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The rural sector in Nigeria has not witnessed significant level of development in past 55 years of the Nation’s independence. This is evidenced in the apparent lack of basic infrastructures facilities and abysmal poor quality of life on the rural areas. This is so in spite of the contribution of the rural areas to the  overall national development. This research work thus, examines how the process off industrialization in rural areas could foster the development in Nigeria hunter land. It pays particular attention to rural communities in Idemili North Local Government of Anambra state. In gathering the data for the study, we rolled on primary and secondary source of information. And adapted descriptive method of research in our analysis.  The study submits or observes the existence of insufficient emphasis on rural development policies by successive government. Coupled with laxity in implementing few  of such policies. It thus, submits that enhance/aided localization of cottage industries could engender economic growth and development in rural areas.



1.0                                                 Introduction

1.1     Background of the Study

Most development nations define industrialization as a central objectives of their economic policy as an integral part of growth and structural changes. Some economic and analyst are of the view that industrialization plays a major in the economic growth and development of any nations.

In this work, effort is made to assess that impact of industrialization in  economic growth of Nigeria since 55 years of nations independence. There were numerous economic activities undertaken by Nigeria. Nigeria were among the most active and industrious group of people in Africa. The economic activities were based mostly in primary production especially on agriculture, fishing, and rearing of animal.

The rural sector of Nigeria is very vital in socio-economic development equation of the nation. It is as observed by Nyagba (2009) that the most important sector of the Nigerian population is the rural area.  for instance, the rural sector is the major source of capital formation for the country and a principle market for domestic manufacture (Olatunbosun, 1975). As a matter of fact, the rural  area engage in primary economic activities that form the foundation of the country’s economic development. Given the contribution of the rural sector of the national economy, enhancing the development of the sector should be central to government.

This is necessary as such would further enhance the liability of the sector for increased contribution to the overall natural growth and development.

Unfortunately, over the years, the development strategy and effort in Nigeria has been more urban based or focused resulting to relative neglect of the rural areas and evidenced in the apparent dearth of public infrastructure facilities in the rural areas.

Indeed, observed the rural areas in Nigeria are characterized by inadequacies of human needs as referred in the near absence of some basic infrastructure with it attendant feature of degradation and deprivation. (Ezeah, 2005: 3) especially. In this respect observes this, The Nigerian rural areas are neglected area. even though social amenities  are also not adequate in some urban areas, the situation of the rural area is for worse as many communities lack basic amenities like, good roads maKrkets, election city pipe born water, cottage industries and medicine delivery etc.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Provision of basic amenities to most hither lands and rural areas in Nigeria has been without adequate attention for government, road density, electricity, pipe borne water, cottage industries, medi-care delivery etc. in short supply across borders. Successive goods, have provided next to nothing in that regard and the people have continued to live in using structure localization of industries into engender organization and rural developing in Nigeria.

1.3     Research Questions

  1. What is the relationship between industrialization and rural development?
  2. What is the impediment of the realization of the meaningful development in Idemili
  3. What is the contribution of industrialization development in Idemili.
  4. Is there policy recommendation?

1.3     Purpose of the Study

It has been observed that most poorly industrialized area of which Idemili is one, has not realized their economic development goal even with the existences of manufacturing industries with the economy.

  1. To analyze the relationship between industrialization and rural development.
  2. To determine the contribution of industrialization in Idemili.
  3. To examine the impediment that hinders the realization of meaningful development in Idemili.
  4. To mark policy recommendation.


1.5     Significant of the Study

The significant of the study has on the fact that will expose the extent to which industrialization has contributed in the economic growth in Idemili, it will highlight some obstacles hindering Idemili from becoming an industrialized place. This work will be relevant to entrepreneurs and government by directing them to easiest means on industrial development. It will help establish the relevant of industrialization in order to uplift the economy. Thus study will reveal that the industrial sector is the engine for economic growth and development.

1.6     Scope of the Study

The scope of the study is the research boundaries; the scope is on rural development. How it can be manage through industrialization process, it focus areas is Idemili North Local Government Area. Idemili State. The study is to identify factors limiting the provision of infrastructure and enabling environment for business to flourish.

1.7     Limitation of the Study

Hardly will a research be conducted without a constraint in a country such as our where a hierocracy cut as constrain in the flow of information and where there is inaccurate data and statistics. There really have to be a problem in where included.

Financial Contracts: This rising cost of living has complicated the cost of embarking on a thorough research work, it is therefore to costly to embark on a thorough research work.

Lack of Research Skill and Problem of Secrecy: Most information meant for public consumption is some time tagged secret, thereby, retraining our ability to have all the necessary information or data needed to be subject matter.

1.8     Definition of Terms

  • Development: According to (Seer 1972), defined development as a process of involving the fulfillment of the necessary condition for the realization of the human personality, some of the necessary condition includes, education and skill included human capital development and accessible health and system. According to (Rodney, 1969), sees development as multi sided or mono-sided process at the individual levels it implies increased skill and capacity greater freedom of action, creating self discipline responsible and greater material and psychological well-being. According to (1985: 108), also view development as a multi dimensional process involving the re-organizational and re-orientation of the entire economic and social system. This involve the addition.
  • State Here: The improvement of income and output. It also involve radical change in institutions, social administrative structure as well as Uniprix attitude. Customs and believe, he also view that development is both state of mind as well as physical reality, which the society has gone through some forms or process.
  • Rural Area: According to (World Bank 1975), defines rural development as a strategy designed to improve the economic and social life of a specific group of people who live in a rural area. it involves extending the benefit of development to the poorest among those who seek a livelihood in rural area. These groups includes small-scale farmer, tenants, the landless Noman etc. According to (Okoye, 1979), perceives it as a process of people who live in the rural area. Strategies of the rural development should therefore aim providing the rural dwellers with opportunities for gainful employment as well as the explanation of social service which could enhance the welfare and security of the rural people. This connotes the interior or remote part of the local government which the central government wants to develop by creating local government.
  • Local Government: This is the third tier of the government within the state changed with the responsibility of developing and administration of the people. According to (Ikelegbu, 1994), it must be stated here that local government is compliment and extent the national government to rural areas. According to (Itaroted Lacks). This states that national government can only become meaningful to citizen only through the activities of local government.
  • Government: This is the agency of the ruling class, which is change with the responsibility of exercising the state power on behalf of the people.


1.9  Organization of the Study

This research work is organized in five chapters, for easy understanding, as follows. Chapter one is concern with the introduction, which consist of the (background of the study), statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, research hypotheses, significance of the study, scope of the study etc. Chapter two being the review of the related literature presents the theoretical framework, conceptual framework and other areas concerning the subject matter.     Chapter three is a research methodology covers deals on the research design and methods adopted in the study. Chapter four concentrate on the data collection and analysis and presentation of finding.  Chapter five gives summary, conclusion, and recommendations made of the study


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