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Background to the study

Classroom management and control is one of the major elements of teaching and learning process which are geared towards attainment of specific goals(Shart,2016). The goals can only be accomplished, if the teacher tries to put in place appropriate methods or strategies and good classroom managerial skill. For teaching to be meaningful, classroom management and control is essential. The classroom could be seen as a school environment which accommodates teachers, pupils, instructional materials and infrastructure facilities which enable teaching and learning experience or problems to take place.

Abuya (2013) sees management as the organization through systematic coordinated and cooperative human efforts. Therefore, classroom management involves the utilization of available resources in the accomplishment of  stated objectives and to make resource productive in order that the teaching and learning process  may achieve its goals.

Classroom management and control is an important concern of every teacher; experienced or novice, man or woman, old or young. Student teachers of economics report to be experiencing a handful of problems related to classroom management (Merç, 2014). According to Luo, Bellows, and Grady (2011), for many graduate teaching assistants, controlling classroom environments can be overwhelming. Even teachers with 25 years of experience can still face classroom management problems (Kyriacou, 2015).         When the component of a foreign language classroom is added to the setting, the situation becomes even more problematic and uncertain (Fowler & Şaraplı, 2010). In order to deal with the possible already existing and forthcoming classroom management and control problems, teachers are employing a number of strategies. Whether these strategies work well for their classrooms, or just fail is a matter of concern to all teacher education researchers (Tahir & Qadir, 2012). For building an effective training model, there is an urgent need for the examination of the classroom management and control issues in depth and the identification of  effective strategic management techniques that are best suited for effective  teaching. `Becoming effective in classroom management will benefit not only the students but also teachers. It is on this ground that  one deemed it necessary to investigating problems of classroom management and control.

Statement of the Problems

The need for teachers to acquire classroom management and control strategies and techniques has been identified and documented as being essential for effective teaching and learning. Classroom management ranges from practical advice from experts to sophisticated research studies and guides from teachers on classroom control (Kyriacou,2013). However not much research has been done towards identifying and managing classroom problems  arising from student behaviours, particularly in  Anambra state

Researchers contend that all teachers, regardless of their effectiveness or them being in special or regular education, will need to deal at some stage with behaviour problems in the classroom (Kerr & Nelson,2015). Despite the available literature on how to handle  problems of managing classroom behaviour, the problem of classroom management still persists and teachers still cry out for help. Research works revealed that teachers still perceive classroom management of behaviour problems as of major concern to them (Kyriacou & Roe, 2011).  It is against these backdrops that have necessitated this study into investigating the problems of classroom management and control.

Purpose of the study

The main purpose of the study is to investigate the problems of classroom management and control. Specifically, the study will ascertain;

  1. The problems of classroom management and control.
  2. The causes of problems of classroom management.
  3. The strategies effective for the control of problems associated to classroom management.

Significance of the study

The study will benefit  teachers, students, school administrators and future researchers.

Teachers will benefit from the study as the study will highlight the problems of classroom managements, it causes and strategies effective for it control.

Student will benefit from the study as the study will also enable them see the benefit of classroom management and control on their learning process and academic performance.

School administrator will benefit from the study since the study will enlighten them on the need of providing adequate facility that will enable effective control of classroom management.
Future researchers, will benefit from the study as it will serve as a source of research material and reference for related study.

Scope of the Study

The scope of the study covers the problems of classroom management and control. It focused on secondary school students in Awka South L.G.A. It will also focus on the problems  of classroom management and control, causes of  problems of classroom management and strategies effective for the control of problems associated to classroom management.

Research Questions

The following research questions  guided the study as follows;

  1. What in the views of secondary school teachers are the problems of classroom management and control?
  2. What causes the problems of classroom management and control?
  3. What are the strategies effective for the control of problems associated to classroom management and control


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