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1.1 Background of the Study

Human resource development has been considered as a help for increasing the productive and organizational goals both in long time and short time in the changing environment either for assistance or for particular area.

Human resources development is concerned with people dimensions of the organization. This organizations objective can be best achieve by acquiring human resources, development, cast them for our need and motivate them for still better performance and ensure that they continue to maintain their involvement commitment, loyalty to the organization. Human resource development has first introduce by Leonard Nadler in (1969) in a conference in united state of America he define human resource development as those learning experiences which are organized for a specific time and designed to bring about the possibility of behavior change.

Human resources development basically consists of three C.S. which is competences, commitment and culture. The concept of human resource development was introduce by Larsen and Turbo in the year (1980) and it was being practice in Indian, industry earlier to that personal functions used traditionally that is to work after salary, administration absenteeism, new employment and maintenance of industrial relation.

The employers was viewed in terms of laws and procedure laid down by personal management but the management realized the important of man above money. Machine and materials hence the concepts of human resource development was introduced and gained. Human resource development is very vast and consist of;

  1. Human resource planning
  2. Recruitment and selection
  3. Training and development
  4. Organizational development
  5. Career development
  6. Job designed
  7. Performance management system
  8. Compensation and benefits.

There are as such no standard guidelines, laid down by government which authorizes the private organizations. Standard human resources policies and practices differ from organization to organization. The guidelines are designed and tailored as per the need of the hour and also organizations well as government regulations. The data groups of industries have laid down the standard guidelines for their organizational set up. They do not follow by guidelines on the basis of their own experience expectations and to secure their primitive purpose. Hence as said, earlier, no standard guidelines have been laid down and such they differ from organization to organization. In the wake of globalization and privatization policy, the organization have to adopt innovative ways to survive and to remain in competitive. It is being realized that human fact giver competitive advantage to the organization. If human resource are treated as assets and carefully maturity their creativity, competence, the organization can successfully accept the challenges and encounter in a fast changing business environment, all organization with enterprising enthusiastic, competence, motivated and satisfied workforce, will remain successful. Creating human assets calls for formulating appraisal policies and practices in every developmental stage v13, planning acquisition, nurturing developing, motivating, rewarding and retaining of manpower, it calls for integrated policies with a strategic planning of the organization and also aligning with a conclusive culture and climate. the policies have been such that it develop a culture pf learning, encourages teamwork and result in enhanced performance. The practices should be such that the employee remains committed to the organization and adds value to the business. In the formal analysis, the human resource policies and practices should have impact on button line of the organization.


1.2 Statement of the problem

The major problem underlying in Nigeria University Nsukka in inefficiency and performance of the staff of the institution. This upon the fact that the governments do not have training policies to train and develop the skills and knowledge of it’s staff to meet the current and future demand. There are no doubt that those unqualified and unskilled personnel have affected the social economic and practical development of the nation, insensitively will obviously constitute  dog in the wheel of progress of any organization. Most organization fails to note the impact of staff a training or all effective and efficient performance and handle staff training with laid gloves. However, poor financing or lack of adequate fund in another major problem militating the Nigeria University Nsukka. This is because necessary materials or equipment which are mostly needed to be used in the council are not provided. This is due to shortage of capital or fund which normally results to malfunction of some department in the council political interference, also drastically hinder the development of the council. This is because most non staff will life a particular issue to be handled the way they want it regardless of the substance of procedures. This means that each time non staff will work to the council only to suggest and equally tries know a particular policy is carried out.


1.3 Research Questions

The following are the research question for the research work.

  1. What are the impact of human resources development on national development?
  2. What are the measures taken by Nigeria University Nsukka to enhances and develop their human resources?
  3. What are the benefits of human resource development in achieving a set goal?


1.4 Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study Human Resources Development and its National Development in Nigeria:. In view of this, this research work is intended to derive the following purpose.

  1. To examine the impact of human resource development on natural development.
  2. To examine the measures taken by Nigeria University Nsukka to enhance and develop other human resources.
  • To highlight the benefits of human resources development in challenging a set goal.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The importance of the study is to let the society known the roles and implication of human resource on grassroot development. It will inculcate into the management of the Nigeria University Nsukka, the need and reason why human resources development is essential for the growth of organization. This is because human resource development is the only way to develop worker in performing their job effectively and accurately for greater result. This study or research work will also encourage and improve the skills and knowledge of workers towards performing their jobs. This research work is also  to serve as a reference for future researcher in their studies. It will also present an organizational models of human resources development encompassing all the aspects of human development from organization point or view.


1.6 Scope of the Study

This topic focuses on human resource development and it’s national  development in Nigeria using Nigeria University Nsukka as a study the researcher hypes to cover all the aforementioned objectives.


1.7 Limitations of the Study

The research work was greatly hampered, by some factors some of which incorporative attitude of some staff who either did not have enough information. Moreover because of the cot involved and the limited time available in collecting information from all other local governments, institution and organizations. Therefore the findings and generation are only restricted to Nigeria University Nsukka.


1.8 Definition of Terms

Human resource development has been considered as a help for increasing the productivity and organizational goals both in longtime and short time in the changing environment either for assistance or for particular area.

Recruitment is defined in the process of seeking and attracting a supply of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be selected.

Selection is the process by which managers determined the relative qualifications of job applicants and their potential for performing well in a particular job.

Training therefore is a process which involves the acquisitions of skills, concepts, rules or attitude in order to improve present and future performance.

Development on the other hand is a process that is concerned with the improvement and growth of the capabilities of individuals and groups within the organization.


1.9 Organization of the Study

In summary, this study is knowledgeably organized in the manner that it will guide the readers through the reading to understand the importance of the human resource development and how it has helped to increase the life of people in Nigeria University Nsukka.

The chapter one of this study comprises of the background of the study, introduced the problem statement and described the specific problem addressed in the study as well as design components.

The chapter two presents a review of literature and relevant research associated with the problem addressed in this study including the theoretical framework.

The chapter three presents the methodology and procedures used for data collection and analysis.

The chapter four contains an analysis of data and presentation of the result.

The chapter five offers a summary and discussion of the researcher findings, implication for practice and recommendation for future research.


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