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The purpose of the study is to identify problems facing the teaching of government in our secondary schools. The study was carried out in Ogbomoso South Local Government. Five schools were randomly selected with teachers and students of government as the target population, one hundred (100) students and ten (10) teachers were used respectively. Two structured questionnaires were prepared. One for the teachers and the other for the students.  Data collected through the instrument were statistically analyzed using simple percentage method. Based on the study the following results were made from the analysis of the questionnaire of both teacher and the students. Qualification and dedication of the teacher affect the learning of government teaching materials also affect the teaching and learning of government. Lack of proper and adequate preparation by the teacher affect learning of government. Consequent upon the above the following recommendation were made. Government should provide enough funds for schools to purchase teaching aids materials to facilitate teaching and learning of government. Adequate provision should be made for government teachers to attend seminars and workshop to made them current in the field.






Experience and observation of the researcher arose in choosing this subject matter. For instance, all government teachers have it in mind that the subject they are teaching and also, the method and teaching aids they are using in carrying out the task are to some extent beyond the level of these students. In order to correct these impressions, the researcher seeks to find the possible solutions to these problems facing the teaching of government in our senior secondary schools especially in Ogbomosho south Local Government.

In order to find possible solutions to the problem facing teaching of government, it is imperative to train more personnel to handle the subject matter effectively. It is with this background in mind that the researcher conducted investigation on the problem facing the teaching of government in our secondary schools with particular reference to Ogbomosho south local Government Area. Every society irrespective of the level of development and geographical location is faced with one kind of problem or the other. Such problem may be social, economic, environmental, religion, psychological and political crisis which have effects on teaching and learning processes, especially in our secondary schools.

However, these problems exact different pressures or weight on different societal institution as man tends to interact with the components of his environment.

The home is one of the institutions in any social set up. It is faced with many problems which can lead to instability and disintegration in teaching and learning system. Government as a subject matter is one of the subject offer in the social sciences, as a discipline which is inevitable.

It deals with human being is a science that studies human behaviours in terms of government activities in the society. Like any other social science disciplines it does not curve a single or universal definition that is generally accepted.

It has many definitions as the scholars.

Johnson Ugoji Anyaele (1991) defined government as a body vested with the power and authority for maintain security. Peace and stability by making and enforcing conventional and fundamental law in a given state or society. One of the accepted definitions of government as a subject in the secondary school level is that “Government can be defined as a group of people or person who make an enforce law in a given state or country”. A careful look at the various definitions government would reveal the following facts.

That through the formulation and implementation of policies in the state government as a process of art of process regulates the activities of citizens and at the same time the affairs of the state.

That in order for the art of governing to be less cumbersome and be more effective and efficient, governmental power that exist in the state are not vested in one organ of government rather, government is divided into three main organs. These organs are legislative, executive and judiciary.

That how established body of person is vested with the authority and power to regulate control and protect people in a state.

That the study of how formation of government an institution of the state arose as a result of people coming together and living together to form a society.

Government as a subject is one of the subject being studies at the secondary school level under the new national policy of education. The inalienable role which government plays in Nigeria society has called for the need to study some of the problems facing the teaching of the subject.

The knowledge of government of our country as administrative officers, personnel officers e.t.c.

It trains the citizens of a country to know their rights, duties and obligations as citizens. Government also enable citizen to understand the type of system of government adopted in their country and the implications of such system of government. The knowledge we gain from the study of government as an academic field of study inculcates in students the spirits of nationalism and patriotism. It enables students to acquire knowledge for the practical solutions of the government problem in the society. This study principally discuss the fundamental problem of teaching government at the secondary school level in addition to research into many literature on method of teaching and its attendants problems.

This draws heavily from the experience of many government teachers in the field.

Government as a subject was first examined in Nigeria November/December 1967. It was introduced to the students to form III of old system of five years secondary schools education. Mean while the study of the problems confronting the teaching of government will assist in proffering solution to them so that the objectives of including subject in the secondary school curricular may be achieved. Government as a subject in secondary school level was also called political science in the higher institution.

The study of political science enables the student of tertiary institution to take active part in the political activities of the country and to fight for their right. Political science influence out thoughts, feeling and lives. Political science enables the students of tertiary institutions to be aware of how it operate ourselves with information and ideas on how far we in.

It is a necessary and useful form of social relationship. It helps students to become more aware of the concepts and values perpetuated by political science.

Conclusively, the need to study the problem is a formed by unimpressive performance of students of government over the years.


Student’s performance in government in the recent time has been on the decline.The causes have not been established in any observers have laid the blame on teachers other accused the students for nonchalant attitude towards their studies while many people believe it is the fault of the school. It is the conflicting perception of the people that motivated and investigated the researcher to investigate further, the main causes of students poor performance in external examinations in governments in some secondary schools in Ogbomosho south local government.






  1. Is the attitude of students towards governments effect the teaching of government in secondary schools?
  2. Are there relevant teaching aids for government in secondary schools?
  3. Are there enough textbooks for the teaching of government in secondary school library?
  4. Is the attitude of teacher to the subject encouraging the students to learn?
  5. Are there enough specialists (teachers) teaching government in secondary schools.

The problems facing teaching of government in secondary schools make the researcher aim at achieving the following objectives at the end of the research exercise.

  1. To identify the problems of teaching of government as a subject in schools in Ogbomoso South Local Government .
  2. To examine the extent to which these problems have affected the performance of the students in government
  • To proffer solution to the problems of teaching/learning of government in Ogbomoso south local government.




The scope of the study is limited to secondary schools in Ogbomoso South Local Government. There are 10 secondary schools in Ogbomosho south local government, 5 secondary schools will be used to carry out the research in Ogbomoso south local government. Among the subjects offered at the final S.S.C.E., Government is singled out for investigation cause of student’s poor performance however forms the core of this investigation.


The decline in the effectiveness of teaching/learning of government cannot be separated from some problem facing both the teaching and learning of government. Both the teachers and students will benefit from this study because it will help them to modify y their techniques of teaching and learning and try to improve some teaching aids so as to motivate that will help the students to have more interest in the subject.

This will also help students to improve on their examinations performance in Government. It will also serve as a means of provide better trained teacher for the new generation in the field of study, the community also will benefit from this study by identify.

The problems affecting their children’s performance in one of the subject at their S.S.C.E. It is hoped that the result will educate the parents and guidance hence the need to change their attitude towards the teacher and the school in general.


This research is limited to selected secondary school in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area, there are many secondary schools in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area due to time constrain and financial incapability the researcher will be carried out in selected schools in Ogbomoso South Local Government.



Government as an institution of state may be defined as agency or a machinery through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and trained.


Government as a process or art of governing may be define as a body vested with the power and authority for maintaining security, peace and stability by making and enforcing conventional and fundamental law in a given state or society.


Government as an academic field of study of agencies, political institution and dynamics of state. This study also involves looking into functions and relationship between these institutions concerned in the steering of the affairs of the state.

Government as an academic field of study also studies international organization of which the state has membership and relationship between the state and other states in the world government as an academic field of study is given various name as it suites the institution refers to it as government or political science or simply politics.


This is the ability to transfer knowledge, value, skills and ideas to other people.

It is a process whereby knowledge is transmitted form teacher to the learner.


This is change of modification of behaviour or response as a result of some form of experience. It is also more or less permanent change in behaviour which results from activities, training or observation.

Government is referred to as an art of governing because it is a body vested with the supreme power of the affairs of a state. A government is vested with the power of maintaining peace and security by putting in place machinery of that purpose.

Government as an institution of the state may be defined as machinery established by the state to organize the state, manage its affairs and administer its functions and duties. It is also seen as machinery through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and realized.

Government as an academic field of study involves the study of political institutions in the state, ideas, values and doctrines about politics, the view of political thinkers on what constitutes the welfares of the people. It is a social science subject that is taught in schools and colleges as well as in higher institutions where it is popularly known as political science.



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