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This study really examine the good governance and National development of President Goodluck Ebele Jonanthan administration from 2010 till date.  A case study in this study survey, research design was employ, while investigation and historic research was used to evaluate and ascertain a good governance and its best leadership style for effective leadership.  This project work was divided into five chapter. The chapter one contained the introductory part of the project. Literature review, research design, data presenting and analysis, conclusion and recommendation made up order four chapters. The researcher made use of both primary and secondary data, structured questionnaires were the methods used for the collection of primary data, and secondary data were also collected from textbook and various research materials.   The researcher used population of 400 selected randomly. But using Taro Yamani, a sample size of 200 was used. Analysis was based on the questions administered.  In which he recommended that give room to exploitation, corruption and domination should be amended by the constitution and that government should avoid favorism and nepotism when it comes to fixing personnel in certain key areas that requires expertise. It concluded that the good leadership governance its not only he effort of governance alone rather it include both the citizen.







Title page                                                              ii

Approval Page                                                        iii

Dedication                                                             iv

Acknowledgement                                                   v

Table of Contents                                                   vi

Abstract                                                                vii


  • Background of the study 1

1.2  Statement of Problem                                       5

1.3  Purpose of the Study                                        7

1.4  Significance of the study                                    8

1.5  Scope and Delimitation of the study                    9

1.6  Research Questions                                          10

1.7  Definition of Terms                                           10




2.0  Overview of Literature Review                            13

2.1  Nature of leadership                                         16

2.2  Good Governance/ Leadership Management          22

2.3  The Nature of National Development                    25

2.4  Good Governance / Leadership Style and Skills      30

2.5  Governance and National Development in Both

Regimes (Civil and Military)                               35

2.6  Leadership Theories / Approach                          47

2.7  Effectiveness of Leadership                                57


3.1  Research Design                                              60

3.2  Area of the study                                             61

3.3  Population of the study                                     61

3.4  Sample size and Sampling Techniques                 61

3.5  Instrument for Data Collection                            62

3.6  Validity of  Research Instrument                         63

3.7  Reliability of the Instrument                              63

3.8  Method of Data Collection                                  64

3.9  Method of Data Analysis                                    64


4.1  Presentation of Data                                         65

4.2  Data Analysis                                                  65

4.3  Analysis of Research Questions                          74


  • Summary of Findings 75
  • Recommendations 76
  • Conclusions 77
  • Limitation of the study 78
  • Suggestion for Further Studies 79









       A good leadership and administration has been widely acknowledged as a potent instrument for the achievement of national development especially in Nigeria.

Leadership is an important aspect of management. The ability to lead effectively is one of the keys of being an effective manager or administrator. The essence of leadership is follower ship. In other words, it is the willingness of people to follow those whom they perceive as providing means of achieving their own desires, wants and needs, not those who would not provide means of achieving their own desires, wants and needs. That is why any country/organization that desires to achieve her objectives must have an effective and efficient leadership that knows how to apply all the basic principles needed towards achieving a great height of development. The leader must be one who is willing to work with zeal and confidence. Leadership presupposes follower ship. It presupposes a group of people who from among themselves have produced a leader, or from among whom a leader had emerged.

Every one of us finds out that we are leaders and or followers in one context or the other.

National Development is our utmost desire; this is because of the poise and serenity it will bring to our country Nigeria if achieved. It should be noted that any nation without a good leadership and administration is like one driving a care without a head lamp in the night. For Nigeria to attain the height of National development, a good leadership and administration should be kept in view.

Good luck Ebele Jonathan, a former teacher, inspector of education, lecturer and environmental protection and pollution control officer, became Nigeria’s second university educated Head of Government, was sworn in again on May 29, 2011 for a full four year term, as the President of Nigeria following his victory in the April 2011 Presidential elections.

Good luck Ebele Jonathan is the third President of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic and the Fourteenth Head of Government in about 40 years. He had been the President of Nigeria from May 6, 2010 to May 28, 2011 after the death of President Umaru Yar’Adua on May 5, 2010 and is a member of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

He was vice-president of Nigeria from May 2007 until February 9, 2011 invoked the doctrine of necessity to empower him to serve as Acting President, with all the accompanying powers, due to President Yar’Adua’s prolonged absence from Nigeria. On January 13, 2010, a Federal High Court in Nigeria had handed him the power to run the affairs of the Presidency while President Yar’Adua died on May 5, 2010 and Good luck Jonathan was sworn in as President of Nigeria on May 6, 2010 becoming Nigeria’s Fourteenth Head of State, as mandated by the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the largest countries in West Africa. Apparently because of its natural endowment with many resources such as mineral, coal, food and the most profound “Crude oil”. It is also rich in population, gifted with talents in all ramification of life i.e. entertainment (music and arts), sports and so on.

To this regard, if Nigeria must join the 20 largest economies by 2020 AD, her leaders and followers must demonstrate certain capabilities. There have been concerted efforts made by the President and all his cabinet members towards the enhancement of a good leadership and administration, but our leaders must develop new visions and new strategies: must summon new forms of determination and political will: and demonstrate higher levels of patriotism, hard work, selflessness and responsiveness to the challenges facing them.

However, there is a great need for “national development” and in respect to this; the leadership must have a collective vision of the future or its goal; and the path to the achievement of these goals. It must always carry the people along. Nigeria is still posed with challenges like “Ethnicism”. This is higher in the multi-national states in which our country is an example. There is need to reconcile the demands of various ethnic groups, build bridges across religions and gender, and establish a legitimate basis for new forms of Nationalism.



Unlike most advanced countries, Nigeria has struggled to have a constructive political system that provides total freedom from condemnation and imperialism.

In spite of the energy and curiosity, directed towards liberation of the country from decadence and impoverishment; it is evident that the people of Nigeria are still undergoing or witnessing various kinds of economic and socio-political crises that arise from bad governance/leadership which upon time a had jeopardized sustainable development in the region.

To this regard,  problems of good governance administration short coming are specified as follows

a). poor finding of researchers

b.) non –challant attitude  of government towards, the development of science and technology.

  1. corruption, greed, insensitivity and lack of human face from the leaders.

D shortage of skilled personnel in certain key areas.




       From all these, the purpose of this study is to take a closer look on the good governance of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from 2010 till date in attainment of national development in Nigeria.

The following are to be used for the basic of this study.

  1. to examine the good governance in attainment of national development in Nigeria by president Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan from 2010-date.
  2. To investigate the good governance of the president in attainment of national development.
  3. If there are more positive change.
  4. To investigate if there is an effect of good governance of president Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan from 2010-date.





   This research work is of great relevant to the society at large. This is also applicable to the government. At the end of this research, the weak-point and short comings of all the sectors of the nation will be pin-pointed based on the finding, thus proffering reliable solution and measure that will be taken so as to attain the high level of good administration and national development of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

The benefit of this research work to the reader is that, they will be hope full at the time. They will be hope full at the time. They will be upgraded intectlally and also will be highly informed of the ups and dones of the current administration including the strength and weakness, success and achievement of president Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan (GCFR) present administration from 2010 till date.

Knowledge they say is power” hence, the research work will serve as an eye opener, which will give the reader insight on how to participate and also partake in a political affairs of the country geared towards the achievement of national development.

Finally, this research work will go to a large extent widen my scope of knowledge, especially in my course of study “ PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION” it will help me become a better administration, with good governance is and to adopt a potential leader.


This research work covers Good Government and National Developing using President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from 2010 to date.





  1. Is there any good governance in attainment of national development?
  2. Can good governance be used to promote national development?
  3. What are the effects of good governance in the country?
  4. Does good governance play any vital role in economic development of the country?



Governance/Leadership: it is defined generally as the of influencing people the strive, willingly towards the achievement of some certain set goals it was the former president Eisen Hower of the united states of America who defined leadership as the ability to decide what is to be done and then to get other to want to do it.

Administration: this colud be seen or defined as an act of divecting, coordinating and controlling of many persons to achiven some particular set of goal purpose or objective balogan (1983) equally defined administration as any action that is directed to the analysis of policies, identification of opinions and to a substaincial degree, the complementation of programmes as well as efficient allocation of resource in addition to all these calculated decision.

National Development: this is the ability of country or countries to imrove the social welfare of people (eg) by providing social amenities like quality education, portable water, transportation, infrastructure, medical care etc.

Objectives: this is the end towards which actives are aimed.

Development: this refers to a change process geared at improving or marking better life and environment of a man.

Effectiveness: this refers to the extent to which output is in line with organization goals.

Efficiency:  this is defined as fitness of or power to accomplish the purpose intended, it’s also described the relationship between resources consumed in the process of generating effectiveness output and input produced.



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