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1.1 Background of the Study
Theatre has become more popular over the years. It is generally known to people as a
building designed for performance of plays, dances etc.
In our institution today where there is Theatre Art Department some of their output works in
theatre industries, while some are independent, although the word theatre and drama are often
used interchangeably. Theatre is not inherent in drama only rather it encompasses the words
and action of our everyday activities. Therefore, the Theatre Arts Departments need good
management practices in order to enhance their work for the benefit of their student.The
theatre manager must be sensible enough to create and maintain effective running of the
industry with the help of his colleagues.
Theatre arts has a lot of impact on national development due to great influence that drama has
in the society people get to learn one or two things mostly in drama performance.
Statement of the Problems
The University base Theatre or Theatre in the Academics is a microcosm of the Theatre Arts
practice in our society, furthermore it is the basis of theatre practices in the larger society
because the institution trains the practitioners. However, as relevant as the Academics
Theatre due attention has not been given to it; specifically in the area of the Management of
their Theatre. It is against this backdrop this project will therefore examine the role of the
theatre manager, function of management and importance of the Academics Theatre
specifically FUOYE Theatre Art Department. This study shall look at the management
theory, application and effect in an organization, theatre industry most especially FUOYE
Theatre Art Department.
Purpose of the Study
This research is designed to examine the challenges facing department of theatre and media
arts in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti state. The purpose of this is to draw out its managerial effectiveness in
Appling the principles of management in the Department. It is also meat to proffer solution to
the challenges at hand.
Significance of the Study
This research is significant because it will serve as a means of guideline to manager or
director in an organization and also draw the government attention for assistant in our
institution at large.
The Scope of the Study
The scope of this research encompasses and it confined to the effective management of
department of theatre and media art Oye Ekiti.
Limitation of the Study
There is the problem of gathering relevant literature to enhance accurate information for the
research. There is also the problem to meet with the head of the department.
The methodology adopted in this research is library research and observation by
Definition of Terms
For proper understanding and flow of the content of this research, it is essential for some key
terms and words to be defined.
Below are some necessary definitions of term and words used in the course of the study.
1 Management: can be defined as the process of performing the activities of planning,
organizing, staffing, leadership and control so as to achieve goals effectively (HARVEY
SHORE 1) it can also be known as an individual or group of individual that accept
responsibilities to run an organization. They plan, organized, direct and control all the
essential activities of the organization.
The acts of management exist and as to do with the way in which human being organize
themselves time, energy and resource.
All human activities are aimed at achieving certain goal management therefore is very
important towards the achievement of goal. It involves discipline against lavish spending.
Theatre manager: the theatre manager can be a manager of troupe or physical facilities
combine both artistic and administrative responsibilities, he is head of the day to day program
executive team of the entire organization (RemiAdedokun35)
The theatre managers have responsibility for the personnel, financial and administrative
aspect of the theatre. They need to be commercially minded and may be responsible for
leading marketing and publicity activities costume care is also crucial part of the role to
ensure the public get the most out of their experience when visiting the theatre that is the
public we be comfortable and as the same give the best in which they can offer.
Stage manager: can be defined as the theatre relations manager of any performance. He is the
link between the director and his actors, the mediator between actors and the script.
(Adedokun44) the work of the stage manager goes beyond the relation between himself and
the crew. The stage manager is a discipline person because he come into the rehearsal ground
as early as possible to make the place conductive for the actor, presence he sees that the
temporary stage is ready with the set in place. He does this because most plays are rehearsed
where they will not be performed.


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