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This research study is focused on the role of Advertising on the marketing of Etisalat GSM 0818 services in Enugu State. Some objectives of the study are: To determine the impact of advertising on the marketing of Etisalat GSM. To recommend practical solutions to the problem of advertisement identified.

In the view of this, an in-depth literature reviews on textbooks, journals, useful write-ups was carried out. This was done not only to get wider view of the problem under study, but also get a conceptional understanding of the study.  The population of study were customer and employee of Etisalat. Sample size was determined using statistical formular behaviour. Sample tables and data were used to analyze data collected. Based on these, some of the following findings were made: that advertising by Etisalat increases the sale of GSM 0818 lines. Effective advertisement enhances the marketing of Etisalat GSM, the advert equally impact positively on the profit of the company.  That advertisement is an effective and efficient source of information for both customers and the company. Based on the above findings, the following recommendations were made. Etisalat should take periodic review of the effectiveness of the advertisement coupled with a view to identifying that factors that linger effectiveness and take remedial action. The company should improve on the quality of their product and tailor the advertisement on improved quality. These measures if implemented no doubt will bear positively both the company and consumers alike.


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  • Introduction 1
  • Statement of the study 5
  • Objective of the study 7
  • Research Question 8
  • Scope of the study       10
  • Definition of Terms `                                10



  • An over view of advertising    12
  • The forms of advertising    12
  • The role of advertising     18
  • Determining advertising Budgets     22
  • Measuring the effectiveness of

advertising development                                        31

  • Planning for new product                    33
  • The impact of advertisement on Etisalat             36
  • Methodology      39
    • Research Design      39
    • Area of Study       39
    • Population of study                                       40
    • Sample Size Determination       41
    • Determination of Sample Size for Consumers       43
    • Instrument for data Procedure                       45
    • Validation of Research Instrument      45
    • Reliability of Research Instrument                         45
    • Method of Administration of research instrument. 46
    • Method of Data Analysis       47

4.0  Data presentation Analysis And Interpretation         48

4.1  Data Presentation and Analysis                       48

chapter five

5.0   Summary of findings, recommendations and conclusions.

  • Summary of Findings 61
  • Recommendations 63
  • Conclusion 65




For a company to excel above others in the competitive market, such a company must surely value the importance of advertising.

Onyebuagu (1995:365) is of the opinion that the immediate purpose of advertising is not physically to bring buyers and sellers together but to communicate sales-motivation information, ideas and suggestions to particular target prospects or customers so as to increase the probability to make sales. This explains why some companies  invest huge amounts of money in advertising, to ensure that their products are brought to the knowledge of the  consumers who will reciprocate by patronizing such products. Irrespective of a product, without adequate advertisement to compliments the efforts of other promotional tools such products may not sell, where it does, its continuity is in doubt.

Advertising to some extent is the most visible element of promotional mix which at the same time attracts must of controversial system to it’s impact on consumer buying decision. Among the firms promotional decisions is media selection and scheduling decision these involves determining the best medium or means to deliver and advertising message to the prospective consumers or customers.

According  to Ebue’s media selection (2000:1000) it is the means by which advertiser reach their target audience with advertisement messages one  of the major factors the firm must consider media selection is housing an in-depth knowledge  and understanding of the media characteristic which is the standpoint for selecting a given medium from a whole lot of available media. These media are newspapers, magazines, radio, direct mail, outdoor and television. Advertising is an important medium for creating consumer awareness for goods and services.

In the view of Adirika E.O (2001:161) The role of the media on new product launch it is the media which will help in transmitting the pre-present and post launch information found near. It is the media which will help in transmitting the pre-present and post-launch information found near.

A firms  choice of advertising as a  vehicle  a means of achieving it’s advertising objectives is a function of selectivity, the   vehicle, ability to reach it’s specific target audience/market, it’s penetration and courage  ability. The total number of the target audience that can be exposed to a message, it scheduling flexibility in terms of  had time, cost which could be  relative or absolute, editorial climate production quality and life span and  the degree of acceptability and co-operation a  medium can achieve among advertising intermediates.

Given all these characteristic, advertising has an edge over the media through it’s unique ability of combining vision, audio, and motion reach a large audience at a time with a simple message.

Ebue (2000:103) observed that, these are achieved through its ability to create drams, suspenses, colour and emotion.

Edoga and Ani (2000:274) stated that advertising has the following advantages.

  • reaches a large audience
  • Combines sight and sound
  • Uses picture motion for effect
  • Light attention
  • Appeal to the senses.


Edoga and Ani (2000: 274), stated that advertising has the following disadvantages  

  • It’s limitation are high absolute cost.
  • Short exposure time
  • Perishable message
  • High clutter.



In recent times, advertising has becomes a veritable promotional medium for firms to achieve their marketing communication objectives, particularly in the marketing of GSM products/services.


At this point, it is obvious that the competition faced by Etisalat  is severe as other competitors are trying to take up part of their market share.


Also many customers complain of not being exposed to the television advertising moreso, there is problems in communication since most of  the villagers cannot understand the universal English currently used, consumers also complained that thy are not really exposed to advertising. Most often there would be power failure this affecting the advert message more over some of these customers cannot afford advertising more especially those in remote areas of the state.

Advertising here in Enugu State, Bill boards are removed whenever the local government feels that the companies that owns them are not measuring up in terms of payment, as it is a source of revenue to the local government. Also, posters if used does not last and may reach a limited target audience. Television stations here in Enugu State starts operation late in the evening on like other places like Lagos and Abuja which starts early  enough or even operate till day break, thus most of the consumers who would have loved to watch television programmes were not exposed. There is also completion in the market, each of these firms in the market tries to out smart other thus in this project work, researcher identified the problems associated to advertising in a new product development of Etisalat Nigeria Plc.


The basic objectives of this study are:-
  1. To determine whether the level of awareness of Etisalate 0818 is as a result of advertisement.
  2. To determine the impact of advertising on the marketing of Etisalate products/services
  3. To find out why consumers prefer advertising to other types of promotional tools.
  4. To discover why advertising influence consumers demand of Etisalat
  5. To determine whether advertising to Etisalat leads to increase in profit of the company.
  6. To determine practical solution to the problems of advertisement identified in this research work.

Impact of Advertising in the New Product Development of Estisalat Nigeria Plc

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  1. Does advertising have a significance impact on customer awareness of Etisalate’s GSM 0818… service/product in Enugu State?
  2. Does advertisement increase the sales volumes of Etisalate GSM 0818?
  3. Does advertising have positive effect on the profit of GSM rendered by Etisalate 0818?
  4. Does the advertising of it have any impact on your purchasing decision?
  5. Does exposure to advertising on Etisalate influence customers demand of the service/products?
  6. Is advertising an efficient source of information of the Etisalate 0818 product/services.
  7. Does advertising encourage regular purchases on the part of Etisalate 0818 product/services in Enugu

This study will only investigate the advertising on the marketing of Etisalat GSM services in Enugu State. However, in the view of limited resources, time and other constraints emphasis was placed on Etisalat GSM 0818 service/product within the state.


Marketing – Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying anticipating and satisfying customers requirements profitably.

Advertising:  Has been described as any paid form of impersonal communication about ideas goods and service or an organization by an identified sponsor. It is paid because the space for the advertising message must be bought.

New product- This is a new product which perceived as such by the consumer or which the firm has no previous experience. This permit the inclusion of  variances in existing  products and  their packing as well as  initialing new products so as new product must  sufficiently different from existing alternations to constitute the basis for genuine consumer preference. (According to Adirika E.O 1998:60).


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