowance on business teacher;


  1. To ascertain the consequence of lack of leave grant on serving business teachers in Bauchi state;


  1. To find out the effect of lack of payment medical bills on business teachers;


  • To determine to what extent lack of loan from the government influence the service and interest of business teachers in Bauchi state;


  • To assess the effect of lack of promotion when it is due on


the business teachers;




  1. To ascertain the impact of lack of yearly increment of salaries when it is due;


  1. Finally, to ascertain the consequence of lack of sponsorship for the seminars and workshops for the business teachers in Bauchi state.


1.4 Research Questions



The research questions for this study is stated below:



Are the business teachers departing from teaching profession of the secondary school in Bauchi state?


1.5   Hypothesis



There is no significant difference between “YES” responses and “NO” responses.


1.6     Significance of the Study



The study will be beneficial to the Bauchi state ministry of education in formulating strategies for the improvement of staff of business schools.


The result of this study will provide the Bauchi state government with useful guide in her current efforts to develop comprehensive education. The findings of the study will be helpful




to educational administrators in Bauchi state in their searching for lasting solutions to the shortage of business teachers.


The information derived from their study can act as additional resources to the federal government in pursuing her qualitative education policies which emphasizes technical and business education.


The study will help the education committee of Bauchi State House of Assemble to know the grievances of the teachers especially the business teacher’s findings will help the Bauchi State Management Board in managing the affairs of teachers.


The information derived from the study will help the state and federal government to conserve human labours by minimizing the rate of teacher turn over.


1.7     Scope of the Study



The study is limited to six secondary schools in Bauchi state. All the secondary schools in the state cannot be covered due to time constraints and insufficient facilities of research.


Finally, in a research of this nature, especially where questionnaires are used as a major information gathering tool, there is always a degree of error in the final evaluation of data




because of the subjective and imperfect manner in which the respondents fill out the questionnaire.


As a result of the study being not an exception may suffer from such shortcomings.


1.8   Operational Definition of Terms



To help the reader gain a better understanding of the terms to be frequently used in the study, the following definitions were presented:


Profession: It is an organized work group that has a legalmonopoly to establish a procedure for a recruiting and policing member and for maximizing control over a body of theoretical knowledge and applying it to the solutions to social problems.


Comprehensive Secondary School: A secondary school in whichthe aspect of grammar, technical and commercial (business) courses are thought in the school.


Business Education: A program of instruction which consist oftwo parts:


  1. Office education: a vocational education programme for office careers through initial refresher, and upgrading





education leading to employment ability and advancement in office education.


  1. General business education: a programme to provide students with information and competency which are needed by all in managing personal business world.


Exodus  of  Business  Teachers:  Going  away  or  departure  of


business teacher’s profession.



Business Teachers: Business teachers are teachers handlingcommercial subjects like economics, commerce, accounting, shorthand, typewriting, business methods etc.


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