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1.1 Background of the Study
Television is incorporated within the child‟s experience as it becomes part of the
child‟s inner world.
In discussing about television and evolutional development of T.V, some one may
wonder how television affects a child of ten to eighteen year. But it is apparent that the young
child is dominated by this TV. Children learn to read pictures they understand. In the watching of
television, all the children see in “reality” and events do not follow the social order of the story.
It is by observation of social relationship and by minor reflections of self that the child is
socialized. Dumped mostly prematurely into the twentieth century, it is hardly surprising that the
child still relies on what he see as the deception of reality.
As we accept that television and advertising affects the children‟s linearity in thought
starting with the onset prints, since the young child is exclusively concerned with here and now
of the present which is sufficient by demanding of his intelligence.
Advertising through television presents awesome advantages, they always make sure that
through television advertising, each person‟s idea, viewpoints and services are given equitable
space to express veritable information about their products for the wellbeing of the society in
There are some advertisements of some products which are not good for the seeing of
children. In this study we will be looking at one of the products:
Gold Circle:
Gold Circle “Condom” is manufactured in Nigeria for population services and packed in
Nigeria by the society for family health. Thrown into the mix is the crackdown on condom
advertisers by the Advertisement body charge with vetting and approving advertisement.
They are worried that advertising condoms could promote promiscuity. APCON had
tightened the screw with new requirements that condom advertisement may not be aired on
children‟s programme before 8pm on television or displayed on billboard.
HIV/AIDS activists argued that the measure is counterproductive to the success achieved
in promoting the use of condoms insisting that a large number of young people are finding it
difficult to abstain from sex. Advertisement of condom (Gold Circle) should not be aired on
children‟s programmes as this would affect the mental development of children, the
advertisement should be aired at about 10pm in the late light.
1.2 Statement Of the Problem.
The general purpose of advertising is to create awareness and educate consumers on the
existing product‟s promotion in television and also new products.This pre-supposes that
advertisement is effect because people see how the product is advertised on television. Most kids
play into the world of television long before they enter school.NTA-Enugu is an existing and
prominent television station in the East and applied the use of advertisement to sell out product
and services.The question this study tends to resolve is how has advertising and advertisement
impacted the mental development of children?
1.3 Objectives of the Study
The objectives of the study were:
1. To ascertain the influence of television advertisement on children.
2. To find out if children are guided when watching television.
3. To find out some anti-social behaviors children copy when exposed to television
1.4 Research Questions
The study had the following research questions.
1. To what extent are children influenced by television advertisements?
2. To what extent are children guided when watching television?
3. What anti social behaviours do children copy when exposed to advertisements?
1.5 Research Hypotheses
The following research questions were relevant to this study.
H1: Television Advertisements influences the mental development of children negatively.
H2: The television rights of children are not protected on TV watching.
The study looked at the effect of television Advertisement on the mental development of
children in many ways; countries present how children learn from television advertisement. In a
nation like Nigeria, efforts have to be put in place for effective growth and development.
Therefore, this study is necessary in other to have a better understanding of this media of
communication as television on how it influences, impacts and affects out behaviors mostly on
children and also to eradicate the ignorance that is common with administrators.
1.7 Scope Of the Study.
The study of television advertisement on children is a topic that concern the moral
development of children. The research is de-limited to a product which is not very suitable for
the seeing of the children.
1.8 Definition of Terms
Operational definitions of the terms were used
Influence is defined as an element believed to determine someone‟s character or
individual tendencies or the ability to change the development of fluctuating things such as
Advertising can be defined as a form of paid public announcement intended to promote
the sale of a product or service to bring out some other effect desired by the advertising agency
or is a form of communication through such diverse media as posters, billboards, newspapers,
magazines, radio etc.
Mental Development: It is basically the construction of mind activity such as thought process,
memory, problem solving and decision making as well as over all intelligence.
Television is a system of transmitting and reviewing of images over a great distance
which means seeing at a distance, it contains both sound and visuals.
A child can be described as a young human being boy or girl, newborn who has not
reached the age of discretion.
We talk about a child‟s upbringing for his home of today does not go together with
counseling from parents that could lead the child to end up in a hard way. However, the child is a
gift from God and parents are but caretakers.
Cultural factor:
The cultural background of the child also determines their intellectual growth.
Genetic Inheritance
Children can inherit quite a number of behaviours from parents, for example intelligence
can be inherited so also gentleness, meekness etc


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