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This project work is on the impact of information technology in the banking industry.  And Sky Bank will be chosen as a case study.

In doing this, both primary and secondary data were collected to solve the research problem.  The population of the study comprises of the personal of Sky Bank and the customers that patronize their services.

The research instrument used for data collection were questionnaire and oral interviews.  Tables, frequencies and percentages were used in presenting and analyzing the data collected.  The chi – square statistics was used at 5% level of significance to test the various hypothesis.

From the data analysis, the researcher came up with the following findings:

  • That the customer are not satisfied with the level of information technology of the Bank
  • Then based on the findings above the researcher recommended the following that the bank should:
  • Improve the information technology to help them enhance efficiency of the services and satisfy their customers
  • That the bank should continue to source for information that would help them satisfy their customers.
  • The problem of funds and high cost of information should be taken care of by releasing fund which will be used to improve the quality of information technology of the bank.

The conclusion of this study is that information technology of Sky bank has a vital role to play in enhancing the efficiency of the services provided by the company.


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Approval Page                                                        iii

Dedication                                                             iv

Acknowledgement                                                  v

Abstract                                                                vi

Table of Contents                                                   vii



1.0  Introduction                                                    1

  • Background of the study                            1
  • Statement of Problem 4
  • Objective of the Study 6
  • Research Hypothesis 7
  • Significance of the Study 8
  • Scope of the study 10
  • Definition of Terms 10


2.0  REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE                     11

  • Review Of Related Literature 11
  • Banking environment in Nigeria 14
  • Application of information system

applied in banking industry                         18

  • Types of information system allied in

banking industry                                              21

  • The impact of information technology to all state bank (Head office in Enugu) 25
  • Organizational Profile 28



3.0  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                               31

  • Sources of Data 31
  • Area of Study 32
  • Population of Study 33
  • Sample of six Determination 33
  • Research Instrument 34
  • Treatment of Data 35
  • Questionnaire Distribution 35



4.0  Data presentation, analysis and interpretation                                             36




  • Summary of Findings 64
  • Recommendation 66
  • Conclusion 67






The world is a global village.  It is due to the global state of the world that bedsore became such an organic economic activity armed at producing goods and services.

In this light of this organic nature of business, it constantly changes with improvement is science and technology.  Business men and women have seen the need to also change their mode of carrying out business activities in order to keep abreast with the current practice and to effectively face the constant and new challenges experienced or the business.

This growing expectation challenges prompt the business community into evolving means to smoothen the performance of business.  There are number challenges of business.  These challenges are characterized by the constant changes in trade of customer as well as the competition in the business circle by other competitors all towards achieving or controlling the patronage of the majority of the customer in the entire industry.

According to Nwukw (1998) an article written on 29th September, which says that many bank in the past has strive to improve their counter services and reduce to the minimum, the waiting time for such service by employing more staff to cope with increasing number of customers.

But this did not yield much result with the advert of information technology banks, like all state bank head office has been able to automate some aspect, if not all their operation and this has resulted to lower cost in terms of paid salaries to staff and wasting of customer.  With the help of information technology in the all state bank, according to information systems, the decision making proves, loans and credit evaluations and other banking services have been very efficient.  The all states bank head office having realized the existence in the competitive economy depends on the level of information technology adopt it protectively.  That the range of information technology adopted by all states bank must be determined by the peculiarity of its customer.

Thus, to compete favorable and effectively in the work of today’s complex business environment, the business has to keep itself abreast with the dynamic changes and also adopt new methods currently practiced all over the world, i.e by most success and business.  To this end this research world is set to study and research on “using management information system (MIS) to improve customers service and growth in the banking industry.





Information technology is an entrepreneurial as corporate resources should be managed and it greatly increase the opportunities that are available to the organization.

As a result of the increased demand for customer deposits, Nigerian banks especially the new generalization bank have realized the imperative of good and prompt customer service. Also, due to the fact that the some customers lost their depositin the erstwhile technically insolvent or distressed banks, customers have now become wiser, more discerning alert and sophisticated with regard to choosing where it is safe to put their money  and where they would be served promptly, preferably in a pleasant, courteous and friendly environment.  Thus, they have started looking at the level of service and professionalism of the banks before depositing their funds.  Proximity to the bank is no longer the issue.  Safety and the level of service, with regard to quality, speed and efficiency has become the major imperative.

On the part f the banks, they have realized that one way in which they can provide quality service is through the use of technology.  Hence there is a growing rate of adopting new technologies in Nigeria banking operations.  Moreover, there is a growing evidence that customers have started associating quality of service in a bank with the bank’s possession of online real time system. Infact, possession of such system is now judged to be the sine quanon of a high quality banking service in Nigeria.







Among the objective of the study are

  • To explore the correlation between information technology and services delivery ability of banks.
  • To investigate the effect of information technology, investment on profitability of the all state banks on customer loyalty.
  • To investigate the effect of information technology.
  • To relate the advent of information technology to effective services delivery of all stats bank.
  • To suggest how first, banks executive can direct and managed the image investment information technology and maximize profit.






The null hypothesis will be tested against the alternative hypothesis.


Ho1: Customer choice of banks is not a function of the level of information technology investment of the bank.


Hi:   Customer choice of banks is function of the level of information technology investment of the bank.


Ho:  Customer loyalty do not depend on a high information technology extent in bank.


Hi:   Customer do not perceive all states banks as high information technology bank.


H3:  Customers do perceive all states bank s high information technology bank.



The impact of information technology has contributed immensely to the growth of the banking industry in Nigeria.  Some available telecommunication and information technologies which are presently being used in the banking industry are telephone, facsimile, wireless radiophone, very small opertun terminal satellite (VSAT) telegraph and computer system. So, for a bank to be perceived as providing high quality service, that bank has to have an Information Technology (IT), system which it uses to deliver service to customer in a more timely, friendly and considerate manner, at no extra cost to the customers. The use of information technology increase bank productivity in that with the use of information technology , the bank can attend to a lot of customer since IT speeds up cashiers’ work.  The study revealed that information technology has appreciable positive effects on the bank productivity, cashiers service and bank services, banking transaction, bank patronage and customer services.  These affect the growth of the banking industry in Nigeria positively because customers can now collect money form any branches of their bank.  Also customers do not need to move about with large sums of money and customers are being attended to within a short period of time.

The effect of information technology on an enquiring on a customers’ state of account is highly appreciated by the customers.  It also revealed that telephone, computer systems and facsimile services are available in nearly all eh banks making use of information technology.  Also the use of ATM (Automatic teller Machine) has helped greatly in money transaction.


Although this study is to cover all commercial bank.  The researcher focus on commercial banks especially Skybank.




Management information system, formal method of making available to management the accurate and timely, information necessary to facilitate this decision making process and enable the organization planning functions be carried out effectively.

Electric data processing; the department where data processing takes place for a few organization oral function usually accounting and billing this concept of computer based.



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