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There is no doubt about the existence of other literary works on this particular or other closely related topics, but this very piece is quite unique, for the writer painstakingly covered the scope of the topic, from the origin to the present situation, treating both the visible and abstract aspects of the topic.

This pamphlet has five chapters. The first chapter focuses on the origin of insurgency on a global scale, and the various notorious insurgent groups in the world, their reasons for rebellion and mode of operation. The second chapter reveals the premier cause of insurgency in Nigeria and the truth behind the Nigeria civil war. Chapter three exposes the major insurgent groups in Nigeria and their reasons for rebellion.

The forth chapter focuses basically on the immediate and after effects of insurgency in the country and society at large. And the last chapter talks about the solutions and various preventive measures to be taken by both the government and individuals for peace, harmony, national and global cohesion.

In summary, this literary piece is written to enlighten people especially scholars about this violent activity, to incite individuals against such activities and to dissuade intending rebels from giving in to insurgency, but rather seek peaceful ways of redress.


TITLE PAGE                                                                                   i

DEDICATION                                                                                  ii

PREFACE                                                                                         iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                               iv

TABLE OF CONTENT                                                                   v

CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION                                              1-3

MEANING OF INSURGENCY                                                       1

NOTORIOUS WORLD INSURGENT GROUPS                          1-3

CHAPTER TWO:                                                                            4-5

INSURGENCY IN NIGERIA                                                          4-5

NIGERIAN CIVIL WAR                                                                 5


NIGER-DELTA MILITANCY                                                        6-8

BOKO HARAM ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS SECT                           8-9


CHAPTER FIVE:                                                                             12-13

PANACEA TO INSURGENCY IN NIGERIA                               12-13

CONCLUSION                                                                                 13




Diversity in individual opinions has led to disagreement between individuals groups, parties and sects, and these disagreements have led to rebellions and conflicts between the individuals or parties involved. In situations where one team tends to suppress the other by virtue of their superiority, power or authority over them, it leads to serious oppositional activities which will in turn give rise to insurgency, as a rebellion against a constituted authority. Insurgency in other words means are organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through the use of subversion and aimed conflict.

Insurgency and its tactics are as old as warfare itself. Insurgency arises from a mere quest for political, social or religious autonomy in human communities, and this quest for autonomy leads to the coming together of a group of people who have the same ideology to a particular situation, to number of radical minions.

Though not all rebellions amount to insurgency, but all insurgent cases are pure rebellions, and some insurgent groups might have a good cause they are fighting for, but their mode of seeking redress is what classifies it as mere rebellion or serious insurgency.


  1. In the world today, there are over two hundred insurgent groups operating in several countries, but some are very notorious that the world in total have noticed their existence and felt their brutality.



It is known by its Kurdish initials, PKK, the group was established on November 27, 1978, in Turkey and since then, has been fighting for the sake of an independent Kurdish state. Officially designated as an international terror group,PKK’s working region constitutes Turkey,Iran,Syria and Iraq.  The PKK is currently the biggest belligerent in the world’s battle against the Islamic state.


Hamas is the acronym for ‘Harakat Al- Maqawama Al Is lamia’. It is a socio political terrorist group of Palestine’s which was founded in 1987 as an offshoot of the Muslim brotherhood. The Hamas was established with the aim of carrying out Jihad against Israel, and to secure the freedom of Palestine from Israeli occupation. This terrorist group is known for its suicide bombers and they are significantly supported by Hezbollah in its operations against Israel government and civilians.


Al-nuras front, or tabhat al-nusra, which means the support front for the people of Al-sham in Arabic, is a branch of al-Qaeda operating in Syria and Lebanon. The group is headed by Abu Mohammed al-Fulani, this terror group is the strongest supporter of Syrian rebels fighting the regime of Bashar Al-Assad in the Syrian civil war. The group has been designated as a terrorist group by UN, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


This Nigerian terror group was notorious for its act of barbarism but it became a very serious threat after the abduction of over 250 Nigerian school girls, which led the most powerful of world leaders take notice of its brutality. Boko Haram, which translates to WESTERN EDUCATION IS A SIN in English, continues to operate without much resistance because of the failure of the Nigerian government in tackling socio-economic issues in the region of its operation.


Tehrik –i- Taliban Pakistan, also called the Pakistan Taliban was established in December 2007 by buitullah mehsud, a notorious Pakistan militant who died on august 23, 2009. This terror group has its base located in the federally administered tribal areas along the Pakistan-afghan border and it comprises several Islamicmilitant groups. The group targets element of Pakistan state, but according to several intelligence agencies, top cities of the United States are conceived as its main target.


Derived from the Pashto word for students Taliban is well known for being one of the few militant organizations to have seen in charge of a country Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. This terror group was formed by MullahMohammed Omar, the Taliban took Afghanistan back into the Middle Ages with their strict imposition of sharia and Islamic laws and it received active support from AL-QAEDA, but was overthrown in the Us-led invasion of Afghanistan.


AL-QAEDA is the biggest brand name among all terrorist groups in the world and this extremist Islamic group was established in 1989 by Osama Bin Laden. Under his leadership, the al-Qaeda carried out the 9\11 [nine over eleven] attacks on us, which led to the afghan war culminating with the death of bin laden in may 2012. The al-Qaeda now headed by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, is notorious for its integrated network and powerful strategies, the terror group constitutes thousands of individuals who have accomplished proper military training.


The Islamic state is like an empire, the al-Qaeda is a brand name, but Islamic state is the devil itself. It is officially known as ISIL or ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Levant/Syria), the Islamic state controls northern parts of Iraq and the western parts of Syria, within which it has formed its own government. This insurgent group founded by Abubarkar Al-Baghdadi. The Islamic state constitutes of fighters from all over theworld, with the BritishMuslims highest from any western nation. The group is known for organizing such cruel activities as slave market, where they trade off captured women of their enemies and killing of children.



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