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The study investigated the motivational roles of parents and teachers in the effective teaching and learning of Basic Science. The study employed ex-post facto design the sample consist of one hundred parents (50 males and female) whom participated incompletion of parents motivational as it influences learning outcomes in Basic Science questionnaire in Atiba local government area of Oyo state. The instruments was given to my supervisor and two experts in the department for content validity and reliability co-efficient was r = 0.78. data collected was analyzed using statistical method of t-test and chi-square. The data revealed that the t-calculated of 0.07 is less than the critical value 1.98 this means that there is no significant different between the parents motivation and learning outcomes and also x2 calculated is 2.13 at 0.05 level of significance is less than x2 table which is 16.92, this indicate that the hypothesis is rejected. There is no significant main effect of the contribution of the parent’s motivation and teacher’s competence on learning outcome. It was recommended that parents should motivate their children for it improved learning outcomes.  






Parents are the first guide to their child behavioural engagement basic science is one of the major subjects offered by all students in Junior Secondary School in Nigeria. The number of students offering basic science is more than the capacity of the number of teacher’s in effectiveness. In addition, Basic science has the perennial problems of lack of class activities and instructional resources to teach the subject. The use of relevant instructional resources as well as carefully guided activities engages students in meaningful learning, Dogara and Ahmadu (2000).

Another major problem is the use of poor teaching methods. Akpan (2008), Ibrahim and Odedele (2010) identified poor teaching method as one of the reasons for poor academic achievement. The student’s educational goal, acquisition of scientific knowledge, attitudes and skills depends on the right type of instructional methodologies employed by the teacher. All students are not the same in every respect. They acquire learning at different time and rate. For this reason, any wrong method used by the teacher affects the objectives of the lesson, make students’ performance on a level worst than it could ever be motivation comes from Latin rot of motive, motives “to move” Mac cullum and early researchers were concerned with what moves a resting organism to a state of activity . Now whether you call it passion, enthusiasm or dedication, people want to motivated, organization want motivate people working for them (Robb & Myatt, 2013), schools and colleges want motivated tutors and learners in their respective institutions. Therefore the study determines the roles of parents and teachers in the effective teaching and learning of basic in schools.


Several studies have reported on association between parent-child relationship and student motivation (Furrer and skinner 2011 Hughes and Kwok, 2007). However, direct examination effects of parental motivation on student are learning outcomes are few as only a couple of student were identified.


What is the joint contribution of the parent motivation and teacher’s competence and student learning outcomes in basic science?


(i)      There is no significant difference between the parent’s motivation and learning outcome of students in basic science.

(ii)     There is no significant difference between the teacher’s competence and parent’s motivation in learning outcome of students in Basic Science.


This study delivered its significant in the fact that on all aspect of parental involvement or motivation has perfectly predicted statement achievement motivation and therefore a need for further studies investigating various aspect of parental involvement and different elements of parents motivation as it influence the student’s effective teaching and learning of basic science. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to provide an integrative view by examining the effects of parental and teacher motivation on effective learning in basic science. The study will takes a closer look at how various dimensions of parental motivation predict academic motivation in basic science, and explores specific ways in which various dimensions of parental involvement might be differentially related to each of the motivational outcomes.


This study focused on dimensions of this following constructed.

  • Parental aspiration for student’s post secondary education
  • Parent’s participation in school functions
  • Family rules reflecting parental home supervision
  • Teachers advising
  • Parental participation in extracurricular activities
  • Teacher-school communication concerning student’s school problems
  • School-imitated contact with parents and
  • Parents-imitated contact with schools on benign school issues




This study is limited to Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo State.


Motivation: – It refers to causes that get basic science students moving and up life interest.

Parent: – Is the bearer of the children he/she also pays the children in school fee at all levels of education starting from primary to tertiary levels.

Learners: – This refers to individuals students engaged in some or other form of basic science study.

Teacher: – These are professional’s people with quality requirement to impact knowledge in basic science.

Achievementin Basic Science: – This refers to the scores obtained from protest and post test administration of basic science student’s achievement test.

Instructional Strategies: – These refer to the techniques of bringing about behavioural changes in learners during delivering of basic science process. It makes science teaching and learning a meaningful enterprise.



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