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There were three fundamentally distinct education systems in Nigeria in 1990.  The indigenous system, Schools and formal European-style education institutions.  In the rural areas where the majority lived, children learned the skills of farming and other work, as well as the duties of adulthood, from participation in the community, this process was of ten supplemented by age based schools in which groups of young boys were instructed in community responsibilities by mature men.  By the 1970s, education experts were asking how the system could be integrated into the more formal schooling of the young, but the question remained unresolved by 1990.

Western-style education came to Nigeria with the missionaries in the mid-Nineteenth century.  Although the first mission school was founded in 1843 by Methodists, it was the Anglican Church missionary society that pushed forward in the early 1850s to found a chain of missions and schools.  Followed quickly in the late 1850s by the Roman Catholics in 1887 in what is now Southern Nigeria, an education department was founded that began setting curricum requirement and administered grants to the mission societies.  By 1914, when North and South were United into one colony, there were fifty-nine government and ninety-one mission primary schools in the South; all eleven secondary schools, except for king’s college in Lagos, work run by the missions. The education system focused strongly on examinations. In 1916 Fredrick Lugard, first governor of the Unified Colony, set up a school inspectorate.  Discipline, building and adequacy of teaching staff were to be inspected, but the most points given to a school’s performance went to the numbers and ranking of its examinations results.  This stress on examination was still used in 1990 to judge educational results and to obtain qualification for jobs in government and the private sector. As more information is made available in a variety of formats and media and in a variety of locations, the need to manage information/data efficiently becomes more and more critical.  Both staff and public users want access to stored information and want to access it more efficiently.  It is the university policy to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of result processing operations (student record/grades), and services through the implementation of A computerized transcript management system.


This project research will be conducted exclusively  in a caritas university located in a highly populated area that attends to too many students at a time, therefore this research is intended to track problem such as misplacement of student records, student’s grades, slow and strenuous accessibility to students report and record, inaccurate record keeping and poor information management within the schools.


The project research haven’t identify the problem that was existing in the old system of operation , is designed specifically to come up with a more resound and effective system that will not only counteract this problem but also provides a detailed future plan that will give room for more information technological improvement in the transcript sector.


The aim of this study is to identify the problems inherent in the existing system of transcript management systems, and to proffer a remedy to the existing problem. The solutions are as follows:

  • Record and reports of students will be easily retrieved with increased data security.
  • There will be reduction in the amount of resources, which in turn will lower the cost of processing of student’s transcripts, since information
  • Will be stored in a database with reduced data Redundancy.
  • School personnel can attend to many student without being over
  • There will be reduction in time used in retrieval of student’s files.
  • Reduction in bulkiness of files and record.
  • It will make available the storage room that was used for storage of


This research work are limited to providing a digital transcript’s  information management system that will handle electronically both students and staff record , to enable easy accessibility and information flow within the university.


This project shall be ascertain by analyzing the background of the existing system, through succinct observations, interviewing my supervisor for more light on the background of the existing system and the expected features and function required on the new system will be observed, different literatures (from library and internet) will be utilized for review, questionnaire will be employed if necessary.

The compilation of all information gathered through all adopted methodology will therefore be gather and forwarded to my supervisor for subtraction and addition to ascertain a proceed onto the next step.

The success of the highlighted stage will therefore lead to be system design of the new system, and will be tendered to my supervisor for necessary amendment.

The permission to proceed from this stage will therefore leads to the implementation of the development of the software however, it shall be tendered before my supervisor for validation before the documentation of the software developed for the new system.









Student:a person engaged in learning, especially one enrolled in a school or college pupil

Transcript: a written, typewritten or printed copy

Management:the process or practice of managing

Teacher:a person who teaches

School:an institution where instruction is given, especially to person under college age

Secondary:succeeding next in order to the first of second place, origin, rank


compilation: a program that generates the output Result , score e.t.c






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