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This research work attempts to access the importance of human
resources as a catalyst for economic growth development in
Nigeria. In the first chapter, the researcher introduced topic and
gave the importance of human resources in economic growth and
development. This was followed by a detailed review of literature
in which the importance of human resources in Economic
development was discussed. The concept of human resources,
human resources development and planning in Nigeria, how best
to manage the human resources for economic growth and
development, economic growth investment in human resources
development, human resources Allocation and development in
Nigeria, manpower problem, economic development in Nigeria and
the enhancement and motivation of human resources in Nigeria.
Data for the study was obtained by questionnaires which is the
primary source of data. Findings from the sourced data showed
that human resources have great importance in economic growth
and development in Nigeria. Finally, it came to a conclusion that
there is need to provide qualitative education and conducive
environment for human resources development in Nigeria.
Recommendation reveals that adequate attention and incentives
should be accorded to human resources development in Nigeria.
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Dedication ii
Acknowledgement iii
Abstract v
Table of contents vi
1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Background Of The Study 1
1.2 Statement Of Research Problem 3
1.3 Objective Of The Study 4
1.4 Research Questions 4
1.5 Scope Of The Study 5
1.6 Significance Of The Study 5
1.7 Definition Of Terms 6
References 8
2.0 Literature Review 9
2.1 Theoretical Foundation Of The Study 9
2.2 The History Of Human Resources Development 10
2.3 Concept Of Human Resources 12
2.4 The Importance Of Human Resources In Economic
Development And How Best To Manage The Human
Resource For Economic Growth And Development. 15
2.5 Human Resources Development And
Planning In Nigeria 18
2.6 Investment In Human Resources Development 23
2.7 Human Resources Allocation And Utilization In Nigeria 26
2.8 Manpower Problem And Economic
Development In Nigeria 33
2.9 Enhancement Of Motivation Of Human
Resources In Nigeria 36
References 40
3.1 Research Design And Methodology 43
3.2 Area Of The Study 43
3.3 Population Of The Study 44
3.4 Sample and Sampling Techniques 45
3.5 Sources Of Data Collection 46
3.6 Instrument Used For Data Collection 47
3.7 Establishing The Validity Of The Instrument 48
3.8 Establishing The Reliability Of The Instrument 48
3.9 Method Of Data Presentation And Analysis 49
4.1 Data Presentation and Analysis 50
4.2 Discussion Of Findings 63
4.3 Limitations Of The Study 63
5.0 Summary Of Findings, Conclusion And Recommendation
5.1 Summary Of Findings 64
5.2 Conclusions 66
5.3 Recommendation 66
Bibliography 69
Appendix 73
Research Questionnaire 74
Nigeria is a dynamic country that is blessed with abundant
human and natural resources. The country has a publication of
140 million according to the 2006 census figures and high amongst
the oil exporting countries.
Human resources is invariably the most important resources
of Nigeria even when there are gigantic machines, sophisticated
equipment and natural resources human resources still prevail.
This therefore, calls for the need to adequately develop the human
resources and then utilize human resources for the development of
the Nigerian economy. The important of the human resource
development in the Nigeria civil services as well as other
organizations is unique and cannot be under=estimated. This is
because; human resources is easily recognized as the most
important of the resource requirement for the production of goods
and services. It is the master key to the rapid industrialization and
socio-economic growth.
Nagga (2000) posited that a country that under-rates the
critical roles and underplays the importance of people in goal
achievement can neither be effective nor efficient. He stressed
that, of all factors contributing to the growth and development of
nation, the human resource is unquestionably the most crucial.
This implied that we might have money. Highly sophisticated
machine, high quality material and land with the most precious
materials on it. Unless we have the right quality and quantity of
human resources, real development and economic growth will be
almost impossible.
The above view underscores the fundamental role which
human labour play as one of the basic element of management in
economic development in Nigeria. It is against this background
that the researcher got interest in the field of human resources.
Since no economy can function efficiently without skilled and
adequately developed workforce.
It is in the light of the above background on the contribution
of human resources development to economic growth in Abuja
municipal area council. That this research is conceived. The
research will investigate the importance of human resources for
economic growth and development in Nigeria.
Human resource development problems in Nigeria appears
to be on the increase. The unemployment phenomenon seems to
be compounded with the absence and misplacement of human
resource to capability of the public and private sectors of the
economy to provide such opportunity for human resources at their
This problem of Nigeria under-employment lies primary with
the neglect of its human resources potential. This study therefore,
is aimed at finding out the important of human resources for
economic growth and development of the country.
i) To study the importance of human resources for economic
growth and development
ii) To study how best to manage the human resources for
economic growth and development.
iii) To ascertain, evaluate and examine the extent to which
increase in investment of human resources development
could serve to economic growth and development.
iv) To find out the problem to the management of human
i What are the importance of human resources for economic
growth and development?
ii. How best can the human resource be managed for economic
growth and development?
iii. To what extent has the development of human resource
contributed to the economic growth and development?
iv. What are the problems involved in the management of
human resources for economic growth and development?
The study is based on the importance of human resources as
a catalyst for economic growth and development in Nigeria. The
research will cover three main organisations. Abuja Municipal Area
(AMAC), Berger Nigeria Plc and Ministry of Foreign Affair (MFA).
The importance of these research work is premised on
finding how human resources development in Nigeria can be
adequately mobilized for the benefit of the economic growth. It is
hoped that it will give importance to the need for increased and
more genuine investment opportunities on human resources in
Nigeria. Also enable the government and appropriate authorities to
make adequate economic and educational provisions for enhancing
the development of human resources.
HUMAN RESOURCES: – These are skill, capacities possessed by
an individual that permits to turn income
ECONOMIC GROWTH: – A long term rise in capacity to supply
increasingly diverse economic goods to its population, this growing
capacity is based on advancing technology and its institutional and
ideological adjustment that it demands.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: – This is a multi-Dimensional
process involving the re-organisation and re-orientation of the
entire economic and social system. It entails qualitative
transformation of society, leads to reduction of poverty
unemployment and inequality.


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