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TITLE PAGE                                                            i

DECLARATION                                                        ii

APPROVAL                                                              iii

DEDICATION                                                          iv

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                            v

TABLE OF CONTENT                                              vi

LIST OF TABLES                                                     viii

ABSTRACT                                                              ix




  • Background of the study 1
  • Statement of the problem 3
  • Purpose of the study 4
  • Scope of the study 4
  • Research Question 4
  • Significance of the Study 5



LITERATURE REVIEW                                            6

2.1   Meaning of effective communication                 6

2.2   purpose and importance of effective

Communication                                               8

2.3   The communication process                             11

2.4   Types of communication flow                           13

2.5   Method of communication                                16

2.6   Barriers to effective communication                 17



METHODOLOGY                                                     18

3.1   Research Design                                              18

3.2   Area of the study                                              18

3.3   Population of the study                                    18

3.4   Sample and sampling procedure                      19

3.5   Description of Instrument                        19

3.6   Reliability of the instruments                           19

3.7   Method of Data administration                 20

3.8   method of data analysis                                   20


DATA PRESENTATION AND RESULT                     22

4.1   PRESENTATION OF DATA                        22




5.1   Discussion of Results                                       31

5.2   Conclusion                                                      33

5.3   Recommendation                                             34

5.4   Suggestion for Further Study                           35

5.5   Limitation of the Study                                     35

REFERENCE                                                   36

        APPENDIX                                                       37

        QUESTIONNAIRE                                            38



Table 4.1:  Whether Board’s performance can be improved                                                                   through effective communication

Table 4.2:  Problems affecting the Enugu state rural                         Electrification Board performance.

Table 4.3:  Meaning of effective communication and its         operation in the Board.

Table 4.4:  Barriers to effective communication in Enugu State Rural Electrification Board.





















This project attempted to analyze Role of effective communication in improving organization performance. The researcher in order to get the needed result distributed  questionnaires to some staff of Enugu State Rural Electrification Board and their responses were converted. The researcher was able to found out that there are many recognized impacts effective communication has in an organization. Also, that without effective communication, organizations are bound to retard in its performance. The researcher also agreed that communication is as necessary to the organization as the blood stream is to person. If the organization system ceases to flow very well, the organization will become sick and inefficient. It includes the provision of instructive information and motivating information to organizations and individuals. Better communication produces happy employees who in turn produce better products and services for their organizations and the general public. The researcher deemed it necessary to state his major findings thus;(1)There is no effective communication in the Enugu state Electrification Board, and this adversely affected its performance by making it not to be successfully achieved its goal and objectives.(2)Effective communication takes place when a sender’s information is received and understood by the receiver as the meaning intended by the sender with necessary feedback and this is not operative in the Board. (3) There are barriers to effective communication which make the proper organization and co-ordination of productive resources difficult in the Board. As a result of these findings, the researcher suggested that; effective communication in the organization should be designed and fully implemented. Communication should not flow one sided that is, from superior officer to the subordinate, but rather it should flow two sided, vertically and horizontally with a view to ensuring feedbacks. Superior officers should always be ready to see reports as they are, whether favourable or unfavourable to avoid faking of job reports by subordinates. All impediments and barriers to effective checked and nipped in the bud.






The word communication has a rich and complex history. It first appeared in English language in the fourteenth century, taken from latin word “communicare” which means to impact, share or make common.

Batman (1999), defined communication as the transmission of information and meaning from one party to another through the plays of shared symbols. It is a well known fact that communication plays coordinating and integrating role in the management of the affairs of any organization, whether in the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading or controlling.

Gerald (1995), defined communication as the interaction in which a source transmits a message to a receiver, who upon receiving and decoding the message  gives back to the original source. Communication is one of the primary areas for understanding human behavior.

Rami (2000), communication is an essential tool of management, which is used to carry the whole organization as a single being.

According to Drucker (1985), the manager’s effectiveness depends on his ability to listen and to read, or his ability to speak and write. Unfortunately, the importance of communication has not been well recognized in organizations. Most managers write to impress and not to express.

Effective communication is a fundamental aspect of job performance and managerial effectiveness.

Communication is a vital management component of any organization, whether the purpose is to merely update employees on new policies, to prepare for a weather disaster, to ensure safety throughout the organization or to listen to the attitudes of employees.      Effective communication is an integral issue in effective management. Every organization has some set goal and objectives, which it intends to achieve, and the achievement of these goals and objectives indicates the success of that organization. For organization to achieve its goal, it has to perform certain functions and tasks describes the level of performance of that organization. These functions cannot be performed without the use of both human and material resources which have to be organized in such a way as to bring out the best in the particular organization do not work in isolation. They interact with one another and in this process, they interdependently achieve the organizational goals some organizations seem to be performing their functions more efficiently than their counter parts and a lot of reasons are responsible for this. Even in the personal life and career prospects of individuals, the importance of effective communication cannot be over-emphasized. In-fact, effective communication is so important that without it, an organization cannot function.

The Enugu State Rural Electrification Board, used as a study in this research is an organization with some set   objectives, goals and functions which have to be performed effectively if the organization with board of management, department and operatives is to achieve its goal.

The corporation is faced with three major communication problems.

  1. Communicating board decision “downward”.
  2. Communication “sideways” that is between departments.
  3. Communication “upward” so that conformation, grievances, results of actions, etc can reach the top management level from the floor operative level.

The corporation under study has a general manager, functional manager, functional managers as well as top management board of directors.

Therefore, there is a great need for an effective co-ordination of activities and operations of these groups to enhance the achievement of the board mission of Rural Electrification in Enugu State. Hence, this research among other things is to find out the Role of Effective Communication in achieving organizational goals using Enugu State Rural Electrification Board as a study.


  1. There have been heightened information gaps between the management and workers of the Enugu State Rural Electrification Board and other government owned organizational in Enugu State, with declining
  2. It has been very difficult to access the performance of the board in providing electricity to the rural communities in the state.
  3. A serious misunderstanding and general lack of empathy by the parties in communication exist in the board.
  4. It is difficult for the activities and productive resources of the board to be properly organized and co-ordinated.



This research is aimed at examining the roles which effective communication can play in improving organization performance, with particular reference to the Enugu State Electrification Board. Specifically, the purpose of this study includes:

  1. To find out the present nature of communication system in the organization.
  2. To find out some of the problems affecting organizational performance in the board.
  3. To find out the real meaning of effective communication and how it operates
  4. To find out how effective communication can help in improving organizational performance by providing solutions to the problems.



This study is meant to cover the impact of effective communication in improving organizational performance in Enugu State, using Enugu State Rural Electrification Board as a study.



From the problems of the study following questions are guiding the work.

  1. What impact could effective communication have in improving the Board’s performance?
  2. What are the problems facing the board, which could affect its performance?
  3. What actually does effective communication mean, and how operative is it in the board?
  4. What are the possible communication barriers which can make proper organization and co-ordination of productive resources difficult?

More often than not, organizations in Nigeria are faced with increasing and unprecedented challenges and problems which adversely affect their performance, hence, organization goals cannot be achieved.

Therefore, this study will help in exposing some of these problems for possible solutions. The research report will also help the general public to understand the mode of communication system as practiced in various organizations with a view to accessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

Again, the study will assist the Nigeria public and private sector organizations to understand the actual meaning of effective communication and its operational techniques.

Furthermore, this research will assist bureaucrats, policy makers, managers and the members of the various private and public organizations in Enugu State and Nigeria in general, to understand the impact of effective communication in solving most of their identified problems which will result to the improvement in performance and achievement of organizational goals. The barriers to effective communication would also be exposed and solutions provided.

Finally, this research work will be of so much significance to the research for the award of National Diploma Certificate in office Technology and Management by school of Distance Learning and continuing Education, Federal Polytechnic Oko (FPO), Anambra State.


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