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TITLE PAGE                                                                                              I

APPROVAL PAGE                                                                                    II

DEDICATION                                                                                                     III

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                                   IV

ABSTRACT                                                                                               V

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                           VI


Background to The study                                                                                    1

Statement of Problem                                                                                 3

Purpose of Study                                                                                       4

Significance of the Study                                                                                      4

Scope of the Study                                                                                              5

Research Questions                                                                                    5


Conceptual Framework

Concept of Community                                                                              8

Concept of Development                                                                                     9

Concept of Community Development                                                                  12

Theoretical Framework

Theory of Modernization                                                                                     15

Maslow’s theory of Motivation                                                                           16

Theoretical Studies                                                                                   

Efforts of the Government towards community development                    18

Efforts of the community members towards community development                19

Factors Hindering The Effective Implementation Of Community Development Programmes                                                                                                         23

Empirical Studies                                                                                                28

Summary of Literature Review                                                                29


Research Design                                                                                         31

Area of Study                                                                                             32

Population of the Study                                                                             32

Sample and Sampling Techniques                                                              33

Instrument for Data Collection                                                                            34

Validation of the Instrument                                                                      34

Method of Data Collection                                                                         34

Method Of Data Analysis                                                                           35


Summary of Findings                                                                                 46


Discussion of Findings                                                                               48

Implication of the Study                                                                             49

Conclusion                                                                                                 50

Recommendations                                                                                                52

Suggestions for Further Research                                                               52











  1. Population of Distribution
  2. Population and sample distribution
  3. Frequency distribution of respondents by age range.
  4. Frequency distribution of respondents by sex.
  5. Frequency distribution of respondents by marital status.
  6. Frequency distribution of the respondents by occupation’
  7. Frequency distribution of respondents by level of educational qualification.
  8. Mean responses on the efforts of the government in promoting community development.
  9. Mean responses on the efforts of community members towards promoting community development.
  10. Mean responses on hindrances to effective community development programmes.





Background to the Study

Community development and its practice in Nigeria are not new. Even before the coming of the colonial masters, several societies in Nigeria used communal efforts s mechanism for mobilizing community resources to improve physical improvement and functional facilities in their given locations in the social, political, cultural and economic aspect of life (Ewelum and Madu, 2010). According to Ewelum and Madu (2010), the modern concept of community development gave rise to the establishment of community development division /department/directorate as a crucial arm of government charged with the responsibility of channeling the efforts of the people towards promoting social and economic development. Ezeh (2014) therefore defined community development as a term that denotes various strategies and interpositions through co-ordinated actions of the community members in order to usher in for the people social and economic development. It is an effort geared towards achievement and solution of the problems of the community, promoting social welfare, justice, raising standard of living, community cohesion and developing their material and human resources to a great extent. Alvis in Njoku (2016) defined community development as many issues ranging from the development of the neighborhood community through improved social services, protection and regeneration of natural and built environmental factors, through the development of economic and employment opportunities. Nwadike (2005) defined community development as an action with a goal to improve the lives of those involved in it. In certain act, as this may include improving the quality of water or constructing homes for those without shelter. In other areas, aid maybe provided for people of low economic status. Community development is not only physical process, but also a very emotional process whereby people work together to improve their living standard b building not only infrastructures but also the bonds between them. This is in agreement with views of U.N.O that community development is he process by which the efforts of the people are united with those of governmental authorities to improve economic, social and cultural conditions of communities, to integrate these communities into the entire national development.

The importance of community development involve improving the standard of living of the people, creating awareness to them on how to develop their country by organizing some programmes in order for them to be willing to co-operate with the issue of their community to develop effectively (Obidiegwu, 204). According to Muoghalu (2014), many community development Programmes have failed due to abandonment of some projects which they cannot complete for the fact that they lack finance, management, resources and orientation among members. Obviously, community development will not be promoted, and no positive result can be achieved until these problems are identified and solved.

It is therefore necessary to identify the factors involved in promoting community development using Anaocha Local Government Area in Anambra State as a case study.

Statement of the Problem

Community development programmes have been encouraged by different administrators whereby they embark on the development programme in order to improve living conditions as well as contributing to national development. Apparently, communities tend to be prone to constraints that puzzle them. This is so because maximal development efforts still hangs on the balance in Nigeria and there had been problems with promoting effective community development in Anaocha local government area, Anambra State which involve lack of finance, lack of good leaders, illiteracy, and basically lackadaisical attitude of the government towards delivery system.

The researcher is therefore moved to carry out this study mostly because of the non-challant attitudes of members of the community towards community development and lack of government involvement that hinders community development. This is because community development agents, community leaders and community members are ignorant of the appropriate factors that promote community development, thus the quest to defame the factors that promote community development in Anaocha Local government area of Anambra state.

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to find out the factors promoting community development in Anaocha local government area, Anambra state.

Specifically, the study tends to find out;

  1. The efforts of the government in promoting community development in Anaocha local government, Anambra State.
  2. The efforts of the community members in promoting community development in Anaocha local government, Anambra State.
  3. The hindrances to effective community development in Anaocha local government, Anambra State.


Significance of the Study

The findings of this research will be of immense importance to members of the community, the government and the nation at large.

It will help the members of the community to identify ways of improving community development programmes by sensitizing them on the need for employment of the factors involved in developing the community as they develop themselves. It will enable the people of Anaocha to involve in self-help programmmes for the development of themselves, families and communities. It will also make the people to be aware of their problems and develop skills and knowledge to solve them.

It will also elicit the interest of the government and help them to involve in rural and community development programme and as such take it serious because the development of the community is a step towards development of the nation.

The findings of this research will enable for national development; by eliciting the needs for the community members to embrace self-help and embark on entrepreneur education, the members of the community get developed and the treasury of her government improves thereby evolving national development.


Research Questions

The following research questions are formulated to guide the study;

  • What are the efforts of the government in promoting community development in Anaocha Local Government Area?
  • What are the efforts of the community members towards promoting community development in Anaocha Local Government Area, Anambra State?
  • What are the hindrances to effective community development programmes in Anaocha Local Government Area, Anambra State?




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