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The project work on sale motivation in Nigeria (Acase study of coca-cola Bottling company Nigeria Onistsha)

Chapter one  explained purpose and the significance of  the study. The main pupose of the study is to know the problems associated with sales force motivation. Its study whether management is aware of the need to motivate sale force.

Chapter two of this work dealt with review related literature the scope of the study e.t.c . the study here show that effective motivation is a continual activity that  increase the sales repentative  enthusiasm and  moral in the organization thus making  him or her to stay in the enterprise and work effectively for it.

Chapter three contains the research methodoly, the research , design population of the study and the gathered  through questionnaire, oral  interview, personal observation. Then secondary data from textbook and other various research materials.

Chapter four of this project, analysed the data collected.

Chapter five analyses the findings, conclusion and  recommendation. Recommendation in view of findings will help the researcher to make some  suggestion on how to improve sales force motivation in Nigeria industries as some management may not actually know the need and the ways of motivating sales force.






Table of Contents



  • Introduction

1.1. Background of Study

1.2. Statement of Problem

1.3. The Objectives of the problem

1.4. Significance of Study

1.5. Research Questions

1.6. Hypothesis

1.7. Scope of Study

1.8. Definition of Terms


  • Literature Review

2.1 .Mtivation factors

2.2. compensation

2.3. recruiting  and selecting sales personnel

2.4.  training sales resresentatives

2.5. establishing standards for evaluation

2.6. theories relevant to the research Question sales territory

2.7. review of current literature theories and research question

2.8. summary of the literature review


  • Research Methodology of the study  Population

3.2. area of the study

3.3. Population of the study

3.4. sample of the study

3.5  instrument for data collection

3.6  validity of the study

3.7 distribution and retrieval of the  instrument

3.8 method of data analysis


4.1. Data  presentation and Analysis

4.2. testing of Hypothesis

4.5 Findings


5.1. Summary of the findings

5.2. Conclusions

5.3. Recommendations

5.4 limitation of the study

5.5 suggestion for further research













When a worker has been employed in an organization after selection and training exercise. It is necessary to encourage  him / her to stay and prove his/ her mettle in the performance of the assigned organization task, labour is the only factors of  production that can expand and contract its input at will in the productive activities. Labour, therefore, has to be efficiently rewarded for it to carry out  its   productive activities effectively.

One of the greatest problem facing manger in any organization particularly in Nigeria firms at present is how to make  their workers committed to their Jobs and put their organizational activities. The major way of dealing with  this problem is by  motivating workers.

Motivation can be  thought of as the factors which cause people to act the way the  feel, allow  them to satisfy their individual  and group  needs. To study motivation is like  trying to know why people  behave or exhibit certain actions. When people  behave  in a certain way. They do so because they feel that it is the best way to achiveve their personal goals.

Every organization has one  or more  person who have direct responsibility  for contacting and dealing with prospects and customer.

This group is known as safes force. Sale forces are not only found in commercial companies but also in non profit organization. The traditional term used to described sales force is salesmen. This term however is becoming absolute because of the increasing sales responsibility. This, sales person or  sales representative will be  used this writer up. Other terms used to described  sales force include account executives sales consultants and manufacture representatives, service representative, and  so forth.

In this context  the sales force in coca-cola Bottling company Nigeria Onitsha includes the following .

  1. Sales cherks in the plant office and depots
  2. Mobile sales assisters
  • Office sales assisters
  1. Sales drivers
  2. Field sales person
  3. Sales officers and man agers
  • Sales agents and

Sales force motivation therefore, is specifically concerned with the inducement . incentives and other ways of stimulating sale force so as to make them put in their best in the discharge of all sales activities.


For observation, it appears that the several issues on sales force motivation in Nigeria companies have to be  addressed end need to be answered in essence, the research problems are surmmarised  as follows.

  1. No specific guideline to ensure that sales improved through sales force motivation
  2. Absence of good sales force motivation which will increase the inflow of the company.
  3. Staff welfare are not been into consideration in abide to maximize profit.
  4. Existence of non-chaclant attitude of the sales  personnel’s as a result of management motivation.
  5. To identify the specific guide lines to ensure that sale improved through sales force motivation
  6. To recommend the good sales force motivation
  7. To recommend how the staff welfare is to be taken into consideration in order to maximize profit.
  8. To know how to solve the problem of non-chalcent attitude of the sales personnel as a result of management motivation behavior.
    • significance of the study

Nigeria economy is presently faced with the industriatization. Since the introuduction of the structurel adjustment programme (SAP) the establishment  of industries has increased  tremendously .this development  called for the employment of well trained. Semi- skilled and  unskilled workers who need to be motivated in order to put in their best in the production processes. Most of  these industries have  been liquidated .some are distressed, other are striuing  to survive while  many are booming . it is the sales force effectiveness and efficiency in co- operation with other section of the firm that ensure the continuity of the enterprise.

The importance of the research study  there are arises when one consider enormous contribution these industries make  to the national economy these contribution deopend greatly on the operation effectiveness of the business  which in turn depends  on the workers especially the sales force who are appropriately motivated.

  1. To what extent has the management set guidelines that with improve the sales force
  2. What are the good sales force motivation that will increase the inflow of the company.
  3. To what extent has the staff motivation incressed the sale force of the organization
  4. What are the best ways of improving sales force in Nigeria companies.

The following hypothesis formed basic for the study and the null hypothesis was formulated for the study to be tested 0.5 level of significance.

Ho: Adequate motivation of sales force do not lead to the attainment of company’s goals.

Hi: adequate motivation of sale’s force lead to the attainment company’s goods.

Ho: shortage of competent sales force in a company is  not depend on the method of motivation factors adopted.

Hi: shortage of competent sales force in a company is dependent on the method of motivational factors adopted.


The study is limited to only the staff and  management of Nigerian coca-cola Bottling company Onitsha.


MOTIVATION: It can be described as the difference between trying to force some one to perform a task or duty and the right use of the appropriate incentives to obtain the desired result.

SALES MANAGEMENT: sales management can be  also  be define as the managerial process that utilizes resource and influences (either by motivating or adequate punishment ) the sales force behavior  in a desired direction in order to stimulate sales people towards the attainment of a set sales objective.

PERsonal selling: it can be defined that aspect of the total promo- tool which makes possible the occurrence of direct personal commication between the organization and its propective buyers for the purpose of  facilitating exchange.

SALES QUOTA: MOTIVATIOal target expressed in guantity monetory values that are assigned to filed units such as regions districts , or salesmen  territories that are assist mangent in producing incentives for sales men’s and in evalvating the performance.


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