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This study deals with a review of the motivation and employee performance in the public sector: A case study on Nigerian Television Authority, Channel 12 Owerri, Imo State.  One of the pressing problems facing many organizations today is their inability to motivate their workers towards achieving the organization’s goals.  For that a need to research on this fiscal measure is to know if expected result of this motivation are achieved by the organization who benefit from this relief.  Chapter one introduces the topic which includes the background of the study, theoretical framework, statement of hypothesis and definition of term and also a brief history of the topic.  Chapter two looks at the literature review, introduction that is different authors that emphasize more on the various definitions and explanation on what the topic is all about. Chapter three deals with the research methodology, research design, method of data collection, sample size, sampling technique and data analysis techniques.  Chapter four treats the presentation of data, data analysis, and research findings.  While chapter five looks at the summary, recommendation and conclusion of the research study.  The researchers do sincerely hope that this study will contribute its quota in understanding the importance of motivation in the public sector.




Title Page                                                              i

Approval Page                                                        ii

Dedication                                                             iii

Acknowledgement                                                  iv

Abstract                                                                v

Table of Contents                                                   vi



Introduction                                                          1

  • Background of Study 1
  • Statement of Problems 4
  • Objective of the Study 5
  • Research Question 5
  • Significance of Study 6
  • Scope of Study 7
  • Limitation of the Study 7
  • Definition of Terms 8



Literature Review                                                    10

  • Introduction 10
  • Job Allocation 12



Research Methodology                                             19

  • Introduction 19
  • Research Design 19
  • Method of Data Collection 20
  • Sample Size 21
  • Sample Technique 21
  • Data Analysis Technique 22



Presentation of Data                                               25

  • Introduction 25
  • Data Analysis 26
  • Research Findings 34



Summary of Findings, Conclusion & Recommendations 36

  • Summary of Findings 36
  • Conclusion 37
  • Recommendations 38

References                                                      39

Appendix                                                        41









Generally, people work in order to make money, acquire wealth and take care of their needs.  Motivation and employee performance are vital tools to achieving organizational goals and objectives.

Motivation has been defend by many scholars, authors and researchers.  Hiuse and Barditch (1977):177) defined motivation as the “condition responsible for variation in the intensity, quality and direction of an ongoing behaviour”.

Behaviour is caused by the individual’s attempts to satisfy his or her needs.  Mockler (1973:778) states that “a person is motivated to work in order to satisfy some needs.  Hence, the definition sees motivation in three perspectives:

  1. A need such as hunger or self-actualization which arises in a person.
  2. The person recognizes that he must satisfy this need and so it motivated to action.
  3. He takes action to satisfy that needs either by getting a job or deciding to keep working at his or her previous job.

In public sector, before a manager can understand and effectively carryout these function of motivation, he must therefore be well informed and thoroughly understands what motivates his subordinates at work.  This is because individual differs in their wants and aspirations and must be treated as such.

The presence of these unsatisfied needs in individuals induces them to work or act harder.  The incentives that can prompt a worker to engage in the behavior needed of him in the organization include extra hours bonus at luxury rate availability of basic facilities, e.g. pipe borne water, electricity etc.

Can loans, free health services for both the worker and their families, relieve duties and job schedule etc.  According to Stephen P. Robbins, (1979:15) asserts that an employee’s future is closely related to his or her promotion, increase of payment and continuation of employment are among the obvious benefits.  We might also define motivation in terms of some outward behavior.  People who are motivated exist a greater effort to perform than those who are not motivated.



Nigerian Television Authority Channel 12 Owerri was commissioned on 1st of April, 2002 by Professor Jerry Gana the former Federal Minister of Information and Culture.  This station has about 40 workers.  The station is a television broadcasting station, established for discrimination.  They are also engaged in commercial, burial ceremony, coverage, wedding, birthday parties, social activities, festivals, naming ceremonies etc.

The management of NTA channel 12 Owerri motivates their workers by providing conducive working environment, awards, promotions and even pay their salaries at due time and at the same time, assure their workers of job security.  Also there is good management and workers relationship.



       Certain factors can make workers to perform effectively and efficiently in their places of work. This project attempts to examine the effects of motivation and employee performance in the public and private sectors in Nigeria


  1. To determine the relationship between employee performance and motivation.
  2. To ascertain whether employee’s unwillingness to embrace challenges is as a result of late salary payment.
  3. To determine the relationship between employee and the employers.
  4. To ascertain the extent the poor relationship between workers and their supervisors has caused lack of enthusiasm in doing a specific task.


  1. To what extent is there a relationship between employee performance and motivation?
  2. To what extent is the unwillingness of employee to embrace challenges as a result of late salary payment
  3. To what extent is the relationship between employee and the employers?



This study (motivation and employee performance) is an essential tool on any public or private sector a contribution on the field of public administration.  Furthermfore, this study helps to supply the organization with vital information.  It also helps to examine the close detail, the techniques and in turn, increase productivity.

Through this study, more experience is required in a better place of work.  It is very important to embark on this study because of everyday problems that arises in the organization – strike, dispute, absenteeism, non-challant attitude etc.

It is believed that this study (motivation and employee performance) will be of great importance and of large use to the general public and if managed and contributed well.  It is also of benefit to employers of labour, students researchers, government and National Television Authority (NTA).



For proper data collection and analysis, the scope of this study covered in Nigerian Television Authority, Channel 12 Owerri Imo State, Owerri municipal.





The following limitations were encountered in the course of this study.

  • Time: This was a major constraint due to the fact that time given for this project work was not enough compared to the volume of academic work the researcher is doing.
  • Finance: This was another major constraint as there was not enough money for transportation, buying and printing of materials, browsing on the internet to get this work done.
  • Accessibility of Data: To assess data needed from organizations was not an essay one as most organizations where not open to me.
  • Work Load: The academic work load was not left out as a major limiting factor as the workload left me no opportunity to do the research work.



For the purpose of our-study some of the terms used will be defined as:

  • Motivation: This can be defined as those activities which involve the satisfaction of a worker’s desire, needs and similar forces in order to induce them to act to desired manner.
  • Employee Performance: The proficiency in accomplishing task in relation to the standard.
  • Public Sector: This is a governmental organization which depends on the government for their capital and revenues and who are accountable to the governments.
  • Management: This simply means a group of people or persons controlling, planning, organizing, actuating and coordinating an organization in other to achieve its aim and objectives.



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