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Scientific studies have proven that 100% fruit juice consumption has a range of health benefits similar to those of the fresh fruit.

Actually, the composition of 100% fruit juice is very similar to that of the original fruit. It contains most of the components of the original fruit; nutrients, minerals,vitamins and phytochemicals and doesn’t contain more sugar than the fruit itself. According to the codex General standard for fruit juices and Nectars “fruit juices have the essential physical, chemical, organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the fruit which comes (codex STAN 247-2005).

Juices are convenient to consume and have in general a longer shelf life than fresh fruit and may be more easily stored in perfect hygienic conditions. Their packaging can be adapted to various needs, from family consumption to individual serving for children.

100% fruit juice can also make available the benefits of fresh fruit consumption for consumers who may not have access to the original fruit for one of the following reasons:

– Fruits is not grown in the area where they live and the consumption of fresh fruit would be too expensive

–  Transport and storage of the fresh fruit is impossible for organizational reasons.

Moreover, fruit juice blends, which mix several fruits, can add the benefits of each of them.

The World Juice Day

The world juice Day is a worldwide initiative launched by the international federation of fruit juice producers aimed at increasing the consumer’s awareness of the benefits of drinking 100% fruit juice. The world juice Day logo reflects the colors of the different fruit juices shaped as a fruit that is sourced all over the plant.

World juice Day which coincides with the change of seasons (the date envisioned is may 30th each year) and consists in organizing in partnership with national and local authorities, fruit juice associations and fruit juice processors, various activities such as promoting 100% fruit juice in school contents, distributing free samples of fruit juices and setting up out door attractions and performances.

One important aim of world juice Day is also to promote 100% fruit juice drinking among adolescents and young adults as a trendy alternative to other beverages. Encouraging the consumption of 100% fruit juices not only at breakfast but in all occasions of social life goes hand in hand with offering young adults healthier options in the attempt of reducing youth health risk behaviors.

Therefore it is very important that accurate information be given regarding the benefits of 100% fruit juices that as “liquid fruits” are undoubtedly major components of a healthy diet.

IFU’S call for the introduction of an international world juice Day has already received positive feedback from many

National organizations throughoutthe world. Already the Turkish fruit juice Association MEYED has celebrated their third year promotion world juice Day and the Australian fruit juices Association [FJA], the New Zealand juice and Beverages Association (NZJBA) and the Russian Union of fruit juice producers (RSPS) launched their first world juice Day promotions in 2013. Plans are underway in other national fruit juice organizations to commit to thispromotion effort in the near future.

Juice contains a small amount of protein and minerals. Water is the predominant component of fruit juice. Carbohydrate including sucrose, fructose, glucose, are the next most prevalent nutrient in juice. Juices fortified with calcium have approximately the same calcium content as milk but lack other nutrient present in milk. Some juices have high contents of potassium, vitamin A &C. In addition, some juices and juice drinks are fortified with vitamin C. The vitamin C and flavonoids in juice may have beneficial long-term health effects such as decreasing the risk of cancer and heart disease.

It is necessary to know how juice is produced in order to understand the values of the fruit juices which are among the most important food items on your table. The manufacture process starts with agriculture, continues with cultivating trees and continues with the fruit production and harvest and then the method of harvest, carrying to the enterprise and processing in compliance with its related technique and obtaining the concentrated fruit juices and pulps. This is then followed by the packaging and storage of these products.  The concentrated fruit juices and pulps stored are prepared as fruit juice or nectars, packaged and sold. After this long chain of processes has been completed, they finally reach the glass on your table.


The objective of this work is to identify the health benefits of drinking fruit juices.


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