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This study is an attempt to investigate the role of leadership and organizational performance. The limitation of this study is the unavailability of the complete data of Independent Television and Radio, Benin City and also the unpreparedness of the staff to assist in getting relevant information and materials.

The research questions were asked to examine effectively how best leadership would be used in realizing organizational goals. Data were collected through questionnaire method.

The major findings of this study are:

  • It was found that no organization can achieve it’s cooperate goals without the support of sound labour force.
  • The behavior and attitude of leaders towards its employees goes a long way in determining the effectiveness of such organization.
  • Effective communication is necessary for better performance.

Based on the above findings of this study, the major conclusions are:

Before a person assumes the position of leadership, its ability to perform the functions elicitly should be adequately accessed so that the right person is given the right task.

A leader should not be autocratic, dictatorial, or laissez-faire in dealing with their employee as this will not make them achieve their desired result from their employee rather democratic system of leadership should be adopted.

Based on the above conclusions, the major recommendation of the study are:

Leaders should be carefully chosen in an organizational set up and they must be sent on training to update their knowledge and skills.

Information concerning the responsibilities of the employees should be promptly and clearly communicated to them so that they will be better placed to discharge their duties effectively and efficiently.



Leadership is an ageless topic. The word ‘leadership’ is used in two very different ways in everyday conversation.  Sometimes, it refers to a process that helps direct and mobilize people and their ideas and at other times, it refers to a group of people in formal position where leadership is expected.

Leadership is influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization. So many people mistake leadership for management but leadership is different.

Management is concerned with planning and budgeting which means establishing steps and time table for needed result and then allocating the resources needed to make that happen while leadership involves establishing directions which means developing a vision for the future and strategies needed to achieve that vision. Leadership can be seen as that process in which one persons sets the purpose or direction for one or more other persons and gets them to move along together with him or her and with each other in that direction with competence and full commitment. Leadership involves accomplishing organizational purpose through people.

Leadership is usually labeled goods or effective when it moves people to a place in which both they and those who depend upon them are genuinely better off and when it does so without trampling on the rights of others.

Leadership is very important in every organization because it is the binding force which leads to organizational effectiveness. It has been acknowledged that the differences between effective and ineffective organization is the quality  of leadership that is attained.

The leadership process is a function of the leader, the follower and other situational factors. Leadership is a property of the social relationship because without followers, there cannot be leaders and without leaders there cannot be followers.


  1. To identify the leadership style that has been adopted by the management of the stations.
  2. To relate the role of leadership style to the performance level of the staff.
  3. To identify problems militating against effective and adequate leadership roles in the organization with particular focus on Independent Television and Independent Radio.
  4. To use the problems identified as a parameter to determine the degree of leadership roles in the growth and development of the organization.


  1. What are the characteristics behavior of leaders in the organization?
  2. Do their subordinates consider them effective?
  3. What is the style of leadership to be adopted in the organization?



  1. There is no significant difference in the opinion of management and non-management staff on the effect of leadership style on organizational performance.
  2. The opinion of staff on their job performance is Independent of leadership role and their relationship with their leaders.
  3. Each leaders role contributes either positively or negatively to the growth of organization.


  1. The findings and recommendations of this study will no doubt contribute to the realization of effective leadership role in the overall or total development and continued growth of Independent Radio and Television in particular and other organizations in general.
  2. The study will be of great benefit to leaders and potential leader. It will equally help administrators and managers to gain more insight into their leadership styles and thus achieve the ability to adjust to situations and have self-control of their leadership traits.
  3. The findings and suggestions by this study will hopefully help the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON) and the information ministry to become aware of some factors that militate against the growth and development, especially the private broadcast industry in this country and ways of improving and enhancing their performances for the overall development of the broadcast industry in the nation.
  4. Furthermore, it is believed that the study will expose the management or leaders of Independent Radio and Television, Benin City to some good administrative skills especially in the area of staff welfare.



This study will not only examine how well managerial activities are performed in Independent Radio and Television which is the case study. It will also satisfy the problems militating against the performance of these activities and proffer solutions that will eradicate these lapses so that there will be growth and development of this organization.

This study will reflect on the relationship between individual leaders and their subordinates and how such relationship has affected their job performances and the growth of the organization.

Therefore the nucleus of this thesis is essentially on Independent Radio and Television. The findings of this study is therefore restricted to the situation as obtained in the area of study.



By this research work, the researcher encountered some set backs. The size of the sample limited the study because it was small. The measurement of variables were imprecise. The researcher was unable to obtain a completely random sample. There were also low response rate of the respondents, which also limited the study.






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