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Social Network Sites (SNS) has become the most dynamic web 2.0 application which enables the student not only to socialize with but also to interact with the lecturers (Hamat et al. 2012). The growing popularity of the sites is further influenced by the free access to whomever that deserves to interact with friends and lectures with the view to generating collective knowledge. Despite the popularity of the SNS among the students (Valenzula, el al 2009).

Harris and Dannis, 2011; (Boyd & Ellison) 2007, Moorman and Borwer, 2011; Rambe 2011; Zhu, el al 2011; Abdullahi; el al 2012,  Academics articles indicated that only few studies have been conducted on how the use of social media sites impact on student’s performance in Nigeria. Driven by this, this study is conducted to determine the impact of the use of social network sites on student’s academics performances.


Social network site is a web base service which allows people to sign- in, in a bounded system, articulating group of people within the same system so as to share personal or academic related information (Boyd and Ellison, 2007).

This  indicate that social network sites (SNS),  entails a place where people connect with each other and share common issues relating to relationship, sports, politics or academics activities. However, Boyd and Ellison argue that particular   social media sites are not primarily there to connect and catch up with hoses but found offline friends as well as close ones. leng, et al (2011) claim that social network sites allows users to meet strangers in connection between individuals that would not otherwise have be made.


Academics performance is a multidimensional construct consisting of three dimension student characteristic, teacher/lecturers competencies and academic environment. the student’s characteristics dimension of the academic performance concerns how students deal with their studies and how they cope with or accomplish performance. The determinants of this dimension are student’s intelligence, personality and the socio-economic status within the academic context, for example, student’s to study and remember facts and being able to communicate their knowledge verbally or down on paper enhances academic performance. Teacher’s competencies dimension of academic performance on the other hand concerns how well teachers can impact knowledge on students. The amount and quality facilities such as library, laboratory, structural class room, decent hostels and teaching aids could enhance or suppress student’s performance.

conducted in UK among social media users found that more 50% users indicated that social media uses is associated with negative impacts



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